Eve Spectrum: Triple checking we got all the features right

Have not cobtacted yet :slight_smile: We just wnat all set in stone

After renders. Actully this questions take a while to clarify as not all monitors support these features

It’s Software related!

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1:1000 - 1:1300

Gsynch module would cost 200 USD more without giving real benefit so with community we decided to go for Freesynch 2.

It will be HDR 400

Amazon is interesting! For warranty we will start by selecting the service provider regionally and then see the warranty options!

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I think it will be :smiley:

How would you be implementing the variable overdrive and making sure it is completely functional on this monitor from 10 to 165hz?

What is the G sync compatible range of refresh rate?

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Could we implement something like this to declutter our desks? Basically it lets the monitor be in a position flush with the wall, saving precious real estate.
Not sure whether it’s something that people want to have though.
I guess we could just develop a separate stand for this in case people really want it, but the ports must be placed accordingly.


Great idea!
May need a good pair of glasses for the +50 generation :upside_down_face:


You can do much the same thing with a standard VESA monitor arm, since that attaches to the back of your desk and frees up the entire surface of the entire surface of the desk for use without requiring the monitor to be so far away like in that photo. See here for examples:


Will there be some sort of stuck / non working pixel guarantee or verification service + guarantee? I feel that a lot of complaints online are from those people who continually get stuck pixels (or other issues) and having to deal with an uncaring monitor supplier who just sends a refurb replacement often with the same issues. So a decent pixel guarantee and or service to test and verify there are no stuck pixels or other defects before shipping may be something some people are willing to take up (especially if the monitor will be shipped overseas).

Note that this is not instead of the standard quality control, but over and above what is reasonably expected to be done to ensure a good quality working unit. I don’t know if testing was going to be done on each monitor anyway (if so, then ignore the above)?


I’m probably not in the market for this display (the panels for what I want don’t exist at the supplier end yet), but I like the direction you’re taking and the one thing that could sway me is if it had an A-TW polarizer. I’m surprised that a search of this board turned up no mention of this - IPS glow is one of the major downsides of IPS panels IMO (along with black levels). Given the absolute lack in recent years of A-TW on anything but the most high end Eizos it would be a pretty definitive selling point for me personally. But I suppose you’re limited to what the panel manufacturer offers, and I’m guessing LG can’t accommodate you there. Still, can’t hurt to ask. Maybe let them know there’s still some demand for it.


MSI has an OSD software kit for Windows that allows you to save multiple profiles and create “.OSD” backups as well in case the OSD software malfunctions and removes profiles (which happens a lot more often than I like to admit, so its a good thing they allow backups). I think having Open Source firmware would make OSD software provided by the community (if nothing else) an automatic.

I would LOVE to do some work with the Firmware too.


@Rydel_James, about the possibility of an open source firmware, you may want to check this thread, in case you missed it.

It’s great to have people that are willing to contribute!

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A 3.5mm audio jack on the monitor would be welcome as all the connectors carry sound. I like to run a set of speakers below the monitor with a webcam above it; other people might prefer to connect headphones that way too.


These all look nice and the specs are amazing. I understand the purpose of this is to compete with the $1500 plus monitors but coming in at a more reasonable price. What would that look like? Do we have an idea?


An update on specs and features is available in this topic