Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


I am with @pauliunas on this. I use the F keys for their F functions, which can change by application. The other device-specific functions are not their primary purpose, and their use seems to change by device. I would prefer the to be F by default - but as long as there was a way to change the default (without opening the BIOS preferably) I wouldn’t mind.


What CPU do you currenty have in use? (please specify model number, or at least generation, watts and model name :slight_smile:)

With this processor, what amount of % do you generally see used out of its max capacity?


I´ve got a similar question regarding performance. Coming from an MBA I would like to know how much the speed would increase for each processor option you offer because I really don’t know which one I should get and overall I am happy with the performance of the Air.
You can see the specifications of the MBA below. The processor of the MBA should be an I7-3667U

Thanks guys

Eve V vs. Competition!

Hi @Marlon!

While I can’t give an exact answer since all the numbers I found did not come from the Macbook Air but other devices with similarly performing CPUs.
And for the V I’ll take the i5 version since that’s the only one I’ve got numbers for right now.

So, in terms of pure CPU performance the i5 should be pretty similiar to the MBA. But that does not tell the whole story, because the i5 in the V is cooled without a fan and uses less power for the same performance the i7 of the MBA delivers.

I can’t really compare the m3 and the i7 of the V as I don’t have the numbers on hand, but based on some guesswork the m3 should be a tad slower than the i7 of the MBA and the i7 of the V should be a tad faster than the i7 of the MBA - all 2 still having the advantage of being fanless & more power efficient. :slight_smile:


Haven’t got any numbers but if I remember correctly, the 7th gen i5y is roughly equivalent to the 6th gen i5u. This is to say that the i5y we should have better performance than the 3rd gen i7u @Marlon has on his MacBook. On the graphics part of things, it should be more or less on par or maybe a little better for the 7th gen i5y. A difference of 4 generations should be rather noticeable though.


Well, that doesn’t give us much information… but by the date and frequency, I can only assume that it’s either i7-3667U or i7-2630QM. The former is more probable because it was released in first half of 2012, and the latter was released in early 2011, although it’s significantly more powerful. But given the product category (it’s meant to be a very light laptop), let’s make a conclusion that it’s indeed i7-3667U. From that conclusion, all I can say is that our processor is at least a little bit better. The Skylake equivalent of your processor would be i3-6100U, which is a very low-end processor, and our i5 model should be faster.


Ok but how about throttling? My MBA often gets near to 90 degree celsius . Saying that I want to use similar operations like unpacking zips or whatsoever. Due to its fanless design I wouldn’t´t profit that long from a slightly better performance as it gets hot. or am I wrong? Or is temperature no prob due to its efficiency ?


Trust me, these Skylake chips are SSSOOOO efficient compared to 3rd gen! And we have Kaby Lake, even newer generation than Skylake :slight_smile: You shouldn’t worry about it. It will be fine.


Thank you all very much for the information. I really appreciate it.
Would you buy i5 or i7?


For me it will depend entirely price. The i7 has better specs on base frequency, turbo frequency and max graphics frequency. On the other hand I think the performance of the i5 looks great for class of processor and my needs


I don’t know the price. Of course I would buy the very maximum I can get :smiley: I would buy the top model, plus the Razer eGPU thing plus all sorts of different accessories if I could. But I can’t.

Of course i7 is better. That’s a no-brainer. But if it’s too expensive, then I won’t take it. I expect you to think the same way :slight_smile:


I didnt heard of the Razer eGpu…


OK, what other eGPU have you heard about? :stuck_out_tongue: The Razer thing is pretty much the only option right now. Either that, or some mobile eGPU solution, but that’s too weak for me.


There seem to be other (less available?) options like the Powercolor Devil Box (only in certain regions) and the Asus ROG XG Station 2 (doesn’t look like it’s out yet). That said, even availability of the razer core is shaky and its not available where I stay in Singapore… Also your point about it being too expensive is completely valid. Hence keeping my fingers crossed that Eve will shake up this category as well!


Those two aren’t for sale (yet) :slight_smile: At least I can’t find their prices…


Although take note that not much has been improved since the 4th gen. My i5 Surface Pro 4 (Skylake, 6th gen) has worse battery life than my i3 Surface Pro 3 (Haswell, 4th gen).


Well they upped the resolution and reduced the battery capacity. That isn’t exactly the recipe for great battery life :smiley:


The display has actually been tested by DisplayMate and they found out that it uses a similar amount of power, only about 12% more at any brightness setting, or around 0.5W at max brightness, and the battery is only reduced by 7% from 42Wh to 39Wh. I think the generational improvement from 4th gen to 6th gen should be able to compensate that. Apparently, it didnt.


Yeah that’s true. They also had probably poorly optimized battery IC since according to some tests the Core m3 had worse battery life than i5, which doesn’t make any sense from hardware POV.


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