Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


Agreed price is important not at an expense of quality of course :blush:

But we have done a device before. Let me Google it for you :slight_smile: it’s Eve T1


It was just a start and we ve done wothout community but still :slight_smile:


Its not. That was a conscious decision made by the community during the 10 months of discussions and polls. You can look at the battery thread in the development category to see the logic.

That being said, we are meeting you halfway, in case your battery forms a dendrite or loses capacity over time (too much).

Check our warranty thread, there we promise everyone reverse logistics. That means that even non-warranty covered defects can be repaired through us for a reasonable fee. :slight_smile:

Regarding the LTE version, its being planned, but later. This has been addressed in the “confirmed specs part 2” thread.

I hope this answers your questions and addresses your concern.

sorry I was too lazy to provide you direct links to the treads referred :smiley:


Daaaaaaaamn! Let’s do this. I am pumped! (Panos Panay fan here. :stuck_out_tongue: )
You have upped the game so frikkin’ much in the display department. Pro5 will have a hard time.


Well, that depends very much, how you intend to use the tablet and if it’s your primary (or only) computer:

  • If it’s the only computer, then, yes, it’s a problem if battery and SSD can not be replaced at home.
  • If it’s only a secondary computer (and you can coninue working on a desktop/laptop) and do regular backups somewhere, then it’ a different story, because no (or at least only the changed data since the last backup) data will be lost.

The majority of the community seems to have voted that they can live with the disadvanteges (SSD/battery not replacable at home) if they get some advatages from this decision (bigger battery and longer runtime). I could live with this too, since my main work will be done at my desktop that is much faster, has more storage and more RAM.

If it’s a dealbreaker for you, then the Eve seems to be not for you, because the technical design won’t get changend.


Well, Samsungs problem was not some faulty batteries, but very bad device design. All batteries would have blown up, since some internals of the device pressured the battery and it … well … didn’t like it.
And you can be sure that this community DID think about it :wink: Sometimes it even thinks too much :slight_smile:

  • You have made ambigious claims regarding USI pen support. Microsoft is not part of USI, therefore also not N-Trig. Please clarify whether your device will indeed only support N-Trig active pens.


Agreed. And because of the Samsung Note 7 disaster, all battery factories in China are on high alert :wink: So I believe there shouldn’t be such a problem. The Note’s problem was iirc on the thickness of the battery casing being too thin. That caused the positive and negative sides to ‘join’ and create a lot of heat (depending on the amount of charge you had of course). But most certainly it must have been a bad batch, one that unfortunately cost them billions in both brand damage and related directly to the recall of the phone.

This all to say that Eve shouldn’t have any problem with batteries (besides, only Tier 1 factories were commissioned to ensure the highest quality standards).

This is Eve’s second device. The T1 was the first :wink: Eve is still a very small company at the moment but it doesn’t have the need for crowdfunding. There is crowd developing - community shapes up in this case the Eve V - but no crowdsouced money is needed to finish the development of the device. It will be sold first on Indiegogo - 500 units - in a pre-order campaign so Eve can have the time to put up an online store of its own :wink: So basically Indiegogo will serve as a online store while Eve sets up its own one.


There was a compromise that was done - glue and non-repairability for less thickness, less weight, more battery, and better design (no screws and no openings). Has its advantages and disadvantages but that’s with everything :wink:

Depends on the thickness and weight increase (screws are also more expensive but probably a negligible amount) besides design (you could however try to conceal the openings behind the kickstand to avoid design harm).

You’re implying community members are ‘megalomaniac’?


Since you pay a premium in Tier 1 factories, that shouldn’t happen - you get what you pay for. If they didn’t deliver, they wouldn’t get sales since there would obviously be factories doing the same job with the same quality at a lower price. I did say should because I never went to China nor to the factories. @Konstantinos and @Mike should be able to tell you in more detail.

Sure. There’s always a risk - however big or small. What you need is to try to diminish the risk to a point which you find an acceptable compromise. In this case it was to use Tier 1 factories.

I have no idea what battery factories Samsung uses. If they have their own or commission other factories I don’t know, neither do I know if those are Tier 1 or not. Thus I too don’t know if the battery factory Eve is using is the same as the Samsung ones.


Let me ask you: Did you read the corresponding thread about the decision?

Well, good advice for you then: Don’t be part of this community :slight_smile:

I never claimed we made a better decision, just that the Note7 example you (!) gave has nothing to do with removable batteries but with design mistakes. And yes, I am sure this community tried to avoid these mistakes; if it was a better decision in the end only time will tell.[quote=“test, post:153, topic:2291”]
Megalomaniac people never excepts improvement ideas.

To be honest, I’d wish it had a removable battery, but oh well - it doesn’t. If there gonna be a second generation of V maybe this idea will be discussed again with different result.


As already mentoned by @Artur we [had a poll over here quite a while back when we started sourcing everything] (http://eve.community/t/step-10-how-important-is-battery-life/714) nowhere in that thread (at least on my quick search) people mentioned that they’d like the replaceable battery. Thus we went with what the (albeit small) majority voted for: great battery life, but we didn’t go too far to also still have a pretty slim device.

Right now you’re voicing your opinion - and we’re hearing that and in the next product if more people voice a similar opinion we’ll 100% have the dedicated poll in the battery-thread asking if people want a serviceable battery.

And I’d 100% not call our community megalomanic - we already had discussions and polls where we all together had to find a compromise - for example with the Y-Series or the U-Series of Kaby Lake (back then it was Core M or Core i in Skylake). If the community was megalomanic as you suggest, then we’d roll with Core i and think that only their opinion is what makes the V great - which is not true, since it’s the conversation between different viewpoints that makes this community really awesome in my eyes.


Hi @test!

Really cool username by the way:) I am happy you joined the community as clearly you have a lot of good points and ideas on how to make device more user centric.

Short summary of my reply:

We would love to have battery and other components easily replaceable (magnetically or with a click of a button) but unfortunately current technologies avaliable in the market do not allow to create an elegant solution that would come without dramatically compromising durability, weight, thickness, cooling and design if the device.

Nevertheless Battery in Eve V is replaceable if you have enough skills and a battery :slight_smile: Also it is easier to replace battery in our device than in Surface as we use less adhesive.

@test I am sure you would make a great community member but if you feel that this community is not your cup of tea we will understand.

Now the longer version :

[details=Click me to expand ]I would like to make one thing clear to other newly joined community members As V entered testing stages hardware specifications especially mechanical design has been locked and can’t change anymore.

We wanted to have as much replacability as possible in our design but after discussing with community potential implementation and its trade offs it became clear to us that it’s not worth it for this particular project.

The first question to ask thou is what do you mean by replace battery :slight_smile:

In Eve V It is replaceable if you have proper tools and a battery:) But it is not user replaceable in a way that you press a button or remove a screw and battery pops out.

So battery can be replaced even by the end user if he or she has enough skill.

Now back to the question at hand. Why our battery is not as replaceable as you would like to.

Replacable battery:

  • Dramatically increases thickness and weight while having the same battery capacity. That would happen because aluminum unibody design would not be possible and more mechanical reinforcements would have to be added in order to keep device study. Having a heavy traditional laptop sized 2 in 1 tablet would overall ruin the purpose of our device being powerful mobile long lasting beautiful machine.

Also overall sturdiness of the device suffers as the whole structure would be held up by screws and buttons.

We always put end user first when it comes to product design as we have created product for our team too:) And with current tradeoffs replaceable battery doesn’t make much sense.

I also saw a discussion about the battery quality and as @Artur has pointed out manufacturers are quite alert of battery quality. As we sell online for us returns are very expensive(something we learned with our first product :smile:) and the best way to prevent returns from happening is ensuring that all devices are high quality and that no faulty units are shipped.

As a result we ensure our batteries longevity by buying a bit more expensive battery that has more charge cycles as well as spending more time and money on quality check of all the units that leave factory floor.

On the other hand the good news is that if you are still interested to contribute to the next project our community will make there you could definitely have an impact.[/details]

P.S. Please dont call our community megalomaniacal. Thats not nice.

LATEST UPDATE: test behaved weirdly created a thread asking how he can delete his account and PMd me asking to delete his account. Wish granted :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I love the specs and look of the laptop so far. I’d love to buy it, but I have some concerns and questions.

  1. What would the response be to a faulty or even mass problem (something like the Note 7 debacle)?
  2. What does the pen look like? Does it have any similarities to the Surface pen? One of my friends has a Surface Pro and I think the pen is absolutely gorgeous.



I can’t say what the V pen will look like but can tell you that your friends Surface 3 as well as the Surface pro 4 pens will work with our device. Hope that helps some.


Better yet, please sell repair toolkit like ifixit and provide us instructional video how to replace battery & ssd along with sparepart (screen, pen, ssd, battery, keyboard etc)direct from china / hongkong. Thank you constatinos and team.


There’s an entire thread. I think the German one has been pretty much guaranteed… For a small but reasonable upcharge. How much hasn’t been disclosed but the range suggested sounds fine.

P.S. Take part and vote in the poll if your keyboard is important you.


Just found about this yesterday, after reading through all the specs and the discussion behind them I am very impressed and will probably try to buy the Eve V when it hits Indiegogo. However, I have a few questions:

-Can you tell us about the cooling performance of the Eve V? I read a review about the new Acer Spin with the same Kaby Lake i5 CPU as in the Eve V, however the Acer had inadequate cooling performance which led to the throttling of the CPU.

-Secondly, will you charge big premiums for slight bumps in specs? For example, if I choose the i5/256gb/8gb model over the m3/128gb/8gb, seeing as the m3 and i5 CPUs are identical in cost the difference in price between the 2 configurations should be around 100 euros, compared to the insane 200-300 euros Microsoft charges for mere 4gb more ram for its i5 configs.

-Is it also confirmed that the Indiegogo devices can be bought without OS for discounted price?

I am very impressed with this device and in Eve-Tech, greetings from Finland and make us proud by launching a great device!


Swiss (French and German combined) - does the whole family and our three business languages.
If you went for a keyboard that changed character display on each key with choice of language - that would be my holy grail for keyboard


Do the machines get burnt in over 24 to eliminate most of the faulty ones?


Sadly, you will have to wait for the Sonder E-Ink keyboard to get this holy grail or now buy an Art Lebedev Optimus.