Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


Seeing that Oops key was kept on the keyboard made me so happy but just then I saw the flipped pyramid key and it raise me happiness level many fold.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean with that you can’t put the keyboard in triangle
mode. You can still put it down like that if you can flip the cover to the
back, right? Or do you mean that the keyboard won’t turn itself off and that it
therefore wouldn’t be a possibility?

Too bad that there’s no Windows Hello face-recognition. I’ve never had a problem
with the one on the SP4 (won’t recognize other people or pictures and is very
fast). But I do understand that it’s more expensive and the fingerprint reader
sounds good too, so still happy!

I also absolutely love the multiple colours on the keyboard. I’m totally into ‘bling’
like that, lol. I have another question. Is the keyboard also compatible with
the SP4? Because it does have the pins, and so does the SP4 keyboard… Would it
fit on the SP4? And if this is the case, once the Eve V goes live (so
eventually, I understand that the IndieGoGo stuff is only for the Eve V +
stuff), will we be able to buy the keyboard separately as well? Because right
now I have a SP4 and it works fine, it’s quite new, still, so I’m not looking
to replace it so soon. However, the Microsoft customer service has disappointed
(and insulted) me so badly that I really don’t ever want to give them my money
again (that is also why I would love to eventually buy the Eve when my SP4 does
need to be replaced and there’s an LTE-version available, I love the SP4, but I
hate Microsoft). That’s troublesome, assuming my SP4 will probably live longer
than my typecover 4… It would be really great if the Eve typecover was
compatible with the SP4, especially since it also offers wireless, more
backlight-colours and possibly more colours overall… I understand if it wouldn’t
work or wouldn’t fit or won’t be sold separately, but I had to ask.

[Edit] Apparently typing this in Word first caused my post to look weird. Sorry!


Exciting times are coming. I really, really hope I can get my hands on one of the first 500. Really needing this 2in1 device and at every spec release it looks like it gets better and better :smile:

The launch day is near now and fortunately I will be at home that day :joy: Hopefully the price does not put me off as I’m really excited to upgrade to this device :slight_smile:


Im not sure if this was talked about before, but will there be anything special for the first 500, like special serial numbers or an engraved hte unit number egraved?


iKirin mentioned something special, but didn’t clarify what it is. Just be patient :slight_smile:


Hello. Thanks for your response!

Its hard for me to answer this part since I do not know who are you addressing.

Here’s a tip, kindly have look at picture below :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately it doesn’t fit the Surface Pro 4. Both have pins, but different designs. Microsoft does not give out their proprietary pin design to other manufacturers.

The keyboard will however work with Surfaces (or any other BT equipped devices) via its bluetooth function, but it can only be charged by the Eve V (currently).[quote=“Nikolina, post:103, topic:2291”]
I understand if it wouldn’t
work or wouldn’t fit or won’t be sold separately, but I had to ask.

Probably we will start selling the keyboard later on separately, but right now we are very focused in the core product (a 2-in-1 :slight_smile:)


I think he’s replying to this:

The quote button doesn’t appear in mobile browsers, so I totally understand @Nikolina :slight_smile:
I think the answer to the question is that you can place it that way, but it just won’t be magnetically attached to the kickstand. Am I right?


Thanks! I wrote my post while scrolling down on a mobile device (which is also probably why mobile Word made my post look funky), and it was a little hard to type while also still reading the topic. I’m on my SP4 now though, will definitely use the buttons from now on.

Oh, that’s too bad. Not your fault of course, but since it won’t attach to the Surface I think it wouldn’t work as well then. I really use it as a cover. Oh well, I will just score one from elsewhere to feel a bit better about not paying Microsoft directly and will wait for the nice keyboard with the nice lights until I can finally buy the Eve V, haha.

Oh, I’d be fine with that. The Surface keyboard doesn’t do that either for as far as I’ve noticed. The Eve keyboard sounds really neat. :smiley:


It appears in Edge, not easy to work with, but if it works with Edge on mobile it should work with others I assume, as Microsoft is generally a bit late in compatibility :wink:


It’s not about compatibility. It’s about the mobile site. If you’re using the desktop version, then yes, it will work. But on the mobile version, that function is not implemented.


A general technique question:
I looked up the Kaby Lake processors:
i7-7500U i7-7Y75
i5-7200U i5-7Y54
i3-7100U m3-7Y30

Can someone tell me why the last its not “i3-7Y30” but “m3-…” ? Or what the “m” means?
(because its one of the processors of the Eve V)


in the 6th generation of Y series (4.5 watt) processors (and earlier) they were all “m” labeled. With the latest Kaby Lake series Intel seems to believe the performance of the 4.5 watt “m” had a poor reputation and was no longer descriptive of the performance of the higher numbered 5 or 7 so they renamed them to match the U series 15 watt processors.
As for what “m” stands for. I believe it stands for mobile.
BTW, these can now be configured for a range of power, I believe from about 3.5 watts to as high as 7 watts (I may be corrected on exact numbers) so if you are using it in a cool location with good ventilation you may benefit from adjusting to a higher wattage for higher performance.


Is the Eve V using U series processors for the i5 and i7 or Y series processors? The m3 is obviously Y series, but are the i5 and i7 the higher TDP U series? With Intel’s new naming scheme dropping the m5 and m7 names it’s hard to tell the apart without their whole model numbers being included.


The Eve V is using the Y-series since it’s intended to be used fanless. As far as I’ve seen up to now at least in Skylake U and Y (previously Core M) CPUs that were cooled without fans were pretty much on-par with each other with the Y series still having lower idle power consumption.


Ah, I didn’t realize it was fanless. Yeah, the U series processors need significant active cooling to be effective.


Talk of tech fantasies y’all :wink:


It shows @Mike, it shows. You and @Konstantinos both have.


On Lumia 950XL it works🙂


On behalf of the potential users who would consider a V for producing art: can you confirm the display will be forward compatible with USI? It was touted as a possibility back when you did your polls on June 8, but I’ve not seen mention of it since, as the stylus doesn’t seem to be a priority for the community.


Would also prefer a German layout