Eve Spectrum: Very low sound over AUX

Seems my Xbox did have sound, the issue is the sound over AUX is SUPER quiet. What sound options do we have?

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Hey, @Timothy_Craig

I have a couple of thoughts, here.

Just for verification, have you checked the volume setting in the Spectrum OSD? And is this occurring with all devices, or just the XBox?

If so, I recommend that you contact support for this low audio output issue.

Another thing to try might be to perform a power cycle of the monitor (turn off the monitor, unplug the power cable for 5-10 seconds, then connect it back), power it on and then use the OSD to reset the monitor settings to default values (and, of course, verify again that the volume settings are high enough).


The volume is at 100 in the OSD. My sound bar goes from 1 to 100. Previously, my PC was to loud at 20. With the aux out, that same volume level must be on 60. It’s crazy how quiet the monitor is.

I am not sure if cable quality would matter, as AUX cables are generally the same. The gold plated ones are usually just a gimmick.

I did the reset suggested here, it’s still very, very quiet.

But auxiliary signal (aka line level signals) are not at the same output as actual headphone output, IIRC. I need to do some research on it, to be sure that I’m not wrong.

I’m assuming you have HDMI to the Spectrum, and then using the audio out jack on the spectrum to connect to your soundbar, correct?

On the PC, did you use line out or headphone / speaker to connect the soundbar?

I tried connecting headphones through spectrum vs. directly to my laptop, and can confirm the laptop does get louder.

However it’s not uncommon for different devices to have different output volumes (even some apps in Apple TV, for example, output at difference volumes) and there is a good chance the Spectrum outputs at a lower volume naturally than a direct line to a speaker.

If it gets to 60 and is “too loud” that doesn’t seem super quiet does it? You’re only just over halfway to max volume at that point.

If you had everything at 100 and it was still quiet enough to talk over, I would consider that concerning. But if it’s still getting loud enough to use, albeit at 60 rather than 20, maybe it’s just how the Spectrum is set up?

I have had the same issue, with speakers connected to spectrum through 3.5mm jack having lower volume than MacBook Pro 2017 by a lot, even though I had volume on spectrum set on 100. Don’t remember this issue occurring with older firmwares, but I haven’t used 3.5mm jack so I am not sure. May have something to do with some values, like for led colors now being in 0-255 range, and audio for some reason being set as that too, even though it only goes to 100 in OSD, making output not as loud as it should be.

Headphone impedence vs spectrum amplifier power would impact how loud a given headphone would get. If there’s a setting on the Xbox to set the audio format to stereo and PCM that might help. Just a thought.


I have the PC as well as the Xbox in HDMI, and audio out with an AUX to my soundbar.

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I can turn it way up and hear it, at 60 or so. 60 is what 15 used to be, it’s a good grip lower.

But you said 60 was “too loud” volume didn’t you? Like 60 would be the max you’d want to go.

Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying.

I take that to mean that before putting the Spectrum into the mix, the soundbar was too loud at a setting of 20/100, but now to get the same loudness the soundbar has to be set to 60/100.

@Timothy_Craig - is that correct?

Yes. That’s it.

Old Set up: Xbox to Monitor, monitor to Sound bar, HDMI port, PC to soundbar, Aux port.

Now, all to Spectrum, Spectrum, Aux to soundbar.

The sound is good, crisp, sounds great, it’s just very, very low.

30 was too loud, 20 was comfortable. Now, 80 is too loud, and 60 is comfortable.

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Yeah so it might not necessarily be a ‘problem’ it could just be different outputs on different devices will naturally output at different volumes.

Even on my television, I have to crank the volume up for Apple TV and then turn it right down for my PS5. Annoying as heck but just part of how it all works haha.

As long as it gets loud enough to use then it’s probably fine.

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It’s both the Xbox and the PC. The volume is terrible. It might just be a feature, if it is meant to be that low, it’s terrible.

What I’m getting at is not every aux will output at the same volume. So it might not be a bug or broken it’s just the volume the monitor outputs at.

Terrible would be if it didn’t work at all. Having to set the volume of your soundbar to 60ish is inconvenient at worst lol

Either way if they can adjust it I’m sure they will, if not then the volume of your soundbar sits a bit higher. Not a huge deal, in fact it gives you finer control over the volume in a way because you can have all that room to fine tune between 0-80 :wink:

The sound quality is not bad at all, if you can hear it lol!

I have the same issue, even after the firmware update. Still waiting for the support feedback. I’ve tried different kind of jacks but the situation still the same.

I wonder what the line out voltage is. I suspect it might be low, which could cause lower volume. Ex. My DACs outputs 2v rms on the single ended RCA outputs. Maybe the monitor is outputting a much lower voltage signal?

Is the able to be fixed with a software update?

Eve will have to confirm whether that’s the situation and if it can adjust the output via firmware. But depends on the electronics inside. Again, I’m just guessing so I could be wrong.

If not, for consoles, I’d suggest just using a UAC1 class USB DAC for output (schiit Hel). For computers, I wouldn’t use the monitor for audio output in the first place. Should be using the sound card output to speakers or receiver.