Eve status Update 1.6


Hello Eve Family!

Excited to share some updates with you!

  1. Part of the Eve team is in Hong Kong fulfilling the orders according to the shipping estimator. We are happy to say that things are going according to the plan! Our support team is answering a lot of tickets every day pushing after sales as a priority.

Pictures coming soon!

  1. As for the funding we are in continuous dialogue with investors. They want to know a lot as well as we do. We have a few very strong offers at this point. Time will tell what I can share and when I can share some great news with you guys. One thing is obvious, a lot of people are completely amazed with what YOU allowed us to achieve together!

P.S. I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching and looking for advice from people who have succeeded in this industry. I had a chat with Razer founder Robert Krakoff, and it was surprising how many things there are in common in their and our past! He was pretty pumped about what we are doing.

We can’t wait wait to start the next chapter of Eve with you!

"Your V is about to be shipped"

Here’s my soul searching spot :world_map:

And here is what I wrote in a previous post:

Glad I was right. Hope it all comes together nicely.


A needed update, indeed. Just today I contacted support to check if Eve is still up and running. Happy to hear there is progress.


Did you pay for that in ETH?

Nice trackpad skin, stands out!


Haha I might have done if it was a payment option :slight_smile:

And thanks, dbrand skin - white trackpad, black carbon on the back.


Like I said in the last update, you just gotta beliEVE :muscle:


Super Excited to recieve these updates! Thanks alot :smiley:
Glad to hear that you are searching for more knowledge, while still keeping things moving. Thumbs up Konsta…

Keep up the good work…:+1:


Man, still here, patiently waiting and believing in this project.


How abt the bugs that we had reported? eg. Ghost touch, drain batt & pen unusable when charging…


any news as to the port, audio and the keyboard, have you guys solve the problems with those issues?

i am shipping the eve to singapore, but i live in indonesia. that means if there is any problem with the eve. it will be very hard for me to return it since it takes 1 day from my city to singapore by air.

thanks for the updates btw


I think you should close previous chapter before you were start new one. A lot things have no answer and I don’t speak about my case.


Yeah… you say that, but it seems they are still only 2 people in the support team (Alexandra and Tero).

I started a ticket more than 2 months ago for my broken-on-arrival stand, and nothing so far. So I have difficulties believing after sales being a “priority” for Eve… don’t blame me.


We can’t wait wait to start the next chapter of Eve with you!

Could the next chapter please involve a support organisation that responds to issues more frequently than once a month, and that is capable of organising replacements for defective goods in the same quarter?

Waiting just shy of 10 weeks for a replacement kickstand - if that’s what pushing after sales as a priority looks like, I would hate to see how less important aspects of the business are faring.


Veli :thinking:

202020 (otherwise not enough characters)


Seeing is believing.

As we have all learned, words from EVE are cheap and are not often backed up with unit delivery.

My “estimate” was moved to July, so, the promise of a June shipment is already toast.

Thinkpad took less time to deliver than @Konstantinos did for a forum update.


That’s awesome! Meanwhile, my V is finally on the way for its repair! Hopefully it gets back in August for me to go to school.


My sympathies on being stuck w/o a device that you would need for education. The EVE we ordered was supposed to be a graduation present and be there for when they go to college in the fall.

We just couldn’t take the chance that there would be another 6+ month delay in getting a serviceable unit (based on the number of people who had issues with theirs already) in time before classes started.


Thanks for the update Konsta!

Haters gonna hate, fanboys gonna fan!
Just took a selfie on the beach! Who ever said the V was fanless! Wait, what :neutral_face:?


Ohhhh I get it - the June shipping thread everyone was arguing in was closed so that everyone can come argue in the June update thread!

That’s what you call good planning!


Like 10% of V owners have had their V for just over 6 months. Another 10%, almost 6 months. The bulk of V owners received theirs in feb/march.

How many is the number of people who have been waiting 6+ months for a replacement again?