Eve V has arrived - time to accessorize!


Hi All,
my V has arrived and I’ve been using it for about a week. I won’t do a review as I feel it was very well covered: unboxing experience was premium, the device itself is just pure joy to work with.

In the spirit of the community, I would rather share the accessories that I’m using with my V, feel free to ask questions if any of this needs clarifications! Throughout the past year, I gathered information and found a few items that I would need with the V. Here they are, in no particular order, in case it may help other V owners! Comments are based on about 1 week usage.

tb3 40gbps cable

It’s a cable but I figured I would get a 40gbps cable to kind of future proof the V and whatever TB peripherals might be in my future! Good cable, charges fine, have yet to test the speed of it.

minix neo-c (HDMI, USB-C Charge support, RJ45, etc.)

I needed an HDMI and RJ45 connection for the office, the adapter works great, charges the V when the charging cable is plugged in it, great little add on.

HDMI to VGA adapter

We have older projectors at the office, needed a VGA connection for presentations using the V. Works great coupled with the minix

ASAP MagX cable for data and charge

I love magnetic cables, makes plugging and unplugging the devices easier. This one does support 87W for PD charging and allows data transfer, although it’s a little pricey and would have benefited from a charging LED in my case!

USB-C Digital Mutlimeter

Used to validate the power delivered to the V, as a bonus is a great indicator to see if the V is charging

iMuto Charger

I travel a fair amount and I wanted to minimize the number of things I would carry, hence the combined USB A and USB C charger. Works great, provides the same amount of juice to the V as the bundled charger (RIP warranty, I guess… Won’t be the first time :wink: )

iMuto 20100 mAh battery pack with PD

This one is cool for longer overnight trips, battery pack with PD! Provides the same wattage as the original V charger. V is 6400 mAh so I figure I’m good for 2-3 charges, maybe?

–> Note on chargers: Regardless of the cable configuration used, through the minix or not, the original charger provides 15V at 2A. Using the iMuto charger or battery pack, it climbs to 20V at 2A. Considering the USB PD specs, that seems to indicates that the charger and the V perform a handshake and the V asks for 20V. My question is: why is the charger provided with the V not able to charge at 20V if the V supports it?

Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector

The notch at the top clears the sensor and the camera, super easy installation. It’s not a perfect fit, the curve of the device differs but the corners are in the bezels so it’s kind of compatible.

Brotect Eve V Screen Protector

Kind of pricey but perfect fit for the V
EDIT: NOT MADE OF GLASS! I know it says “Glass screen protector” but it’s flexible, do not purchase if you’re looking for tempered glass!!!

dbrand Eve V skin

Black dragon on the back and carbon on the trackpad. I feel like the “tap” on the trackpad is not as sensitive with the skin, I may remove it after some more experience with it

5.11 Messenger bag

Awesome bag for the daily commute with all the needed accessories, very roomy, love the bag!

Pacsafe bag

Much smaller capacity than the 5.11 but awesome when traveling light, walking longer distances and/or if not all accessories are needed

Multipoint BT Audio receiver

My headset is bluetooth but not multipoint… When in the office, I wire it to this awesome device and it’s connected to the V and my phone, using it for both Google Hangouts and phone calls

3.5mm braided audio cables for recessed ports

If you have a recessed audio port on a headset, this cable is awesome!

Have fun with your Vs!


Wow, this is awesome. I already have a few USB-C adapters, but the charger with USB-PD and the digital multimeter are accessories I should probably consider purchasing. Thanks.


Here are some add-ons for my V:

Satechi USB-C multiadapter

RAVPower PD Poverbank

Car Charger

External GPS

Microsoft Surface Pen - black (last generation)
Microsoft Surface Pen Loop - black
Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse - black (last generation)


Lukas - has the “Satechi USB-C multiadapter” worked well for you? The price is enough of a premium that I thought I should ask before buying.



Yes. It works great (when it is connected). Only problem is faulty - loose V USB-C connector (sorry by EVE support it is not fault by function) - due to short cable sometime it loses connection.


Thanks. Imagine presenting at a conference or paying client, does the cable
risk falling out?
By short cable - you mean the cable that comes with Satechi is so short
that when you have the Eve on desk, hinge open, that the cable is stretched?


Yes to both questions.

First one happened to me.

Cable (Satechi one) is short so it hangs in air (this depends how much you open hinge).


Thanks. Forgive me one last question. Would a USB extension cable like

solve the problem?

When next I make it out to Calgary I owe you a beer (or two). - Mark


I would say yes - I’m going to order it and test it. I just ordered 1.6 ft version (Friday delivery) - I will test it and let you know.


Any luck with the cable? Asks Mark with his finger hovering over the Amazon buy button :slight_smile:


Sorry I did not respond earlier - cable came on Friday and works perfect. Only issue is standard problem with upper USB-C - port is loose - but as per EVE this is not error but standard design feature. Extension cable helps port hub - it can lay on table.


Danke. No sorry at all, your helping me for free its appreciated.


Has anyone seen a USB-C dock that would have:

  1. a long USB-C cable from the dock (so it could lay on the table and still be normally connected to the V)
  2. Would have HDMI connection
  3. Would also have DisplayPort connection
  4. Atleast 2 USB-A ports
  5. Maybe one extra USB-C port (for charging through the dock etc)


Maybe lenovo? I think I’ve seen something like this. Otherwise they have a dock were you have to put your cable in and could change this if its broken

[merged topic] Battery bank compatibility with the V
Which Power Bank for V?

I think the first question to decide is whether you want a Thunderbolt dock (to make full use of the thunderbolt bandwidth) or just a USB-C dock. The Thunderbolt docks will enable you to have more than one separate video output but are typically a lot more expensive.


In the spirit of sharing, I ended up with an extension cable as discussed, it works in a boring good fashion.

I also bought:

It works effectively for VGA and power pass through. I haven’t tested HDMI as the projectors at client sites are usually VGA. The downside I can hear the infamous coil whine. I will use it rarely enough as I very rarely project anything while working with clients.