Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


How does the HD 615 CPU match up with any of the Surface Book Pro 4 models?


Hello, eve v is a great laptop!

How much it weight?


It’s a tablet, not a laptop :slight_smile: and it will weigh 840g without keyboard, roughly 1kg with keyboard


HI @Artem_Batogovsky & @santosho!

Please check out our official overview about the V that should hopefully cover your questions! :slight_smile:


If it doesn’t then please use the questions thread in the link to ask the question together with other questions - this makes it easier for us & for other cool people in the community like you to have one place to check for questions & answers. :slight_smile:


I like the term “Laptop Replacement” to describe 2-in-1 tablets like the SP4 and Eve V, analogous to those “Desktop Replacement” laptops :joy:

It’s somewhat weaker than the already weak iGPU in the Surface Pro 4 i5/i7 model, more or less the same as the m3 SP4. (And far weaker than the Surface Book , which is a full laptop :wink:)

Actually AMD retained the ATI brand some some years before dropping it, retaining the Radeon brand only


See here: http://eve.community/t/eve-v-confirmed-specs-2-display-touch-panel-pen-sensors-lte

And here, since it’s a question I’ve asked before: http://eve.community/t/big-news-indiegogo-launch-pyramid-flipper-official-name-intel-investment/1905/12?u=gkmess


Hopefully this helps answer your question:


The point remains :slight_smile:

No, it’s one generation newer and it will be much better. 6th gen Y-series graphics were 40% better than 5th gen, so I’d expect something similar with 7th vs 6th gen.


I’m curious about the total weight, including the power brick (if any). In my experience, laptops are a bit heavier and bulkier when you add the weight of the power brick and its cords. If you can charge via USB-C (with which I have no experience), I’m curious about the amps required for charging. I read somewhere that the Dell XPS-13 can be charged via USB-C, but most chargers, even 2-amp chargers, aren’t powerful enough to charge the XPS-13.

If a keyboard can be backlit, perhaps one day the keys will be displayed instead of printed. This will be handy for switching languages, and if you want a Dvorak layout instead of the standard layout.

Thanks for listening!


After everything I read and saw here Eve doesn’t seem to be one of those companies who do bullshit bingo with the specs just to have bigger numbers. So I am hoping that the i7 actually will have some advantages over the i5 performance wise. Maybe this is a hint that the passive cooling solution will be up to its task.


Yes, it is highly dependent on the cooling, but Eve seems to be working really hard on getting that right. They have also stated that they are working on BIOS settings to allow a higher TDP (temp/power usage profile), where you would likely see more of a difference as well.


Speaking of throttling, I am pretty confident that the i7 would throttle less than the i5, because of binning.


What? No… that’s not how it works. Throttling comes from temperature and TDP. Higher frequency = more temperature, that’s simple physics. And while some processors are more efficient than others, we’re talking about two of them based in the same die and binned very closely. So no difference here. But i7 can also hit its TDP limit easier, because its base frequency is higher, so it has a higher chance of TDP-throttling, at least in theory.


Firstly I’m talking about TurboBoost, and sustaining the TurboBoost speed before throttling.

Better binned processors have better voltages and fewer leakages which allows the processor to produce less heat while running at a given frequency. This directly affects the temperature and TDP (not actually, TDP is a constant).

In fact higher frequency isn’t the only constituent to more heat, but also the voltage and leakage.

That said, the above is based on my knowledge about overclocking, turbo boost might not work exactly the same. But Intel also mentioned this in their TurboBoost page:

Here it hints that the same model would also experience variances, which is normal. Better model = better bin = even better among the variance, unless they didn’t bin the i7 at all.

That said, Kaby Lake is fabbed on a very mature 14nm process, i5 and i7 might effectively be on the same bin. This happened on desktop processors before, where Intel’s fab process got so mature, even entry level i5s overclock to the same extent as top models.


Both i5 and i7 are binned almost identically, the voltage is the same. Except that i7’s turbo boost is higher, so naturally it won’t last as long at full speed


I’m sorry if this is asked before, but I searched and couldn’t find anything about it.

Does the sd-card reader support UHS, and if so is it UHS 1 or 3?


If I’m correct microsdxc supports both UHS 1 and 3.

What size SD card can you fit inside the V?

Okey, nice to hear :slight_smile:


Konstantinos - What news from China? When will we early birdies get their
machines? There has been very little on this for some time now. Kindly
let me know, please. Many thanks, Claus


@Rumpelstilzchen: Just have a look at

There are several other announcement topics full of news on the latest development of the Eve V.