EVE V gaming performance [enquiry]


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I was wondering if anyone who received the prototypes or the early birds tried gaming with EVE, I would like to know your experience with Overwatch, CS GO, BF 1 or WoW or any other graphic demanding game out there :).
Please share your reviews or recorded stream if possible.

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Unfortunately there is hardly any gaming reviews or recorded streams from the prototype testers, but I hope that the below information sheds some light on the gaming performance.

Notebookcheck.net has game performance figures for Intel HD Graphics 615 and for lots of games, Overwatch isn’t included but the others that you mentioned are.

Summa summarum: Intel HD Graphics 615 is pretty poor for gaming.

But V has a USB Type C port with Thunderbolt 3, so you can connect an external graphics accelerator, which improves on these figures. Remember though that the processor has only two cores/four threads and therefore the gaming performance even with an external graphics accelerator is limited.


The V isn’t designed to be a gaming machine, but it should be able to handle some older and e-sports titles that aren’t as graphically demanding.

Prototype tester @pauliunas has tried CounterStrike: Global Offensive, and DOTA2. Eve co-founder @Mike has tried League of Legends. Both were done on V prototypes with the Core i5 processor, and their findings can be read here: https://eve.community/t/what-about-some-gaming-tests/5907 , https://eve.community/t/would-the-m3-make-an-okay-gaming-system-with-an-egpu/4234/33 .

YouTuber Dave2D tried Overwatch on a prototype unit running the Core m3 processor, and you can see his findings in his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Laz6NL55FD4


Uh, seems like I forgot to add one test back then… I tried Total War: Rome 2 and it was barely playable. About 20fps with some lag spikes, and I couldn’t really fix that by lowering settings…


In the campaign map as well or only during rt fights?


Well, I only played through the beginning of the tutorial, but from what I can tell it’s not really playable. It’s not a turn-based game, so timing is difficult when it lags. It really gets in the way… As for campaign map, I don’t think I reached that part, lol…


Thanks guys for your feedbacks, really informative. Now we need someone who tested it with an external GPU to give us his feedback ^^ tried asking Dave2D on YouTube but it’s seems like he over look my question :roll_eyes:


Good, that means, I will be more focused on doing right things, than just goofing around and playing games.


I believe he was only lent the prototype briefly for his hands-on video, so I don’t think he has it anymore. And yeah, since even a year ago, his channel has expanded so much it gets hard to keep up with all of the discussion. It’s somewhat sad (I miss the days when anyone could jump in and get a reply), though I am happy for him for the success (have watched since his reviews of the Moto X Pure/Style).


I finally recieved my EVE and plugged it to my eGPU and it delievered tbh. I tried overwatch on it so far and on Ultra setting it ran nicely.

Ill attempt to play pubg on it tonight and see how it goes :grin:


That’s awesome man! Btw which model of eGPU did you use?


Actually not very surprising, even a Pentium does 4k almost as good as other CPUs.



I’m currently using Akitio Node,but If you can get your hands on a Razer Core V2 that would definitely be better.

All the best


not worth. Razer Core = 200 more for 4x usb ports, ethernet and RGB. and it doesn’t even have a dedicated connection for the extras so they take up the bandwidth on your TB3.


The V2 has a dedicated TB3 connection for the extras, in addition the Razer core V2 will allow you to use the eGPU and charge your Eve using 1 port. Where as In my case I use the TB3 for the eGPU and charge my Eve using the USB - C.



what are you guys thinking about emulator gaming? I mean older emulators for SNES, Playstation 1 oder SEGA systems. I always loved those old games and wanted to play them while on the go. The solution with an external graphic core doesn’t fit in my use case. I can’t build up my whole setup in a train. xD

Is it possible to play these games on the EVE? Since some emulators can be quite demanding like the dolphin one for gamecube games, I’m a bit worried to be honest how far “light” demanding games go.


I dont really use emulators, I will give it a try and let you know. If you can share with me the sites to download the games for the emulators that would be great.



How necessary would it be for me to need an eGPU for a game recommending these specs:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
Processor: 5th Generation Intel i5 CPU or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce 750 Ti or equivalent with 4GB of video RAM
Storage: 6 GB available space


absolutely necessary, sorry…
You should also take into account that in this case, the V’s Y-series CPU will very likely be a bottleneck :wink:


When i play games with my egpu gtx1060… my V is on fire!:fire:

Literally on fire.