Eve Spectrum: Very low sound over AUX

Same issue here. I am using DisplayPort (I didn’t even know that display port can carry sound :eyes:). Got a Eve Spectrum 4k

Just got my Eve yesterday. I have the same AUX issue. Volume is very low, I have to turn my speakers up to nearly max to get a reasonable amount of volume. I am running signal through USB-C for my laptop and HDMI for my XBOX. Same issue for both.

Just wanted to chime in and mention I have the same problem.
Volume level 20 is good for my laptop headphone jack connecting direct to the speaker.
Laptop over audio display port and then connecting aux to the same speaker is very quiet. I have to go up to 80-90 to get an equivalent output.
Would be great if some kind of software update could fix this.

Did anyone found a way to resolve this yet?

I think the reason why the volume and the sound quality sounded mumble is that the monitor is only outputting mono sound instead of stereo sound. It must be a software bug. Because the first few days that I have with the monitor. The audio is normal. However, after that, it just started to have problems. And yes I tried different speakers and audio cables. Also did a software update from 102 to 104. And nothing had changed.