Eve V Final Hardware Specifications


Hello dear community (and non-community readers viewing this!) :slight_smile:

In a series of three rounds confirming the specs, I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to confirm the last round of the V’s features & specifications.

Previous specifications and the logic behind them can be found Here and Here

Without further adue, let’s get down to business.

I’ll also break down the thinking, process and shed some light on the details of the specs that were not published earlier.


When defining the operating hours of the V Computer, we began by asking ourselves:

“what does it really mean to have all day battery life”?

We know that for many companies, it unfortunately means just writing that to their web page without any real possibility of ever achieving that.

By those standards we would have two-three-day battery life.

Its the capacity that matters.

We also consulted the community about the matter and many were not happy about their current battery life:

The community was willing to give in on the weight if a good battery life was achievable:

But simultaneously people wanted slimness!

Results gave us a daunting task:
"make a slim and lightweight device with tremendous battery life!

As unfortunate as it is, we are (and were) not in possession of game-changing battery technology.

To get set things straight, we had to pull off some remarkable and innovative engineering, but in our hearts we knew the answer to the age-old “how long” -question for us was: 10-12 hours of continuous use.

Extending the thickness a little bit gave us also the possibility to factor in the USB A ports.

To achieve the high performance requirements, we designed Eve V’s interiors to hide in a high capacity battery, totaling 48 lithium-ion powered watt hours.

That’s over 20% more capacity than Surface Pro 4 or Macbook 12. And roughly the same as the new Macbook Pro.

By our calculations this by itself should power the V for 10-12 hours of light browsing, writing emails, watching some youtube here and there - etc.

But we didn’t stop there.
We wanted to be absolutely sure the battery life would be tremendous.
We didn’t want to let you guys down, so we contacted a software house, having its roots coincidentally in a Microsoft incubator, to build us custom algorithms, enabling smart power management. System efficiency can also play an important role in achieving great battery life.

Combining the high capacity to smart power management,
We’re comfortable in promising the V 10-12 hours of REAL battery life under normal usage scenarios.

Eve V battery life:

  • 48 watt-hour lithium polymer battery
  • Custom-built energy management algorithms
  • 12 hour battery life under standard use

Are you happy with the battery life?

  • yes
  • no

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Let’s show those macbook users we got battery life too, huh?!?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please remember guys that you won’t get this battery life with all sorts of usage. The battery life varies on multiple factors, such as whether you use CPU heavy programs, listen to music at max volume, have the display brightness at maximum and so on…

You known the drill :wink:

The V Wireless Keyboard

The V Wireless Keyboard comes included with the V

On March this year we started by discussing the keyboard here

The community wanted a sturdy, well built keyboard that has decent amount of key travel. Additionally we were instructed to get the best track pad possible.

Having the community’s instructions under our belts and typing ourselves every day, we knew we needed to make it count.

Going to the design of the keyboard our goal was to liberate the typing experience.

Build quality?

We wanted The V’s customers to enjoy a precise, noiseless and ergonomic method of input.
To achieve this, we started by designing a durable and sturdy, premium build. A little thickness was added, to enable a variety of features (read onwards to discover them) and make the structure sturdier.


Under the fabric surface, precision enhancing scissor mechanisms were built beneath each key. Offering an actuation force of ca. 55 grams, combined to 1,3mm of travel distance the typing should be a splendid effort!

Each high quality polycarbonate key is coated with high quality dark paint, after which the characters are laser etched on the surface.

And the track pad?

We knew many people were disappointed in track pads within most Windows PCs. That’s why we chose the most precise track pad available.

The V’s state-of-the-art pad facilitates a very generous active area of 57 x 87 mm

We improved the touch interface even further by a lamination of low friction yet highly conductive surface glass material.

This was done not only to strive towards the best possible performance, the glass also feels nice & smooth to touch :wink:

The V’s track pad is Windows precision touch pad certified. Gestures and multitouch are naturally supported.

Does it have back light?

Yes. Actually we have more than one. The module we use supports multiple different colors. Yes they are adjustable as well. All the usual stuff. What may come as surprising fact, was that the slim back light module is actually quite an expensive part. Perhaps that’s why its not included in so many devices…

We’re still figuring out what different thingies users could do with the back lights :smiley:

Wireless ???

Although the community didn’t unanimously want a wireless keyboard, I wasn’t willing to let it go since it is such a cool feature. You’ll all see when you try it!

On 7th of May 2015, I wrote (classified as design flaw in my books) this after having had the Surface for 24 hours:

Only a wireless keyboard would solve majority of the lappability issues some users are wary of and free your working positions in the most comprehensive manner.

But don’t worry, it also works with pogo pins! :wink:

The V Wireless Keyboard has a couple of cool / smart features I’m really proud of:

  • The V keyboard connects automatically to the V computer within seconds of being detached.

  • Correspondingly, the wireless connection is automatically disconnected when the keyboard is connected through the pogo pins. Charging the keyboard’s internal battery is initiated simultaneously.

  • The V keyboard can pair up to three different bluetooth devices. Switching between them is done with designated key combinations (no ugly looking extra buttons).

  • The V keyboard’s internal battery can power more than a 15 hour-hackathon of continuous typing without backlights and 3 hours with back lights.

  • The V Keyboard’s structure is designed so that two different materials / colors can be used on the sides. This means future upgradeable materials / colors are a real possibility!

Bluetooth 4.2 ???

Should you choose to go wireless, each input is carried securely over Bluetooth 4.2 transmitted radio frequencies.

Yes I know, I promised proprietary RF communications at first. My mind was then changed when I learned we can have bluetooth 4.2.

That’s because:

  • Bluetooth is secure by default (protocol)
  • 4.2 offers up to 10 times better singnal strengh, coverage and speed than 4.1
  • Bluetooth would enable the V Wireless Keyboard to work with more devices than just the V.

So ultimately RF didn’t have any more advantages and thus Bluetooth would provide more features & value, while being more secure (RF 2.4 GHz typing can be eavesdropped, and who’d like that…)

Is it even possible to make it better?

I think so.

We received some material / finish concepts from our designers a few weeks ago, it just so happened that the first one - the one we also liked the most - had Alcantara fabric on it. Two days later, Microsoft announced the Alcantara Signature Type Cover.

Well I anyways called Alcantara last thursday, since it didn’t make sense to drop it just because someone made it first. Well on Friday (the next day) the samples came to our office and OH MY GOD.

The suede feeling on it is just somehow absolutely magical. It feels sooo good. I just couldn’t stop touching it! I’m definitely getting one. Compared to a standard microfiber e.g. on Surface type cover, the difference is like night and day.

It also just happens to be approximately 7 times more durable than standard fabrics :wink: That makes it nearly unscratchable.
As such, it’ll wear time much better.

All those nice attributes don’t come for free - the material is pretty expensive. Seems like we can’t afford to give it out for free :frowning:

That’s why I want to ask you;

Would you also be interested in getting an Alcantara upgrade for your V Wireless Keyboard to make it absolutely perfect?

You could choose from a wide variety of colors, and even mix colors

  • Yes
  • No

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How much do would you be willing to pay to get this upgrade?
(Remember the V keyboard is included in the prices, but the Alcantara is not.

  • less than 15 (elaborate further in the comments )
  • 15 usd
  • 20 usd
  • 25 usd
  • 30 usd
  • more than 30 usd (elaborate further in the comments)

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The V Wireless Keyboard Final Specs:

Track Pad:

  • Precision track pad with 57 x 87 mm active area
  • Multi touch & Multi gesture
  • Windows Precision Touchpad Certification
  • Covered with conductive glass material

Key caps

  • high quality polycarbonate base
  • laser etched symbols
  • 1,3 mm travel distance
  • ca. 55 grams actuation force
  • built-in multi-color adjustable back light

Other features

  • Wireless, auto-connection functions
  • BT 4.2, pairing up to 3 devices
  • Over 15 hours continuous working time
  • Charges through pins
  • Two material / color structure
  • Possible Alcantara durability upgrade
  • Oops! Confirmed

Does the V Wireless Keyboard sound like a cool product?

Audio properties

Moving onwards to Audio.

Me & @Konstantinos agreed early on that our personal benchmark for good audio performance is being able to have a Skype call in a coffee shop full of people, without looking like this:

OK OK our benchmark here may be so high that I’m not willing to guarantee you’ll be successful in all scenarios but after checking what we’ve included, I think you’ll believe we tried ! :smiley:

Speakers first.

A close up of Eve V’s speakers.

So what can you expect to come out of the holes seen above?
Well typically speakers in this category are a pair of them with 0,5 watts in output power each.

As you may remember from the advisory specs, we promised you dual speakers or better.

We gave it a thought and decided that…

Two was not just enough.
We needed more power.
More performance.
More richness of sound.

That’s why we included four. So yes, we do have quad speakers.

Not only we doubled the standard amount, we wanted to make sure you don’t have to max out the speakers out any time you need to hear something. That’s why we also doubled up on the watts.

In total, the V will have 4 watts of speaker power (that’s nearly as much as our CPU can drain). The V will be able to make some noise but it’s gonna cost you some battery life.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to drive these babies at full volume to hear something! :wink:

We didn’t skimp out in the quality either. The V’s speakers are manufactured in high tier facilities and were chosen based on the quality, not the cost.


Some of us have high quality headphones that need a bit more power.

While some companies are getting rid of the headphone jack altogether, we went the opposite way.

We in fact had to redesign the whole port. This was partly to enable V’s design goals with the steep cut side edge.

Design goals apart, audiophiles won’t be disappointed to hear that we’ve also included a dedicated amplifier specifically for the headphone jack. This will drive the connected audio device with up to 5x greater performance vs. e.g. Surface Pro 4’s headphone jack.

Dual Noise Cancelling Microphones

To make your communications experience complete, the V will ship with two high end microphones that have noise cancellation capabilities.

Just at the last moment we decided to upgrade the microphones since something newer became available. These microphones are not yet Cortana certified, but we’re sure we’ll pass the test (after all, the current mics are better than the previous older generation ones that had the certification!)

The V’s microphones are able to filter out annoying back ground noise and register your voice from further away than typically possible.


The community was very clear about not over spending in the cameras. Most of us already carry around our smartphone with clearly better cameras anyway. Simultaneously, though, it became also clear it would be nice to have some basic cameras.

As conclusion the V’s cameras will be the only spec where we are not going to over deliver, as per the community’s request and will be industry standard 2MP on the front and 5MP on the back.

That being said, we are including the best image sensors and lenses for the mega pixels that were possible for us.

Operating System

The V will finally ship with Windows 10 Home edition.

We are also discussing with Microsoft whether users could choose at our web store to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. And currently it seems it could very well be possible.

Which one would you get?

  • Windows 10 Home (included in the price)
  • Windows Pro (circa +50 USD)
  • I’ll get it without the license (discounted price)

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Note: you can also choose to get the device without a license

At the moment we can’t confirm nor deny possibility of the V supporting any particular version of Linux and we only guarantee it works with Windows.

That being said, we do not oppose anyone trying their luck in installing Linux (I know we have members here who intend to try). Such trials will not result in void warranty. But if something goes wrong, our support will not be free either.

In time, once more resources become available to us, we intend to support Linux to the best of our abilities.

We just could not jeopardize the development of the best windows machine to support Linux.


A good device intended to be your daily driver needs a proper warranty.

I didn’t feel 12 months would be justifiable with a device as high end as this, so we decided to double the warranty to 24 months for all configurations.

This won’t affect the final price of the product.

As said before, we will also help the owners of Vs in case accidental damage occurs by providing our warranty repair resources for non-warranty-covered accidents as well.

That means if you break your device, for a reasonable fee, we will repair it for you!

These were the final confirmed specs of the world’s first crowd-designed computer.

I think we did wonderful job guys! Thank you all for participating!

And a small bonus!

See how Eve V Compares to Surface Pro 4!

Ideas for Gen 2
Will the V really achieve 8+ hours of battery life? Let's look at the competition
Let's make an FAQ together! :grin:
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Eve V Hardware Configurations
Will the V really achieve 8+ hours of battery life? Let's look at the competition
Audio Quality in Eve V


I’m quite unhappy with the keyboard backlight unit you chose… I don’t use backlight alone, and now I need to pay for rainbow colors… Is there a possibility to buy the device without keyboard? I’d rather get a wireless keyboard with more key travel and less bling.


This post is the best of all the hardware announcements it got me really hyped. Whe got Ooops! :grinning: I could just see the amount of votes go up and up.

For the keyboard backlit colors this got me thinking: can we make a program so they can function as an indication led ==> standard it’s white and when you get a notification it flashes once or twice or whatever in a different color to indicate the type of notification. All customizable of course.


That’s a brilliant idea.


This looks splendid, congrats on producing an exciting specification!


Thanks guys. Your continuing support means really a lot to us.

Personally I have poured my heart and soul to this product. Everything I have. AAAND it was an honor to do it for you guys :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to receive your feedback on it! Whether it was good or bad :slight_smile:


Frankly it’s really excellent.

  1. The wireless capability of the keyboard and the quad speakers stunned me, I didn’t think that there would be such a great update!

  2. While I do agree that multiple key lighting colours on a type cover is overkill, I believe that you have considered it thoroughly and ultimately we’ll come to appreciate it if it does serve a function as well (like the great suggestion above, I wonder whether I’ll see the oops button light up if I have an appointment coming up…‘oops I gotta go’).

  3. Lastly, thanks for the 2 year warranty! Peace of mind for expensive devices meant for daily usage is really coming at a premium nowadays it’s refreshing to hear a company depart from the 1 year model. Gotta ask, will Eve be willing to consider extended warranty like 3 years for an upgrade price? If not I’ll be satisfied with 2 years and paying for repairs if anything happens (hopefully) you still have the parts then!


Speaking from my experience as a coder: Theoretically it should be possible - it depends if we can send commands to the controller of the keyboard and if that controller can then control the LED.

And I’m not sure we’ll be able to have it really “flash” up as we’re used from the notification LED from phones, but I think something like “going dark then switching color to red, going bright for a second and then going back to the default color” should be possible to do.
This would be done as a community project more than an official Eve project, but personally I’d be interested to have a look at that :slight_smile:


I’m absolutely happy with this whole announcement!! Just had a few questions

  1. The trackpad: will the entire area be clickable, like on the MacBook, or just the bottom bit?
  2. regarding the Alcantara cover: I would be absolutely happy to pay a hefty preimium for it, under a simple condition - if it comes with the PF on launch, and replaces the normal cover 8and thus probably also its cost?)


After reading all the specs I am like, hey this gonna be my next device undoubtedly.
And I am really grateful to the Eve Team for the back light on keyboard and to have such mind blowing audio properties.


Entire area. Pretty much same as Macbook air or surface pro 4, so the top area doesn’t click as well as the bottom / middle.[quote=“benej98, post:10, topic:2291”]
regarding the Alcantara upgraed: I would be absolutely happy to pay a hefty preimium for it, under a simple condition - if it comes with the PF on launch, and replaces the normal cover 8and thus probably also its cost?)

How about that it comes as replacement with your keyboard when you get the device. We have our (financial) reasons of limiting the quantity / items / accessories / upgrades available in the indiegogo.

BUT when you pledge to get the V, you’ll also get to affect on what accessories will become available and at when. Additionally you’ll have some time to upgrade your “total package”.

Risking of sounding like a “repetitive-butthead”:

  1. Pledge in indiegogo to get the V
  2. Upgrade your order with, e.g. (from us, not IGG)
  • Alcantara upgrade
  • Pen
  • Mouse (?!)
  1. We deliver you the Indiegogo ordered V + all possible upgrades you bought directly from us.

  1. Upgrade your order with, e.g.
    Alcantara upgrade
    Mouse (?!)
  2. We deliver you the Indiegogo ordered V + all possible upgrades you bought directly from us.

Yes! This is exactly what I was hoping for!


I’m really excited about these specs, I love every little bit of them! :slight_smile: The battery life is astounding, and I can’t wait to hold the keyboard in my hands!


Oh Boy. Cannot wait.
Indiegogo here I come.


Does the keyboard ship with international layouts? If I’m to buy one I’d like it with the Nordic layout. I’m sure other international customers will support this too


Backlight is a big plus for me. I cannot stand laptops without backlit keyboards. However I do think a discount for no keyboard is a very good idea as well. I have an iPad air 1st. gen and I also bought a matching aluminum keyboard/cover for it, mostly cuz it was on clearance for cheap. It works just fine however I rarely use it as the screen keyboard works fine for most of my needs.


So, if I understand this correctly. If we preorder from Indiegogo and want the keyboard upgrade it will effectively be a replacement keyboard and we will be buying the entire keyboard direct from Eve, and paying for the full keyboard cost. Not just the upgrade?
Also, any idea when will we get final dimensions, detailed specifications such as exact wireless chipsets, etc.?


The keyboard is included in the price in indiegogo, but the Alcantara is not. So if you want to upgrade to Alcantara, you’d just buy the upgrade and your device will be shipped with the upgrade


Perfect! OK sold. Thanks!