Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


I’m currently on a desktop sandybridge i7-2600. 3.4Ghz 4 cores/8 threads … so not really comparable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. With a “normal” set of workloads, I see 20-30% base cpu utilization with spikes up from there.

I know on the desktop side, IPC gains have been pretty minimal with focus being mostly on efficiency. I don’t really have a good feel of how that translates on the mobile side. I also don’t keep up with the low-power mobile chips since I tend to deal mostly with tower/mobile workstations with the more powerful chips for my users. On an older ivy bridge laptop (with upgraded ram & ssd), I remember virtualization performance not being terrible (not sure which processor; probably the i5-2430M)

I was hoping someone in the community had experience running VMs on a U-series processor vs a Y-series.


@SombreSire you use VMs right? Care to pitch in here!? :slight_smile:


But the performance there is better… and with most devices, the benefit of having Skylake is really noticeable. There are various different cases at always, but generally you just get more computing power for less power consumption. For example, Skylake’s 3GHz quad core processors can scale all the way down to 800 MHz which is quite amazing.


As far as I know Intel has been working damn hard to improve the thermals on it’s CPUs - especially in the 4th Gen there should have been great battery & thermal improvements. :slight_smile:


I have zero experience running vm on Y series, but my best guess is that ram is more of a factor than cpu power, I’m thinking that with 8 Gb and the i5 should work fine, 16 Gb should work just great. It depends really on how much you have happening on the host system and how much ram is available for tha VM.
With 4 Gb ram I’m better off dual booting rather than run a VM
Just my 2 cents
I have run VM on i5-5250 i think it was, dual core, 1.6 Ghz base about 3.1 turbo i think. Pretty close to your i7 specs. Ran great but had 16 Gb ram


Well I use VMs indeed on Hyper-V. Unfortunately I have no experience running Hyper-V on the latest processor at home (at work I have real actual servers :slight_smile: ), I am using old Intel NUCs with i5-4250U, my workstation is a Xeon E5-2620.
On the NUC (16GB RAM) I was able to run a lab (configmgr) with 8 2012 R2 servers (full desktop) and it was usable (of course the machines were on a SSD)
On the workstation (32GB RAM), I was able to run 20 servers without any troubles.
I tried also on my Surface Pro 2, an i5-4300U if I am right, the RAM (8GB) is the culprit. I have a running VM with 4GB assigned to it running perfectly.
My laptop is even an i5-3320M and I can run multiple VMs on it.
Depending on the workload, if it is basic, I would say that RAM and storage are more important; of course the bigger the better :slight_smile:
I am confident the Eve V with 16GB will be enough for me. Otherwise I will make Eve happy and buy a second one :grin: (I am joking of course…well maybe not… )

What kind of workload are you planning to run on it ?


Looks like ill be paid the day before Indiegogo, Will probably only have $1100 by than… I hope I can afford the i5 model… To be honest the Tablet+Stylus are the most important parts to me. If I cant afford that by launch will have to wait for the real launch :disappointed:


Hi @SombreSire! :slight_smile:

I was referring to the quote below:

Maybe you can give him an advice? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input @SombreSire

VM’s on a Y-series processor just doesn’t seem to be a normal use case. I don’t know why. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping to be able to run a small lab/training environment while on the go. My primary workload would be a GNS3 VM for networking labs (which can get resource heavy depending on the number of routers) and a small lab domain so DC, app server, maybe SQL, and a client or two. I plan on running the VMs on an external ssd.

The 16GB/i7 Eve V and external ssd should be enough for my mobile needs, I think. If not, I’m planning on getting the LTE Eve V so I can always vpn into my labs at home or work from anywhere.

Sounds like we might be in similar lines of work. Your home lab setup sounds cool. I’d like to grow my home lab and have been considering either the NUCs or building my own with Xeon-D boards…when $$$ starts growing on trees.


Personally as I am dyslexic it might mean that I can SEE the keys with backlight on. I am literally overjoyed.


Quick question as I’m not sure this has been talked about: Could the EVE be used as a display? I know we have talked about the eGPU option in the future, but I just saw a video mentioning the Intel SkullCanyon NUC, and I thought it might be cool to have that as a ‘workstation’ and hook it up to the EVE, which would allow us to have the power of the NUC as well as the nice features (touchscreen, Keyboard, etc) of the EVE. So would that work?


Have a look at this, might be your very same question:


@JonHudsen well, I am happy to see that I am not the only one to use VMs in this Community. When I joined, I think they took me for a crazy person when I talked about that :wink:
GNS3… I remember I use it when I studied networking and indeed it was somewhat very cpu intensive but it was a very long time ago.
One of the big feature I see in the Eve V is the thunderbolt 3 port (and in fact it was the first thing I asked when joining the insiders), it will allow me to run the VMs from external storage.
I think I will try the device before you as I don’t plan to wait for the LTE version :wink:
NUCs are good machines, biggest advantage is that they are extremely small, the biggest downside is the price. When I started my job, I was always building my own machines but you can’t beat the size of a NUC.
If I need a new machine at home in the future I will have a look at the HP Z2 Mini, it looks very nice (design and perf) (big mistake, they didn’t put a tb port).
But before thinking of that, there is the Eve V, I am very impatient to test it, it looks so promising; an external SSD, an USB-C screen (like the ASUS MB169C+) and you have a highly portable lab. Even at home, it will be a setup that requires only minimal space.
Seems like indeed we are doing kind of job, I am a Windows Server Administrator and you ?

Please, pleaaaasssee, let me know when you see $ or € growing on trees, I would really enjoy having seeds to plant trees like that here :grin: :joy:



Q: @Mike. How well will the EVE V handle running 3D CAD modelling software such as AutoCAD and Solidworks? Has this been tested??


That depends a lot on your use scenarios! Of course you should not expect the same performance from a dual-core fan-less CPU - that’s goal is to optimize the battery life - than a quad core 45W actively cooled CPU, that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

However, people online have said that it worked even with Surface Pro 3 (that has a three Intel generations older 15W CPU), so if you go for the our i7 16GB RAM version, it should work pretty smoothly at least with an external graphics card (that you can use through the thunderbolt 3 port). Just as long as you don’t expect desktop level performance :wink:


Question, I’d Love to buy one and I hope that I am fast enough to get the M3 during the Indiegogo campaign. DOes anybody know if you creditcard will be charged immediately after Tributing? or does this happen at the end of the campaign?


The transaction happens on the very same instant you buy the perk :wink:


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


Fulfilled my promise with purchasing the i5 model on indiegogo :wink:… Now the wait! :sob: