Eve V | Balance Payment Information

This forum shows that your statement is incorrect. There were many customers who were misled both for the Spectrum stand and also for the V keyboard/pen.

Note that the keyboard/pen were free for the original V, and is often included with competing detachables from other manufacturers (such as from HP and Dell).

Therefore, I think it’s completely understandable that many people thought that the pen and keyboard were free when the order page states that they are free.


The other point to note is that:
Many truthful statements that portray Eve in a negative light (and thus may harm sales) get removed from this forum in a matter of minutes.
False/misleading statements made by Eve (that may increase sales) that are raised by the community as false/misleading do not get changed, even after many months being raised.

Read into that what you will…


Yes, the keyboard and pen were free with V1 which I still have.

Well, After a week of providing them proof that the keyboard and pen were free for pre-orders in Dec. 2020, I gave up and thought I would mention this in the forum. Here is the last response from customer support where I threw up my hands, oh well!

“The cost of the keyboard & pen was not included in the pre-order price. Please note that the keyboard & pen price is indicated in the title. At the time of balance payment , its cost is $ 130 & $ 80”

Yaroslava, Eve Devices Customer Support

Does Eve know when the units will get in to independent reviewer hands? I am unwilling to commit thousands of dollars before I see this.

When can I expect an email with final payment? I just made my pre order and have no idea how far behind this whole thing is.

Remember this thread is for the 2021 V not the Spectrum :slight_smile:


didn’t get a mail as well until i contact the support

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I have not received a link yet. I just made my preorder last week. When can I expect it?

Hey @zejaie,
Sorry to hear you have not received your balance payment invitation yet. Please check your spam folder if it is not located there. Please contact our support team, and they will be able to check this for you, and resend.

@ReignDespair Many of us are still waiting on independent reviews, any estimate on when the laptops would get in the hands of those, so we could make a fully informed decision on either commit, or ask for refund?

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Hey @Carmageddon,
Good question! I will speak with the team to see we are able to provide some insight into when we can expect reviews for the V.

It’s been a month since I reached out to support and despite 3 emails, I still haven’t gotten a reply on the lifetime discount. Anybody had luck with getting a reply from support?

I am touching base for an update.
What is the current state of the shipping timetable for the V?

If we make our balance payment now, how soon should we realistically expect the units to ship?

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This is the same thing we saw and we were in the first 500.

That is outright misleading and borderline scammy tbh.

The text with the asterisk was completely unnecessary unless the intention was to mislead:

*The website lists the launch price of Eve V including V Keyboard and V Pen

Other than to mislead the early adopters, the line serves no purpose in that position.
If Eve Tech wants my business again, something will be done about this fiasco.

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Not sure if asked.

Does the pre order discount expire? To be honest I would prefer to first see some independent reviews before paying for eve v2 as it is really expensive piece of hardware. On the other hand I would not want to lose the discount either.

Website says we will all have the new V in our hands in the next three weeks.

That’s only 3 weeks of smashing the F5 key! The F5 key will be busted but its only a work laptop, so who cares, right!?

Yes, that’s what the website says. …it is however the same website that has given shipping estimates on the Spectrum etc.

I would like an update from someone at Eve with either:

  1. We are on schedule to ship this month (within the next 16 days)


  1. Sorry guys, we are going to be delayed on deliveries.
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Good luck with that…

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Good luck to Eve with me remaining a part of this community or continuing to buy or recommend their products to individuals or corporates.

I have stood by, defended, supported, recommended etc… but this is no longer a startup going through the learning cycle.

The misleading campaigns, the opacity etc… if I wanted to support that I would buy Apple products!


I think I need to bring a bit of clarity to my position here…

I have been a part of this community from the start of the first x86 project - so just after the very first arm-based tablet.

I have seen the issues of the first x86 unit, the shipping and the support disasters that have haunted the company and community afterwards.

This can happen with a new company and even to older companies with a new product and supply chain so it is understandable. A company must however, learn from the mistakes if a new project is started, all of the past mistakes must be taken into account if it is to be successful and perceived as worthwhile in its industry.

Eve Devices and the new companies around the commercial venture appeared to be a fresh start and clean slate approach that took the learnings of the past into account so we have supported the new product as early backers. Eve however, is also a community effort, so transparency on every stage is vital and this comes with the added benefits of being able to make mistakes without alienating the target audience.

We saw the issues around the Spectrum even though this was not a product of interest to us but again, this is forgivable if there is transparency and the learnings can be clearly seen as being taken into account for the growth of the company.

The issue now is the lack of clear communication which surrounded the early-backer campaign, the disappointment for each early backer when the terms around the product seemed to change after decisions were made on the information that was provided at the time and the lack of clarity around the actual delivery date.

This is now a trust problem and means that as an early backer of a single unit, I am now contemplating the decision to recommend to my company that we buy Eve V devices for the new team members.

Our plan was to order a single device, evaluate it and then place an order for a larger quantity for the company’s use while recommending these for the rest of our group of companies.

What we have now is a questionable position of the company on its deliverables with the issues around the pricing and what is included in the price paid by the early backers and a general lack of clarity on the shipping date, with only 16 days left in the published delivery window.

I cannot in good faith recommend these systems to my company under these conditions and honestly, without rectification of these issues, would not be inclined to remain affiliated/involved in any manner with anything Eve.

Your move Eve Devices…