Eve V | Balance Payment Information

Same as @Archoran. i did not get mine. this can’t be really fair for a FIFO delivery

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Yes, it was to the first 250 backers. We are being scammed royally.

Mine states it would be free as well

I can see how that can be misleading…i’ve now no recollection of what was promised on the order screen. anyone has a screenshot?

It states that you don’t have to pay to reserve it, bit the +xxx says you have to pay them at balance pay.


Ah yes lol…ive seen my saving goals…i did account for that

They said the keyboard and pen were free to the first 250 backers. Free is free.

I paid on a deal that the 1TB 32GB would be $US1789

Somehow that has become $US2423US ($2123 + $300 already paid)

How is this not an outright scam?

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I checked now for pre-order, they state:
“Currently, the shipping price estimate to the United States is $50 (USD). For Europe, the estimate is around €50 (EUR) including taxes and fees.”

Somehow, the US is $124 and Euro/UK is €120.
And the only discount that seem to have is $/€130 over the current price…

Do you have a proof about the 250 having free keyboard/pen? I have not seen it anywhere only for the first 500 that will have special price. The free next to the keyboard/pen is stated even if you go now to pre-order it. It is for the downpayment.


similar issue. It seems that they put the downpayment ON top of the price of the V instead of subtracting it. It clearly states the price beside each item. Something not clear here.


Hey, @apgray

Thank you for reporting this. We’re looking into it, and we’ll keep you posted.

EDIT: @adt @ChrisKoups I’m asking on all of your behalf, not just apgray’s.


250 or 500, whatever. I paid on 1 DEC 2020 so I was part of that early backer group in good faith.

The deal was $US1789 for the 1TB 32GB RAM model and the keyboard and pen were thrown in for free. (+Whatever shipping would be).

What we have received today in our inboxes doesn’t add up and is also not the deal we were promised.

It seems pretty clear to me not only have they ADDED the $US300 deposit rather than SUBTRACTED it but also not applied the early backer special price they promised for the first 500. Attached is the email I received on 2nd Dec 2020. “The first 500 pieces are sold at a SPECIAL PRICE”

Hey, @apgray!

The ‘special price’ here means the lowest possible price as stated in our pre-sales topic.

The keyboard and pen were never free.


Thanks for confirming that I should have received a price of $US1789. I expect Eve will be sending out another email to correct the multple errors on my balance payment request?

That’s not what the email I received indicated.

And what about my $US300 deposit being ADDED rather than SUBTRACTED? I trust that was a mistake as @adt pointed out.

Deal you promised me as a early backer:
$US1789 + free keyboard and pen - $US300 Deposit Paid = $US1489 + $US124 Shipping = $US1613 (Expected balance payment)

Balance Payment request received today:
$US1919 + $US130 keyboard + $US80 pen + $US300 Deposit Paid = $US2429 + $US124 Shipping = $US2553 - $US430 “Discount” = $US2123

What is your explanation for these obviously erroneous discrepancies, which, together sum to $US510?

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Based on your screenshot of the original prices - my pre-order for:
Core i7 32GB 512GB is supposed to cost 1489 USD.
Of which I paid 300 as pre-order deposit.
Meaning I should have 1189+80+130 (pen and keyboard extras) subtotal expected before taxes/Shipment: 1399 USD

Instead, this is what I have received today:

Do you see the problem? Not counting the shipping, I see 200$ discrepancy between the promised price, and the actual price.

Am I missing something here?

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I have received my balance payment link today and this is how my order summary looks like:

To me this looks alright.

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Yours looks fine…
Where are you based in? Central Europe?

Hey @apgray,
This is your pre-order receipt. On the right it shows what you have paid for deposit. The “FREE” is to indicate you have not been charged a deposit for these items. This is due to our payment platform limitations. If a price was added here it would exceed that your deposit. The keyboard and pen were never free. When ordering it will have shown you the prices that you would be charged for adding these accessories.

Hey everyone,

For those who have orders where the deposit has been added to your order summary. Our support team are aware of the issue and will be reaching out to those affected to rectify this as soon as possible.


Yup, I’m based in Germany

And don’t forget to address the inflated price for the V itself on those balance payment requests for us early backers.

$1789, not $1919 for me.

Straight up, seriously: This is at least your 4th product. How is it that you keep making these basic mistakes?

After several searches on the internet since last night, no option to replace the keyboard is completely satisfactory to me.

Because we were not informed that the keyboard would be US only before yesterday and being not the option I originally booked when I reserved my Eve V, I would like a full refund if the AZERTY keyboard is never an option.

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