Eve V Audio Improvements



Hi everyone!

We’re now hard working to improve the speaker performance as shown by Xinjie in this post recently:

Due to tuning the speakers we’ve now got a slightly improved audio driver (v 1.1).

Right now Emdoor and Realtek are still tuning the speakers and I want to share those configurations with you & hear your opinion/how to improve these configurations!

How to use the configurations?

  1. Download the Audio Utility, extract it & open the .exe
  2. Move your Taskbar (temporarily) to the Right/Top/Left to reveal the ‘Load Parameters from File’ button!
  3. Load one of the 2 files (Distortion is tuned to minimize distortion and Call is for Call/general audio quality)
  4. Listen to the sound & let us know your feedback!

Please use the 2 files to maybe fiddle around a bit & help us improve the audio performance!

As mentioned by Xinjie in the linked post, we’ll include the tuning that you awesome community members deem best in upcoming BIOS updates so you have a better sound quality no matter the OS you put on the V :wink:

Thanks to all of you for your time & we look forward to hear your feedback !

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you are great guys, thanks! i really wasnt so happy with the actual audio performance… nearly disliked to hear music without my extern aux device.



Fiddled around with those settings a bit.

I didn’t really manage to improve significantly on the distorsions I hear, which to be honest I expected: there’s only so much you can do with equalisation. Still, I did get an audible improvement.

I did notice a significant change when switching from “with Boost Gain” to “1st order Butterworth HPF”. I won’t say whether I feel it’s better or worse so you can make your own opinion.

I am enjoying the “EQ Setting” section and in particular the “EQ Output Volume”. By setting the value to 3dB, I had a noticeable increase in overall volume. It does affect distorsion of course, so each person may have his own different opinion on this.

The tool is useful. I don’t think the audio will ever be at the quality level expected by the presence of 4x1W speakers (honestly, I think this will have to be addressed with hardware changes in future batches/revisions of the product) but there is room for some software improvement.


As someone who experienced the terribleness of the original audio driver - an embarrassment that I could only describe as kind of like a phone from the 90s but broken - my feedback is the audio quality is massively improved, and I am satisfied that it is at least on par with other surface type devices.

Good job team!


Thank you for the feedback!

Can you let me know which one brings the most improvements? the new driver , call.cfg, or distortion.cfg?


@Xinjie : Similar to what others have reported, using the tool I upped the EQ out to 4.5db on each and with the Realtek EQ effects on and I have it set to “Bass”. W/o the 4.5db gain using the tool, the speaker sound was to weak. Do the tool changes stick after reboot? I think not, right?


after reboot, the tool changes gone


The unavoidable question is:
How to make those settings permanent.
Any hope for this?


after we confirmed the parameters, we provide a BIOS update to change permanently.


Smaaaack​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: :hugs: 2o202o202o202o


One problem I thought I had is that after using the tool, it negatively affected my Bluetooth speaker sound. Make sure the changes only affect the V speakers.


I think it would be helpful if you uploaded the newer audio driver to the download section of the EVE tech website. That way it’s easier to find.


Is it a Bluetooth something or is it just a speaker unable to reproduce correctly the V amplifier signal (over-steering by high volume input)?
Or is the amplifier signal itself distorted?

You may try connecting to a good non-Bluetooth non-wifi headphone (connected to the V audio output).
Please report sound quality with- and without use of the ‘tool’.


Seems a little quieter overall, still some distortion with windows notifications especially in the left speaker. Tried with the newer 1.1 drivers, and both configs. Will mess around with the tuning tool and see what I can come up with!


The Tool is designed to put an EQ on all sound as far as I know it - the BIOS change should not affect that, as it should be a HW EQ and that just runs the speakers/headphone jack.


in this case the new settings make no sense to hardcode. I has to be linked to the different cases as jlorance said. so only for internal speaker sound output should be changed. audio out / audio jack / Bluetooth speaker need a normal settings base.
very important, please dont mix it up.


I wish I could check sound on my V. But since it turned into a freakin expensive aluminum encased powerbank I even stopped working at my DeliVery game for eve homepage. :weary:


IMHO, after extensive testing and varying EQ settings with professional EQ software, I can say the V though improved, will never achieve what many consider decent sound with the built-in speakers and case design now being used. Using headphones or external speakers is the only solution for those hoping for good sound. Can Eve do better? I think so, a redesign would help.

This is not a problem for me as a user but I did expect better after all the hype.


Given that existing users can’t change their hw, can you make any recommendations that Eve could pass to the engineers to test?


You are totally correct about the speaker / sound quality limits.
An important factor in the discussion is what one will consider a good sound.

Telephone sound coming out a smart-phone?
One will be shocked how much of the total sound frequency spectrum is cut off.

Bass boomer addict ?
Feeling the basses in your gut is good sound.

Hifi man?
Before I hear music undistorted and ‘as it is produced’ without added gimmicks it is bad sound.

When I understand what is said it is good sound person?
Most sound is ok to me.

And all those people have to be satisfied by the output of 4 tiny speakers in a cramped 2in1 housing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: