Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


To quote from the [confirmed specs thread] (http://eve.community/t/eve-v-confirmed-specs/1780) again:

I think we should make that quote a banner somehow :wink:

But yes, below 900$ for the base-model. And the final price is shaping up to be… to be announced :slight_smile:


man you guys know how to play the suspense card. xD


I’m glad to hear that we will have rgb backlight, but I have a big concern: how accurately it can produce a white light? Or is it rgbw?


Lower than $700 acer switch alpha 12! Yessss


Did I miss something? There was never a comparison with Acer alpha 12’s price, was there?


I was joking Rus hehehe


I suppose the RAM is onboard LPDDR3, right? We cannot upgrade.
The question then is about the Storage. Is it using M2. SSD?
And can we upgrade when this SSD matures?>


Right.[quote=“Shenlong, post:195, topic:2291”]
Is it using M2. SSD?

Right.[quote=“Shenlong, post:195, topic:2291”]
And can we upgrade when this SSD matures?

Don’t think so. At least not officially :slight_smile:


Just wanted to come back to this, but needed to search the source (and then I forgot):

Can you confirm that certified devices based on TPS65982 (and of course the newer TPS65983) chipset will work? Apple is really a funny company these days: not only do they exclusively built in “future” ports that nobody uses yet, they also render most existing devices with that port useless… :sweat_smile:


And another thing that just came to my mind and which bothers me with ALL existing devices and all computer keyboards. I never quite understood why nobody can do this:

On the F1-F12 keys there are media shortcuts for adjusting brightnes and volume and other things:

  1. Some companies have a layout with Fn-function first: Just pressing the button increases brightness without using Fn-key.
  2. Others use those keys in reverse: Just pressing F3 is F3 and to increase brightness you would need to press Fn+F3.

I would really prefer possibility possibility (1), BUT: I use a lot of key-combinations like Strg+F11, Alt+F4 and others and I have NEVER found a keyboard of type (1) that was NOT a PITA, because you always have to press Alt+Fn+F4 or Strg+Fn+F11.

So, this would be my proposal to improve possibility (1):

  • Pressing i.e. F3 directly increases brightnes and so on.
  • Whenever a user holds down Alt, Strg, Shift or the Windows key (for a combination, are there any else that are used for those combinations?) he will NEVER intend to use media functions, like increasing/decreasing brightness or volume. Why on earth would he hold another key for doing so if can do it with just pressing one button? So, when those keys are hold down it’s directly possible to use all F1-F12 keys as F-keys without pressing Fn.
  • Short version: F4 decreases keyboard brightness, Alt+F4 closes a window (instead of Fn+Alt+F4, which is really complicated with one hand) and Fn+F4 is F4.

For me, this is how a keyboard should work. What do you think?


For me this is how my keyboard works … You can either set this behavior in the OS or in the keyboard-settings (like with Razer boards).


As far as I’ve understood it, the FN will work as a toggle. It is on, you press the fn-row and get f1, f2… You turn it off, and you get brightness, media, etc. (Can’t remember the specifics now.)
And what is on/ off, I am not sure about either.


I think it should always be F1-12 first. If you need to change the volume, there are separate buttons for that. Brightness is controlled automatically. Play/pause/rewind/fast forward… there are on-screen buttons for that, and we have a touchscreen. Then there are keys that we all use rarely, like controls for external monitors/projectors. However, I use F1-12 keys more often without Ctrl/Alt/Shift than with them. For example, F11 makes a window full-screen, F12 opens developer tools in web browser, F5 refreshes web pages (and also folders, sometimes I need to refresh them too), F2 renames a file… The only case where I need to use a modifier together with F1-12 is Alt+F4. All the others are easily accessible without modifiers, and I don’t want to change that…


I like a toggle best. I use that row mainly to adjust brightness (I don’t let my SP4 do it automatically) and volume, to take screenshots and stuff. I rarely if ever use the F1-F12 keys (can’t remember the last time I did, even, probably would’ve been F5 to renew a page, but for that I always use the on screen button, haha). With a toggle you can just choose which one you want first, so I guess that works well for everyone. :smiley:


Ok, makes sense. Actually, if I think about it, I would prefer F1… keys, too :slight_smile: If it’s a switch like in the surface book it would be great.

But still, my idea would make sense if fn key was switched on: so that Alt+F4 still closes a window even if F4 alone would adjust keyboard backlight. Because nobody presses Alt+F4 if he wants to adjust brightness.


Will the device be available without backing on Indiegogo, later on? Also, I am a big fan of the specs, only concern being this: are the dimensions of the trackpad smaller than the one on the Surface Pro 4?


Hello @Oscar_Wong!

Yes, the V will be available later after the IndieGoGo campaign :slight_smile: The trackpad should be as far as I know should be larger than the Surface Pro 4’s.


I’m considering the i7/16GB version. Does anyone have experience using the Intel Y series processors for virtualization workloads? I often need a few VMs (both Windows & Linux) for running labs in either VMware Workstation or VirtualBox.


If I remember correctly, pgup, pgdown, home, end, prtscr, pause, break, insert keys will be on the f-row


But the Fn+F1-12 functions are already occupied by multimedia functions in the keyboard that they showed us… there is no more space for navigation keys. I can only guess that they’re on the arrow keys. And I’m still very curious what Fn+F12 does. I suppose Fn+F1 disables the touchpad, but the other one, I just can’t wrap my head around it xD