Eve Studio Monitor (4K 4096X2304 )


Its just… not… the same. :cry:


All that and accurate colours too at a decent price? What do you have in mind? The closest I could get (within the EU) is the BENQ PD3200U with a retail price which can be foun for about 700 euros in Italy (more expensive in every other EU country).


er? oh lol i thought i lied myself into a hole there - luckily, there’s a reasonable explanation, whew. when i said that, it was in this context:

and i simply meant:

…and it wouldn’t cost you 1k. yeah, i wasn’t thinking in specifics lol. as for what i did actually see, i mostly looked at LG monitors - i like the brand - and i saw a few 300-700 (i’m not sure what currency) but something like the BENQ you found would probably also be 700 if not more i think.

If you’re really looking into getting a monitor and you want some expert advice, you should be at tftcentral lol where the enthusiasts at.

but what i think i can offer is my amateur opinion on how G-SYNC was super not worth paying for because i can’t tell the difference at all. and 100hz. i’m cool with 75.

So. Do you think you maybe could do without the 4k? I understand if you want it, because its really nice, but is saving a a hundred or two worth the (not very big) sacrifice in ppi?

Because this monitor is ~300 on newegg and i’d buy this. This was probably the one i looked at before i said:


Lol, when I read 29" I almost guessed you were thinking about some LG ultrawide, curved, gaming monitor . Yes, there are plenty of great deals to be found, if a gaming monitor is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I am not.


LOL you want a 1ms monitor that specifically is not a gaming monitor now? Is there a reason why? because generally you avoid gaming stuff because of the RGB cost.


I thought I had explained that what I need, first and foremost is colour accuracy and minimal eyestrain for long use (I spend at least 8 hours a day in front of a screen) on a daily basis. Response time as such is not a top priority, but it is still important as part of a package of technical specifications that help minimize eye strain.

Btw, one reason I do not look at forums like tftcentral is precisely that most contributors are young gamers with different priorities (for example vivid and pleasing colours are more important than accurate ones, since you are looking at animation rather than photography and eye strain is less of an issue because you do not fix your focus to any particular point on the screen for too long).

Thanks for the help, anyway.


I remember you mentioned that, but i thought you might have a specific reason you needed really low response timings, because personally it isnt the fps or the response time but the PWM (or flickering) that causes eye strain (for me).

i mentioned that earlier and i wasn’t sure if you saw it and disagreed or didn’t notice it and so didn’t have a chance to consider it.