EVE V gaming performance [enquiry]


What game needs a 5th Gen i5, a 750Ti and only takes up 6gb? Physics, Sunshafts, & Particles tycoon?

I’ve been playing vermintide 2 and my cpu has been sitting happily at 75 degrees.


Sorry forgot to get back to you,
Tried one of my favorite RPGs on PS1 “legends of dragoon” works great. Hope I’ll manage to finish it this time 26 years later


I don’t think it will be necessary as in this case the gpu enclosure will be of high cost compared to the gpu.

Unless you plan to use a better gpu to be future proof.


Try updating your drivers or playing away from your stove xP…

I’m not sure why, but that’s not the case for me.


Thanks for the reply bud. I have been contemplating getting the eGPU but wanted to see the limitations of the device and get used to it first. This is all good information to have so thanks again.


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You can check my post as well for performance expectations:

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Pubg + overwatch + benchmark


The link doesn’t seem to the link to the eve tech community pages doesn’t work,


Hi there, for some reason that thread doesnt seem to work, but the video and image linked are all you need from my side which are working


The link works, but the article is in the archive and acces to it is restricted.