Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


Not everyone wants to lug around external speakers. Maybe we should downgrade the keyboard because I have an external keyboard? :slight_smile: I doubt so. But why are we discussing this? The product is 100% finalized now. If you have ideas, you’re very welcome to post them for future projects :slight_smile: but the Pyramid Flipper is being bron now, and there is nothing we can change. I think most of the decisions were good. Of course not all of them, but Eve can’t create a personalized device for everyone’s preferences :slight_smile: that’s how we humans are - we want different things


This has been asked somewhere else… but the answer is:


Yes, even in Madagascar :smile:

No, I’m kidding about Madagascar - can’t guarantee that. But I guess it’s possible of there is a postal service that ships there.


do you think there s also a super early bird discount ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess I will toss this ball to @iKirin, as I don’t have an answer :confused:


We’ll have something for our early birds :slight_smile:

Not sure if what I heard is still correct & 100% finalized so I’m can’t tell what exactly it is


Give the possibility of a FreeDos version with 70$ discount price. An agressive price is the better advertising method.


As you can see in the poll we’ll have a version without OS :slight_smile:


If you buy the device in indiegogo, you’re gonna get the best deal ever available (as far as I can see at the moment, ofc 18 months later things might seem different :smiley:)


Originally I was considering the Asus Transforrmer 3 Pro. But this Eve V that everyone has always been talking about has got me intrigued. Things I was looking for is 12.0+ display, above 1080p, intel 7th Gen, Thunderbolt 3, 1024pl Stylus…I LOVE The way you way you chose to design this device (crowd- designed). Sadly family emergencies came up and my funding took a severe hit. BUT I definitely intend to purchase an Eve V, You guys have won me over with your honesty, genuine communication, and customer support/care. Seems like I’ll most likely be purchasing your most inexpensive i5 model+keyboard if I can. Though I know that I will of supported and backed a product and company I believe in.


Thank you for your heart melting words and welcome to Eve family. Our device would never become what it is without the community behind it. And we can’t wait to announce our pricing and other details when campaign goes live!


Hi there! I am actually concerned about the battery. Usually hardware outlive the battery due to vary environmental and usage patterns. We wouldn’t want to carry a powerbank when the batteries dies prematurely, right?

Mass produced tablets/MacBooks has various OEMs batteries where we can purchase online and service centres are willing to change for us.

So, about battery, if the battery dies off, are we able to get that part and replace it on our own? Or is there a community DIY manual for us to change it?


This is way too good to be believable, can’t wait for the launch.


That’s a good point. There’s this article by the co-founder and CEO of iFixit from a few years ago about the Macbook Pro, https://www.wired.com/2012/10/apple-and-epeat-greenwashing/.

He uses the term “throwaway design” for the design of Apple products which apparently have become increasingly difficult to repair in recent years. I don’t expect a modular laptop full of interchangeable parts but I do hope the battery can be replaced (after a few years of use). I know some people prefer to upgrade their laptops like their phones (every 1-2 years), but on the flip side there are also those who still rock their 2010 Macbooks daily.


This device looked good last week with lots of specs still missing. It looks even better this week! Thank goodness there aren’t more specs coming out next week because what could they possibly be? Unicorn Horn? Floating Charge Dock that Emits Rainbows? Genuine Saskatchewan Seal Skin Cover? The mind boggles!

I’ve just had a serious talk with my wallet about Operation Must-Needs: Procure the Eve V. All good things are worth sacrifice, so I’m looking forward to the IGG campaign.

This community is hitting a home run on this one, I think. Good going, people!


We’ll try doing this for you! :slight_smile: Of course I can’t put this to the top of my priorities in the middle of all our testing. First things first! :wink:



As we have detailed in the warranty thread, we will provide our repair resources for our customers. We are also considering the possibility of providing parts / manuals to our customers but there are some business risks in that, mainly a concern regarding the intellectual property & abuse of it (not towards the customers, but towards parties posing as customers).

If such a thing should occur, we’d be helping you out with the battery.

But this is a good point, clearly it makes sense to us to stock up the batteries a bit more after the life cycle of the device is coming towards end.


What’s the chances of a uk 3pin power plug? Have I missed how it is charged.


Hi OS!

The V will be chargeable via USB-C! :slight_smile: I don’t know about the different power plugs for the charger, so I’m pinging @Mike here.

But we’ll be compatible with any other USB-C charger that use the default USB-C charging like the one Apple and Google offer.


Very very high :wink:

This thing has been taken into consideration since we intend to ship globally. Of course the least thing we would do is to ship an adapter and later replace with the real deal.


Good and happy to know :stuck_out_tongue: