Eve V dead keyboard - can I send for repair, order parts or know the components?

I have an Eve V delivered in 2019. Some keys on my keyboard 1 by 1 to stoped working. I brought the keyboard to a repair shop and the conclusion was that most probably this is due to a faulty/burnt chip in the keyboard. My questions now:

  1. Can I send my keyboard back for repair by the manufacturer? There have been previously statements that it would be able to repair the product even beyond the warranty for a fee
  2. Can I order spare parts, like the chips, for my keyboard? The repair shop told me they can try to repair the keyboard if they get the parts
  3. If 2) is not possible is there somewhere a list of the components that were used in the keyboard, so that I order from somewhere else the needed parts?

Thanks for any answers and other ideas! I hope that maybe @MarvyMarvz or @Konstantinos can tell me something. Is there a way to contact support directly? Tnx

Hi @Nestak,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your V Keyboard.

I believe support will be the best team to answer your questions. If you can pop them a message and DM me your support ticket reference, I’ll ask them to look into this for you.

Sorry I couldn’t be as much help.

Thanks for the quick reply! I just wrote support a message and I received an automatic notification by email about it being delivered. But the email contained no support ticket reference or number. Will I get it later on?

Hi @Nestak,

Not a problem.

Correct, you should receive this later on; please keep us posted.

@Nestak You way want to speak directly to @fluxcapacitor . He has successfully repaired a number of V keyboards. He may be willing to take on repairing your keyboard or providing you with information about it. You can see more information here:


Thanks, @Phil ! I just wrote in the thread you referred to and I tagged fluxcapacitor. Hopefully, he will reply. I already asked there a few months ago, when the problem was not that severe and still allowing for the use of the keyboard, but nobody replied then.