Eve V | Balance Payment Information


I would also like to note, that in two work days, I have not received a reply regarding the refund.

To me, this is kinda weird.

  1. The label “FREE” should not be used in such a manner, why not use something like “To be paid/Outstanding payment”?

  2. Shipping costs for 120 Euro seems a tad bit too much.

  3. The keyboard I would like (QWERTZ) is not available anymore.

Please get back to me.


I think they got it now, that the “free” was missleading. :sweat_smile:


I understood that tax is included in the shippingcosts.:thinking:

This is their 4th product. They aren’t rookies, yet they continue to make rookie mistakes. Are you sure they get it?


… and it got them additional sales - so it worked and they’ll keep doing it.

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sounds great, in the first advertisements they said it is going to be dispatched from a warehouse in Europe.

Edit1: still is the same information on the website EVEN though they now know, that the shipment is going to occur from overseas.

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I see some here got already the balance payment information. You wrote that everyone get the payment information at the same time, but i haven’t got any payment information yet. Should i contact the support?

Hey @Tamlyn,
Please check your spam folder on your email account 1st. If you still can’t find it, then yes please contact our support team.


in one week I haven’t heard back from the support regarding the refund.

Could someone please get back to me?

Same here.

I’ve requested a refund as well. Are there any alternate means of contacting them?

By ignoring these. It’s showing a bad company image.

Hey @sb1z, @ramonn,

Our support team are currently undergoing a lot of traffic.
As soon as they get to your ticket, they will resolve this for you.

I received a question asking if I would be willing to accept a US keyboard instead of UK on 1st September. I replied on 2nd September that it was okay, waited several days and no payment link. I sent a reminder on 7th September and no reply… I submitted a support ticket on 10th September, now I received a reply just to check my spam folder. I no not have a payment link in my spam folder and recived no reply regarding accepting the US keyboard option.

Please send me a payment link!


Hello hello I know the whole “use of the word Free” in down payment has been beaten dead, but can we address that this e-mail states that the listed prices DO include the cost of pen and keyboard??Screenshot_20210916-145222_Gmail|243x500
(From e-mail received 02 Dec 2020, entitled Eve V | Lock your price)

My early pledge PLUS the $130 keyboard +$80 pen as invoiced exceeds the listed price for my configuration.

I also wanted to note that I do acknowledge that shipping prices have gone up significantly, but I do hope there might be some subsidy available, as it is much, much higher than I had accounted for.

They were the prices including pen and keyboard. If you look at the current prices (including pen and keyboard), they are all $30 more than the prices in that email.

However, the current FAQ “How much will shipping cost” is completely wrong on the website. The actual shipping prices are at least 3x the price they “estimate”.

Anybody managed to get their eve1 lifetime discount? I tried emailing support but nobody got back to me :sweat_smile:

Really guys, as you ordered you saw the price. No one was expecting it to be free and although the missunderstanding could be avoided, but its not as bad as thinking they just want to increase sales.

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