Eve Spectrum, what will come in the box?

I would like to know what type of accesories would come as standard right out of the box. For example, if I buy a 4k 144hz panel I would like to have the power cable and 1 hdmi 2.1 cable at least


Those details are not finalized yet but power cable is very likely.


We have confirmed that the Spectrum (with power brick and power cable) and stand will be shipped to you if you have reserved them. The packaging is yet to be determined. You may read more about free cables in the box in the following quote.


They are saving money by not providing video cables so you would need to buy a separate HDMI 2.1 cable if that is what you want to use one with the Spectrum.


If we don’t get a cable in the box, the people who are getting this monitor to use with the PS5 and Xbox Series X would get an HDMI 2.1 cable with the systems anyway wouldn’t they?


Yeah probably. My PS4 Pro came with a HDMI 2.0 cable so would make sense the PS5 would come with a HDMI 2.1 cable.


The people who would need to buy their own cable are those who are planning to upgrade their gpu to rtx 3000/ big navi. Imo if you have the money to spend on those cards, you can afford $10-$20 cable on amazon. Although I will admit it is still a nice to have.

People upgrading from older/low end monitors may appreciate a displayport8k cable. I think its more likely that people have a capable graphics card with dp 1.3/1.4 but a monitor with dp 1.2 or older. You would be surprised about how many dp 1.2 monitors are still being released.

Now I think the best way to solve the convenience dilemma is to sell the cables as add on accessories, provided that they are price competitive. Very few people would want to buy a $50 cable. I would try aim for $15±5.


The problem imo will not be with people with people not having enough money, but rather with some people not knowing about cables not being included in box, so they may realize just when monitor comes they do not have cables required. Also, the way the people think, it would be better to make cables included and bump price rather than wanting extra money for cables.


It’s should be noted that any HDMI cable will work!!
Even though this monitor will be HDMI 2.1 compatible, it also will respect the previous standards. So if you have HDMI cables used for previous monitors you can use them.


I think cables as add-ons can be a good solution for Eve. They can get them in batch and sell them at the same price of other cables, giving them a bit of margin so they can profit from it. Honestly speaking, A full black corded HDMI cable with Eve branding on the connectors would be dope. Make in 20€ or less and i’m in.


I think it would be better if eve makes it other way, and that is, that HDMI 2.1 will be included at base (but price of spectrum will be bit higher), but users can chose to remove it and save 10-20€ by doing so. (Which would bring spectrum to normal expected cost without cables) This could have some advantages, as people prefer to see how they can save money, or not spend more, rather then paying extra for cable. Although prices will end up same, people will see them differently, and this option may look better to them.

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Best way to inform people what’s in the box is to be upfront about it on the store page. Eve can just do something similar to dell or another pc system seller where before you check out you have to click through any accessory add ons you wish to add to your order. All they have to do is tell people upfront when they are ordering, what is included (presumably power cord) and what can be added on + price of add ons.

Eve may be able to do something similar on amazon and other retailers and list different versions on a product page that you can switch between to include add-ons.

I don’t think adding on cables as a defualt + option to remove is a bad idea in principle, but the economic reality is that Eve need to market the monitor with as low price as possible. Also I think the crime of potential waste is bigger than the crime of mild inconvenience of not having a cable or needing to use an old cable for a day. Eve may also be on the hook for facilitating returns amongst people who didn’t want the cable.


I’ve literally already had this discussion with you so I’m gonna copy paste my answer to you from before:


Jul 12

As stated by other previous comments as well, letting people choose would 1) be prohibitively expensive due to the logistics of it and 2) be impossible to sell that way via retail where everything needs to be in the box on the shelf.

My opinion is that the upper tier monitors should ship with a plain hdmi 2.1 cable in the box and then offer fancy versions of all the different cables as additional accessories to purchase.


I personally think it would be better to not ship with a cable, (just Monitor and Power supply), so the allocated money could be used to make the monitor itself better even by just a small amount, you can get a cable anywhere, and by the time someone gets the Spectrum they would either already have cables to use, or have no HDMI 2.1 devices to use with the monitor. There will also be people who want a Display port instead of HDMI, so that’s a waste because they’d need to buy a cable anyways in the end, adds more steps instead of just either offering a cable in their page, or getting one on Amazon for like 10-15$


On balance, I agree. But there’s nothing worse than getting a shiny new toy and finding you can’t immediately connect it to your setup.

So, three possibilities:

  1. Don’t include a cable but make it VERY clear in all advertising that this is the case…

  2. Don’t include a cable but make that clear during the ordering process and give people the chance to include one in their order.

  3. Include a cable but make people select the type they want during the ordering process.

IMO 1 is rather negative so my choice would be 2 or 3.


Unpopular opinion. Would anyone purchase a HDMI 2.1 monitor and not have already consider the connectivity?
Supply a power cable and allow the purchaser to make their own decision regarding cables as is pretty much standard when purchasing any new monitor. Eve can’t determine if I need a 1/3/5 meter cable and I don’t expect them too. This applies to HDMI or DP.


I have never bought a DP or HDMI cable for my monitors. I have always bought quality monitors and used the cables that came in the box. The average consumer does not worry about having a cable that is a meter too long and has extra slack. I have never seen a major brand not include some kind of cables in the box. My last Dell ones came with a DP, HDMI, and USB cable in the box.


Problem is that although eve community is mostly community of tech enthusiasts. Most of average people just buy pre-builds or notebooks and maybe monitors, but they definitely do not just automatically think about monitor cables.


Very valid point, thank you, although you could also argue a non-tech enthusiast coming across eve-spectrum at this stage is also less likely.
Cables may be something more geared towards a full, physical in store retail launch at a later stage rather than the pre-order phase were money is more importantly being used on establishing the specifications listed. If it came with cables, all the better but I would rather see my money invested in the product myself.


Exactly, this is a Pre-order of something that isn’t complete and we’re already getting a discount. As long as they come through with the product they promised, they don’t owe us any cables. An hdmi 2.1 cable cost about $20 on Amazon right now, just buy it. Or wait until these are finished and mass produced for stores. I’m sure they will come with an hdmi cable then, along with a higher price.