Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


Works in my xiomi & OP3 too :slight_smile: Sometimes it doesn’t but then you just need to reselect it and it usually appears (using chrome)


Weird… I guess it just doesn’t work on Firefox then :slight_smile: There’s also a bug where the post counter jumps right into the middle of my screen (obstructing the text) when I reach the end of a topic. I guess I should try some other browser, but Firefox’s sync is so useful :disappointed:

Or are you guys using the desktop site?


on desktop on desktop, with mobile always mobile


Based on the specifications I can say that you made a lot of things right. I am really looking forward to this. The Eve V seems to solve a lot of issues that I have with the Surface line:

  • wireless keyboard (since the first Surfaces I dreamed of that functionalty)
  • bigger battery (Surface with full brightness has not enough runtime for me)
  • Thunderbolt: makes it possible to drive 2x 4k @60Hz screens via a single dock (this is so plain stupid with the current Surfaces that I could not buy a Pro or even a Surface Book).
  • Thunderbolt/USB-C AND normal USB. THANKS!

Still open questions for me:

  • how can I attach the pen to the tablet (magnetically? That would be awesome)
  • does „95% less reflections“ mean „95% less than competitors like the Surface“? Or do you mean „95% less reflections than i.e. a mirror“? Could you elaborate?
  • can you estimate battery runtime when using the tablet with full brightness with Firefox (about 10-20 tabs), Eclipse or Android Studio and some pdf documents. It‘s a shame that not a single review site for tablets/laptops does an additional battery test with full brightness.
  • Thunderbolt 3: will the Eve be compatible to old stuff? Apples new Macbook Pro seems to use a new chipset and has problems with old Thunderbold devices (I don‘t know if this will turn out to be a temporary driver issue or permanent)
  • will the display also be more power efficient than current stuff? (like Apples new display in the new Macbook Pro, they could reduce battery capacity by 33% while having the same battery life, although still using Skylake)
  • Do you also consider something like the Suraface Book dock? It adds so much battery life :rocket: but I suspect it will not be possible with this design?

Now go on and make this as great as we all hope. :+1:


Notebookcheck does full brightness tests :slight_smile: At least for some laptops. They have “idle” (lowest brightness, WiFi disabled), “WiFi surfing” and “load” tests, the latter including full brightness. The display is IGZO, which saves a lot of battery juice and has better contrast or something like that (I don’t really see the difference between different LCDs, so can’t elaborate)


Running some quick guessed calculations with everything at maximum usage, I’d guess the battery should still hold ~4 hours? Given 100% CPU usage all the time, maxed brightness (450nits is damn bright - I don’t think I’ll ever use it indoors at max brightness)
When just guessing your use-case it’s mostly dependent on how much the CPU can “idle” in those use-cases but with just a quick guess I’d say 6-7 hours at least? Depends on how much you compile the android-project and debug it since as far as I remember the Android emulator chewed through battery :smiley:


Ok, well, but still “full load” is not such a realistic scenario for me (and I guess not for most people). It’s more of a worst case scenario and still does not tell me what I can realistically expect with my workload. I ment something like a standardized WIFI surfing test + periodically background tasks while using full brightness. Ars Technica has a test they call “Heavy” (including background downloading and video playback while surfing). I consider this more realistic than full load, but still, it’s not with full brightness. Well, I guess it’s either because most people don’t often use their devices outdoors or because they want to standardize on a certain brightness (like 200 nits) to be more comparable across different devices. But for me, personally, it’s more like this: Whatever the brightest setting is, I NEED IT. :smile: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

So I just wanted to know if can Eve already estimate a runtime with full brightnes while actually using the device (surfing, downloading, programming).


Ah thanks. Well it won’t be permanent full load @100% brightness, more like a permanent 5-10% load with 100% CPU load peaks while compiling something.


Well, then take the average between the “load” and “wifi” tests :slight_smile: it’s impossible to create benchmarks for everyone’s usage scenarios. Every person uses a computer differently, so the most reliable test would be testing it yourself. But of course you can’t do that, so what you can do is look at available benchmarks and compare them to real world results with a device that you already own. That way you get a feeling of the ratio between those tests and your actual usage, which you can use to compare with other computers :slight_smile:


No, on my Lumia 950XL Edge setup = mobile


Hi @stickybullseye!

Eve V follows Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) good example of it would be compatibility of our device with Surface 3, Pro 3, Pro 4 and other USB standard pens!


Hi @hellBENder !

Very happy to answer your questions. They are spot on!

1.Yes, pen is docked magnetically to the device
2.Surface pro 4 has one of the best in class displays but not under sunlight and during tests. Surface Pro 4 has reflections of.5.6% while our device is 2.5-3% reflections(source http://www.displaymate.com/Surface_Pro4_ShootOut_1.htm) . Our screen is very similar to IPad Pro when you actually look at it as reflections are minimal.
3.During our next testing round we will definitely try a test like that. Now it is a bit hard to say:) but I would say around 8 hours. We will do some more testing and let you know :slight_smile: our PC Mark 8 home result is 5 hours 30 minutes while Surfaces is 3 hours 15 minutes (my source http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/tablets/microsoft-surface-pro-4-1290285/review/3)

Also thanks to our focus on eliminating reflections you can use your device with less brightness while achieving same visual performance of the display as less reflections mean less backlogs power needed to bring colors to live

4.It would be best of you give example of such old stuff :slight_smile: But generally there should be no issues as our device is Thunderbolt 3 certified meaning it supports all of its feature set and other Thunderbolt certified devices. We ve been lucky as Intel has been helping us with their engineering resources to implement Thunderbolt in our device.

5.Our display is very power efficient as it uses IGZO technology. You can read more about IGZO here http://www.sharp-world.com/igzo/sp/index.html

And as said before because of anti reflection coating you need less brightness to achieve same picture quality on your display :slight_smile:

6.We are now discussing with various vendors Eve eGPU and other docking station solutions :slight_smile: Only thing I can say is that the more successful the project is and the more great community members like you:) we have the more possibilities we have!

Record Breaking Eve V Indiegogo & :fire: :fire: Project: Friday Flipper :fire: :fire:
Toshiba Portege Z20t and what we can learn from it

Is https://www.indiegogo.com/ the right site? Because when I go to this page it is in german…


Absolutely right. I think it has multiple languages


Microsoft Pen Program (MPP) is actually what the V follows. MPP afaik is a part of USI, but USI has been moving so slowly recently (because of the large amount of participants) that we decided to go for MPP for maximum compatibility

Community-designed startup guide & useful tips? :thinking:

The site supports English, German, French and Spanish languages. There is a language selection menu at the bottom :slight_smile:


That sounds very promising. Did you achive those 5h30m also at 50% brightness as did Techradar with the Surface Pro 4?

Btw: Very cool how fast you answer questions from the community. With other companies it wouln’t even be possible to talk to somebody who knows anything, let alone getting any relevant information, especially for a non released product. All the relevant information often seem to be intentionally buried as deep as possible. I like that.


What will the price be for the Eve V? I’m REALLY excited for the product but I can’t spend too much more than a thousand. Thanks!


The price is :

You will learn soon on 21st :wink:


Great device…Now everything depends on the price for this device as its gonna be the very first device by Eve, so I feel price is gonna play an important role in determining the future of this company.