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Hello Everyone,

A new update with information and videos of me playing Warzone on the XSX. Unfortunately, I could only record at 1080p this time, but I will share in writing my thoughts and findings.

Using the Spectrum on the Xbox Series X is a true joy due to 3 major features which are why I bought the monitor in the first place: the HDMI 2.1 ports, HDR, and adaptive sync. Those three features make using the Spectrum with the Xbox Series X a true joy and really make it one of the best monitors for console gaming. Colors are rich and vivid, with the adaptive sync (VRR) smoothing out the image and ensuring that there are no screen tears that occur when playing at 120FPS. That is when it is truly key as games such as Warzone can dip in the high 80 frames per second which could ruin the experience on any monitor which does not allow for adaptive sync.

The current experience is not without issues at the moment though. Currently there are 3 major issues that need to be fixed before launch.

  1. HDMI 2 port did not work with the XSX at all. Even when dropping down the resolution to 1080p, 1440p and 4k on another port and trying to reconnect on HDMI 2 port.

  2. 4K, 60Hz would not work on the HDMI port 1, only worked at 4K, 120Hz.

  3. HDR calibration was not available and stated the monitor was not capable of HDR, but in the settings, it said that the monitor was HDR capable and it was enabled in the settings.

The Eve team is aware of the problems and my understanding is that they know of the solution, but it requires a change to the EDID ( Extended Display Identification Data ). Currently, I have no reason to think the issues will not be fixed by launch, as we receive frequently firmware updates and clear communication.

I completed the purchase of my two monitors last week, as I am extremely happy with the experience, I have had thus far in testing Spectrum. I am fortunate that I was capable of testing the Spectrum before actually putting my money down on two of them, but I hope that with the information I share that it will reassure some of you in the purchase of a Spectrum.

With all of that being said now. Please enjoy these videos of me in Warzone. The main information I hope to portray in these videos is the game running at 120Hz with VRR. I had it playing at 4k resolution as well, but unfortunately my camera is only 1080p so that will not come through in the video. I am terrible at these types of games, so please forgive me. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Note: depending on when you see these videos, they may not have finished processing. That means that there may be no audio, and the video may be limited to a lower resolution. If you want to watch at a higher resolution, please come back later!

Edit. Added Photo showing the features enabled in the Xbox Dashboard.

** I was able to get 4k 60Hz working if I switch to 1080p, 60Hz and switched back to 4k. Again, this is an obvious bug that the firmware team has been made aware of :slight_smile:


Post just came out! I never really thought of taking pictures as it is more difficult to do while playing, but I can take some pictures at 4K which would show off the monitor better. But read the post itself and let me know what else I can do to put your mind at ease that the Spectrum is in fact quite awesome :slight_smile:


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you so much for your time and effort.


Shaun, this is what I’ve been waiting for mate, to see the XSX in 4k at 120 fps, for Warzone, which is the only game that I play. Thank you very much. I’ll take it with your 1080p camera at 30 fps and music over (I’d rather hear the actual gameplay).

Did the game feel real smooth at 4k, 120 fps? If you drop down to 1440p, 120 fps, any noticeable difference?

I’ll have to teach you some tips in how to play this game. I’m no expert, but I can definitely improve your gameplay.



Hi Derek,

You are right, I should have captured the gameplay audio, but I thought I was going to be able to record the gameplay directly from the Xbox as well, but realized midway through that I no longer have a capture card :disappointed_relieved:I was also wearing my Dolby Atmos capable headphones to try and hear footsteps a bit better :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, to answer your question, the game does feel exceptionally smooth at 4k, 120FPS, but I recommend enabling VRR. VRR (adaptive sync) is the hero of the story as the XSX is just not capable of maintaining 120 FPS consistently, but with VRR enabled that is not a problem.

I do not have a PS5, but I know that it does not have VRR yet and that is the biggest issue with the PS5 as VRR really is game-changing to have!


You can be Rambo and I’ll be John McClane and we’ll take on the Warzone together. Looking forward to my Spectrum delivery - I bet it takes 2 months.


Quick note for you, none of the next gen console are not able to do 4k 120fps on any demanding titles. All of them runs around the 1440p mark and use dynamic resolution to go a bit higher, for comparaison, a RTX 3080 can do around 100fps in 4k warzone, so for the next gen to be able to do it would be too much. It’s either true 4k 60 fps, or 1440p upscaled to 4k 120fps.

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what are your personal pros and cons right now?

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Well we need picture uniformity test, color calibration tests, resposivenes test, confirmation of HDR content capability, and so on…


Nice review, I’ve already finished my purchase of the 4K and my main reason for buying it is gaming on the Xbox series x, I also have a HP Omen PC with Nividia RTX 2070 super. Hopefully the bugs you mentioned do get squashed before it’s shipped , and I’m sure they will. Even more pumped now then I already was. Can’t wait till I get my email with tracking number etc. Till next time I wanna thank you again for taking the time to send us your review and I would also wanna thank Eve for doing such good work updating us and everything. That’s it for now Crosswolfx out, Peace


Unfortunately, that is not the goal of my testing. Some of the other community testers may have the equipment, and expertise but the community testers were not selected to perform those tests.

Our goal is to test the compatibility of Spectrum with our hardware (computers, consoles, etc.) and to find issue with Spectrum’s firmware. Our goal is to also share our testing experience with the community to add more transparency into the Spectrum development experience.

If you are looking for uniformity test, etc. before purchasing Spectrum or simply for the purpose of knowledge, I recommend waiting for the professional reviews from accounts such as LTT, Hardware Unboxed, etc. as they not only have the equipment to perform the tests you are looking for, but the expertise to ensure that they are using the tools properly.

On my end, I simply hope to share my experience with others in the community, answer to the best of my abilities their questions and to help Eve improve the Spectrum before the launch. All the best!


Thank you for the comment! :slight_smile: Glad I could help! I think it will be fixed with the firmware which will add the full EDID. It is nice to be able to update the Spectrum fixing any issues!


Hello everyone,

I won’t have anything more to share until the weekend, but @ReignDespair shared how we update the firmware and the USB hub on the Spectrum.

Please go check out his post and have a great rest of the week :slight_smile:


For now, maybe. Might be a little upscaling - but also factor in a lot of games were remastered to gain marginal advantages in next gen. be interesting when proper newly developed games come out which try take advantage of the new architecture.

But it is also why VRR will be the game winner for now. Setting a target FPS isn’t ideal. At least Series X has the option of VRR - PS5 later this year.


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll be sharing an update on the experience working with the Eve Spectrum. I’ve been working on the Spectrum since I received it a few weeks ago! I primarily use it for website design and development, office suite applications like Excel, Teams, Word, etc., and quick photo editing using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Overall, I have had really no issues using the monitor for work. It has been reliable, I have trusted the colors that it provides and a 4K, 144Hz display just makes work more enjoyable. The increased refresh rate specifically is genuinely nice, where it just makes the experience feel so much smoother than a slower refresh rate, though the increased resolution does make things much clearer.

I have been using the monitor with HDR enabled and that has led to my only issue, but it is not because the Spectrum. The issue is that I frequently use Microsoft Teams to work with coworkers and when sharing my screen with HDR enabled, Teams blows the image out for the other person, and they get weird graphical glitches. This is a known issue with Microsoft Teams as far as I could. To fix it, I simply change the monitor to SDR mode when I plan to share my screen over Teams. I am unsure if this occurs with any other software, but it is something to keep in mind for those who have not used an HDR monitor before with Windows 10.

I also want to say that text appears crisp to me when using the monitor. I am using it at a 175% scale for those who are curious. When using the monitor for work, I also never notice any of the dimming zones. Which is great as I use visual studio code in high-contrast mode which is all black and I have most of the other applications I use in dark mode as well. I have only noticed the dimming zones when watching video content where the entire screen is black with one item on the screen, or when doing an HDR test on the monitor. In routine use I don’t think it is a problem.

I’ll share some images below, but please keep in mind that the phone (Pixel 3) I was using captured the dimming zones when I couldn’t even see them, and the colors on the display are much richer than what the camera could capture. I also noticed that the camera captured some reflections from my lighting that I never noticed with my own eyes.


Hope you have all been enjoying the updates and that I have been providing useful information. I plan on sharing my testing of the Spectrum with the PS4, Switch and Xbox One X. The testing of the PS4, I think will be interesting. As it is limited to 1080p output due to it being the original PS4, I will be able to share testing of the pixel-perfect scaling. I am also hoping to get my wife’s feedback on photo editing with the Spectrum as soon as possible. You can see some of her current photography/editing at: https://www.nourishedbycaroline.ca

All the best!


thanks a lot for your extensive udpates, very appreciated!


Tikio your posts have been a delight and I am glad they choose you as a tester. I was a little hesitate to pull the trigger on final payment but after reading your honest and thorough reviews that put my mind at ease so I paid the balance. I usually don’t post but I felt the need to say thank you and keep up the good work!


On a slightly off-topic - Great vegan recipes by your wife! I am planning to make the Chickpea-nut butter ice cream cake this weekend!!


Thank you so much @Mhbell1978! I am glad that you have found my thoughts on the Spectrum helpful! :smiley: I hope you enjoy the monitor as much as I have when you receive it. I know I can’t wait for my second Eve Spectrum to arrive :sweat_smile:

Thank you! I’ll be sure to let her know of your compliment. :smiley: I really like the Chickpea-nut butter Ice Cream Cake and hope you do as well! Be sure to review the recipe if you enjoy it, or share a picture of the cake here. We could do with a little more cake in our lives :wink: