Eve V Hardware Configurations


Hello guys.

The preorders for the first 500 Vs through Indiegogo are almost here!

We thought it was about time to announce what specifications will be available though the platform (and later through our web store).

Preorder vs. Crowdfunding

Before we dive in, I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify once again that even though Indiegogo was originally intended for crowdfunding, pledging or backing to get a V is, in fact, de facto, a preorder.

Main reason we decided to go with IndieGoGo is its ease of use and to ensure our webpage doesn’t crash from big demand (happened with our first product:) ) after all we have some 20,000 subscribers (most of who subscribed within the last two weeks) and fast growing amount of daily visitors closer to the launch :smile:

How come its not crowdfunding?

Simple! :slight_smile:

In crowdfunding your pledge/backing goes to the company and they can use it to whatever they want. Often times the expenses companies expect are

  • Tooling (models, from which the mass produced parts are made)
  • Mechanical Engineering (salaries, outsourcing, equipment, etc)
  • Electronical Engineering (salaries, outsourcing, equipment, etc).
  • Other R&D

If a company is raising money to crowdfund a product, the costs above are, what typically would be covered by a portion of your pledge.

So how then backing/pledging to get a V is different?

Originally we were also considering funding part of the development costs through Indiegogo, though only a small part of them.

But after we saw how disappointed backers of over promised & under delivered became, totally understandably, we knew we couldn’t run our campaign the same.

That’s why, during the this summer, we shifted our focus for a little while towards re-funding our company so that we could fully cover all the costs associated in the development of this product.

Well all but the LTE R&D costs (which exactly is why it is not available in Indiegogo ;))

Since not a dime of your payment would be allocated towards these already covered R&D costs, that are typically associated with crowdfunding, buying a perk to get a V is not crowdfunding.

Since buyers of the V will only pay for the manufacturing, shipping and the hardware, purchasing such a perk is de facto a preorder.

In fact, the only reason this confusion was ever born, was because originally the earlier community and us thought that it would be completely fine, or even cool to launch the product in a crowd focused platform. Now its too late to change the plans! :smiley:

Besides: would it really make any difference if we sold the first 500 from our web store or from another web site? Our brand, business and reputation is still on the line exactly the same.

If you have any other questions about financials related stuff, tag @Thor - Eve’s CFO - to your question. He’ll answer you when he can :wink:

Sorry about the wall of text, but I wanted to clarify that once again.

Now we can finally get to the configurations.

There are 3 of them.
Each spec of V will come with the V Wireless Keyboard included.
No spec will come with the V Pen included. (Sorry Paul and others in his camp, we can’t please everybody).

While we are not going to customize the Indiegogo campaign to include all different accessories, upgrades, future configurations etc, we are open to do our utmost best to get all buyers the package they want after the campagin, but before the delivery (remember, there is some time before you actually get the device).

This is done to keep it simple. All different combos of upgrades, configs, shippings, acccessories etc would lead to a very complex and hard to understand campaign page, which would be bad for all of us. In fact, I think Indiegogo doesn’t even allow that many perks to be displayed.

The Configurations

All the specs have been mentioned here and below are the only differences you’ll find between the models

#1 “The V m3”

CPU: Intel Core m3 (7Y30)
ROM 128 GB SSD (m.2. SATA3)

#2 “The V i5”

CPU: Intel Core i5 (7Y54)
ROM 256 GB SSD (m.2. SATA3)

#3 “The V i7”

CPU: Intel Core i7 (7Y75)
ROM 512 GB SSD (m.2. SATA3)

GPS Disclaimer: Despite of what has been written in the media, we have not confirmed yet the technical feasibility of the GPS module. As such our promise is as before; if it works acceptably in the WiFi model, we’ll include it. If not, it will be in the LTE model.

Two liner update 07.07
Weekly Update 15.02
One liner update 20.06


Here’s wishing us a very successful campaign. I think we have nailed many points and competition right now has nothing on us.


This is awesome, I cant wait! The timer on my phone is set for Launch Date.
Just to get this straight @Thor : If I want the Pen, an Alcantara Keyboard, or a localized KEyboard, I’ll have to do that after the preorder.


An M3 model with 8GB of RAM standard, you just sold me.


i5 or i7 depending on the final price, UK keyboard plus pen for me!


Not exactly what i was expecting but will depends on the price of the I7 model. Let’s shake the tech world !:vulcan:


Sweet! looks like #2 “The V i5” for me unless the i7 is insane value.

Roll on the 21st!


So, can I buy it without the keyboard? :smiley:


It’s probably the i7 or i5; because of the storage.


Is it 21st already? Pleaseeeeee! :slight_smile:

Looks a great choice and very easy to understand!


Now, gibb prices!! :joy: :grin: :grin: :grin:


Yep. You can buy it with the keyboard and then throw it away. But seriously, I see you complaining about the keyboard for like 5th time already.


Could someone clever tell me how much free disk space there is likely to be on the 128 & 256 models? Actually, that would be a good FAQ thing too.


Yeah, I haven’t received an answer so I just keep nagging ^^ That’s how I am… I just want to know if I can save money by not paying for what I don’t need…


Windows should occupy roughly 50GB with all updates… so about 80GB free on the 128GB model and 200GB on the 256GB one. But keep in mind that this doesn’t include the software that you’ll install (like MS Office, most likely)


If it’s similar to the Surface, there should be 100GB, 220GB and 450GB of free space initially for the 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models respectively.
This will depend on what the V comes pre-installed with (it’ll certainly be bloatware free!)


@pauliunas this does not seem to be an option for the preorders [quote=“Mike, post:1, topic:2634”]
Each spec of V will come with the V Wireless Keyboard included.

we are not going to customize the Indiegogo campaign to include all different accessories, upgrades, future configurations etc
It seems your only hope is if the following statement includes buying back your keyboard:

I for one am glad they are including the cover/keyboard, which seems to be essential for most users.


@appletastern and @benej98 thanks for being excited! Really helps our team do some over time before the launch :smiley:

On Monday we will send out an email (series of them) Explaining how to get all the updates you want :slight_smile:


Hi Pauliunas. Not from the Indiegogo you can’t, unfortunately. But as I said before, even if you could, you’d most likely just spend more on some other keyboard that is not designed to be fully compatible with your V.

Why don’t you like our keyboard? :stuck_out_tongue: remind me once again


Tiny arrow keys, no physical mouse buttons, no dedicated navigation keys (I think half-width keys could be added on the side, as there’s quite a bit of free space on both sides)… but these things depend on personal preferences. It’s just not the kind of keyboard I’m used to and feel comfortable typing on :slight_smile:

P.S. I spent exactly 5€ on my desktop keyboard. Are you saying your keyboard is cheaper than that? :stuck_out_tongue: