Eve V i5 mini review


Update my anti-reflective coating is wearing out in several places - I’m guessing the keyboard is the culprit.

Also performance vs my 2015 MBP is pretty weak. Whenever I have the option I use the MBP over the EVE.

I’m awfully close to the point of just giving up.

Dear @MS please release a Surface Book 3.


I had that problem. Tried to get it replaced by Eve and they faffed around for 3 months. Got a refund from my CC instead.

I agree the trackpad is terrible as well. Touch to tap feels to sensitive but it’s basically impossible to click down on the pad above 50% on the Y. Ended up using the touch screen for most things.


Can you be more specific?
For instance, what are you doing and what is the response of V which you call weak?


@adt on my EVE I tend to a mix of the following things:

  • Read web content - in MS Edge (used to save battery life, because my EVE dies much faster with Chrome)
  • Read Blog Entries with Nexgen Reader
  • Read and Markup PDFs with Drawboard
  • Read and take notes on previously saved references in Evernote
  • Write in GMail (via MS Edge)
  • Write in MS Word

I don’t try to do development work on the EVE, I restrict that to my MBP.

On the MBP I do much of the same, but rely on Safari instead of Edge (I avoid Chrome in both cases).

Basically when I write on my MBP (Word or GMail) I never feel the machine is lagging. Very often on the EVE I have to wait a half second for it to catch up with me. I’m sure I could use Chrome and it would be a bit faster but then the battery life would be awful (its bad enough already). I’ve not bothered to run real performance tests (running a business matters more). I just know that I’ve gotten to the point where I only use the EVE when the tablet format will be a bigger win (reading), than the performance loss.


when WRITING? Either you write extremely fast or I do not understand… I have a laptop with a M3 or sth processor… which was relatively cheap and it never lags behind…
or is the lagging in BT mode and the MBP (am I correct) is a laptop with a fixed keyboard? Just trying to understand…


I suspect its a combination of thrashing (only 8 GB of RAM) and browser vs processor speed.


From what I understand about your use of the V, it should be able to go through those tasks "eyes closed.’.

There are several post"s around about power eating “I did not know it was there” services and programs.
They provide steps how to find out what is slowing your V.


Since my RAM claims to be running at 70-80% most of the time, I assume thrashing first, CPU second. Funny the problems have changed much since my 300 level undergrad course in Operating systems - >30 yrs ago.




On my V i7 16m ram, I measure 47% ram used with 25 tabs open in Opera (a Chrome variant) and a number of other programs.
That is roughly the same as your ram use.
My question is: Is your program load roughly the same?
You may surely know it already, but in case if… ctrl-shift-esc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: