Eve Team goes to 🇨🇳 to get ▼ to you faster guys!


Hi guys!

This is the start of mega thread about our trip to China during which we will share a lot of stories with you. Get ready to learn a lot of things that stay behind the scenes:)

And as always, if you have any questions let us know!

Day 1

You would expect us to start by taking pictures of us in the airport. But this is no ordinary corporate “trying to be transparent” thread.

Our journey starts with a new haircut:) On the picture you can see me (Konstantinos) on the right and @Mike on the left.

First stop Istanbul

After enjoing Turkish Efes beer in Instanbul we headed out to HK!

And after monstrous 15 hour flight we are
Finally in HK, now heading to Shenzhen!

We decided to go to Shenzhen by Shuttle as it is our favourite means of transportation. If you guys go to HK one day and need to go to Shenzhen or mainland, remember that Eve Team recommends shuttles (price to speed) or the ferry (price to speed & views) as the most convenient transportation:)

We had an exsausting trip and its time to end the coverage of our first 24 hour day :smiley:

Tomorrow is an important day when we will tell you a little bit more about manufacturing. Stay tuned!

To be continued


Everything you think is worth mentioning!


Videos or text blogs? I will make sure to talk about Chinese food :slight_smile:


Hey bon voyage guys! Happy shopping! Would be great to know any major milestones achieved over there whenever you have time to write! It’s going to be an important trip, the community is with you in spirit (and on the forum!).


Whatever you feel like doing!


@oranje Thanks!

@riku and some other guys will be staying with you here. As Me and @Mike are founders its our job to get the best for Eve Family there :smiley:

Right now the biggest challenge is getting screens we were talking about while still supporting touch pen. We will keep you posted dudes!

You Rock!:sunglasses:


Have a nice, safe and (very) productive trip :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to take pictures (or videos) especially if you start dancing/singing on a table after drinking at a manufacturer party :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Konstantinos That depends on what you guys are looking out for in China :wink:

Personally I’d love to get infos what components you’re looking for and a bit about the development process.


I would like to know how many gallons of Chinese thee you guys will be consuming :wink:


Ahahah @Sonny! We will run a challenge with Mikko! : D


Great to see things are moving along : )

I would be interested in how the experience will be different for you, considering you’ve already released one piece of hardware and gained experience along the way.


So @Konstantinos who’s winning so far? The winner gets to urinate Chinese thee for a whole week straight :joy:


Would be really interesting to read about how do you select manufacturers, how do you inspect the production facilities, etc. I’ve heard a number of stories about challenges others are facing trying to find the right production partner there.
Let the kung-fu be with you!


Quality is of paramount importance. The device should feel superior to it’s competitors. Any luck on the bezelless screen concept I mentioned?


For sure! We will do the best of our effort to deliver an amazing, high quality device!


You will see soon Sonny!


Remember what goes on the internet STAYS on the internet unlike a trip to Vegas!!!

Have a great time guys, i’m sure i’ll be keenly keeping up with the blog.


Oooo la! Have an amazing time and a safe journey.
Make the Eve Community proud.

All hail the Eve Community. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Day 1 is here now! Post Updated!


I can see the reason why your profile-picture is an orange.
PS You missed chance to make a joke: you could have held an actual orange in your left hand, but I suppose you already thought of it