Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


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Is an LTE version still being considered? (For release at a later date, as was discussed elsewhere in the forum)

This is really close to being the perfect device for my needs. I need enough power to run some virtual machines but also portability and a pen for taking meeting notes in OneNote and LTE for convenience.


Its being planned. The motherboard supports installation of the module. We are soon beginning testing how we need to adjust the casing to support the necessary signal strenght


So LTE will be planned and implemented after the IGG campaign, right?
Does this mean that “Early-Adopters” wouldn’t get LTE and people who buy the V later will get LTE?
And if so, can you upgrade your V later on your own?
Last question :wink: : When I support the Eve V on IGG, do i get a Discount on the normal market price? And yes how much percent approx. ?

Thank you


i agree with camera. no need camera. mostly just for windows hello and skype.
imo speaker and mic also not so important , cause i own bose soundlink mini for music. and mic build just like i said only for skype.
overall im so happy, going to sell mymsurface 4 and be part of this

i love indy so much


yesssssss so happy german keyboard


would the surface pen magnetically to the eve? that is an important feature in my opinion.


@ahsan93 Mike answered this a bit earlier, maybe in the other thread. The answer is Yes!


Thanks for the quick response. I have been considering purchasing a surface pro 4, but I would like to wait for this product to come out now. Will it be available to purchase in the UK?


I have never bought a keyboard with backlight, because it’s my money going down the drain. I once had to install Windows and drivers to my friend’s new laptop, and I just couldn’t stand the backlight. I kept disabling it, but it was so annoying that I had to disable it again after each reboot… and there are lots of reboots when you’re installing/testing drivers.


It’ll be sold (for the first 500 Units) via Indiegogo, which means that if you back it on the 21st of November, it will ship to the UK


Hi, sorry if someone already replied, but I didn’t read all messages up to now and want to link you to our great poll [What print you want for your keyboard?] (http://eve.community/t/what-print-do-you-want-for-your-keyboard/2184) :slight_smile:

Hope I could help with that a little :wink:


@Mike already mentioned that he will make the german layout available, but you can also [vote here] (http://eve.community/t/what-print-do-you-want-for-your-keyboard/2184) for the layout you want and so we can get a overview what the community wants! :slight_smile:


Well, I would have preferred 2cm… It’s still quite hard to hold with 1.5cm.
@Kelvin_Zulian the camera is useless for Windows Hello as it’s not an Intel Realsense camera. However, we have a fingerprint scanner in the power button. So you don’t even need to look at the camera to unlock it. Just click the power button :slight_smile:


I can give you a rough estimate and quote what’s already in the [confirmed spec thread] (http://eve.community/t/eve-v-confirmed-specs/1780).

“The base-model will be below 1000€ with tax (or 900$ without) and the best model will be below 2000€ with tax (or 1800$ without).”


In regards to the LTE: LTE will be made available in an extra model since it requires quite a bunch of changes in the housing (basically less aluminum and more plastic for the antennas to get a good LTE signal).

You unfortunately can’t upgrade a normal V to an LTE model later on due to the difference in the housing.


ahh i see, so camera its like not so usefull, can downgrade it more to make better price. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I don’t think there is still room for downgrades at 2MP :sweat_smile:


do you think downgrading speaker also good? cause i dont also need speaker. i own good portable speaker and good headset.


would this be available to order in the UK?