Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


So… I spent all morning trying to get my funds in order to get the m3. Then I go on with my credit card info and find out it just sold out minutes before. Is there any way you can offer perks for the people that showed up to buy one in time but ended up last in line? It doesn’t seem fair to those of us who have contributed to the whole project only to miss out by a few minutes. My understanding was that since there were early bird perks for like 12 hours after launch that we would be able to take advantage of those :frowning:


@Thor would you respond to this please :slight_smile:


@SombreSire Great minds think alike. I have had my eye on that portable monitor for a while. I just needed a worthy laptop to attach it to. I think the Eve V is it. Did you get in on the indiegogo campaign? I look forward to hearing your report on virtualization performance if you did. :wink:

I am the IT administrator for a small company, so I wear all the IT hats. My preference is to work on networking and virtualization though.


@JonHusen indeed :slight_smile:
Yes, I ordered it yesterday like many people.
No problem, it will be one of the first thing that I will test.

That’s nice to be able to do everything, it seems we have the same preferences too :wink:


Hi, when can i order the top model with LTE?


You have to wait a bit longer, but it’s definitely coming :wink:


Wonder if this will support external GPU, I.e. Razer Core?


If the Razer Core respects the Thunderbolt 3 protocol it will :wink: as will it work with other eGPU docks if they too respect the Thunderbolt 3 protocol.

An eGPU is also a strong possibility as the next project for Eve and the community, so stay tuned!


I feel like a Core i5 7Y + 16GB ram would have been the best specification to balance cost and performance. Unfortunately, now I am left torn between getting the i7 with 16GB ram or the i5 with 8gb ram. Sigh…


You can always wait for the Eve Store opening, where they should might have that option…


They never promised that…


I said should, didn’t said will…

And since that option (i5 + 16gb) is highly request by the members and a top position in a old poll… i’ll bet they will have that option later…


Hope to have it as an option for an additional price… I’ll really pay about 100$ more in order to have 16 GB of ram on my i5 V version considering I’m buying a product which will be in the market after the super early bird perks, so there should be time to these type of changings (of the second batch)


I think “might” would have been a better choice of words. It’s just that in the context and way you stated it, it sounds like you have inside information about what Eve are planning to do, rather than just opining.
I am not saying that they won’t, but there is no official announcements, that I can remember at least, where they state what models they’ll offer. But I do agree that with the demand, they probably will end up doing it at some point.


Thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my post :wink:


Hope so…would quickly change from the i7 to an i5 16GB. 256GB SSD is the sweet spot for me too…
From 6th gen Core M processors benchmark, it doesn’t look like the m7 (now branded i7 Y in the 7th gen) is all that much quicker than the m5 as it starts getting trottled very quickly when in turbo mode.
If this doesn’t materialise, i might just drop down to the m3 version as it seems like a good bang for buck device and I’ll supplement the storage with a high capacity microsd card.


Amazing computer. I’m considering getting an EVE V. Beautiful machine. Does it use Intel Graphics or Iris, or Nvidia for graphics, or possible ATI?


Please read this about the GPU :wink:


Please check the FAQ, everything in regards to graphics is stated there:

I guess @Artur was faster :wink:


Ask yourself: what can a 9mm thick tablet use? Nvidia and AMD cards require 1cm for cooling alone, hehe… then add the other components…
Oh, and ATI doesn’t exist… it’s been 10 years already…