Eve Spectrum Prototype Tester | tdev12

Hiya, I’m Thomas, and I was selected to test a Spectrum prototype!

My main use for a 4K Spectrum unit is game development, as I am working for a small indie studio publishing games on next-gen consoles, which support 4K @ 120 Hz with HDR. My testing will hence focus on color quality, blur, HDR performance, compatibility for PC and PS5, along with stability over long periods of use.

My PC setup is a GTX 1060 6GB, which quite surprisingly handles 4K@144Hz and 1440p@144Hz just fine.
I have a dual screen setup, with my Spectrum unit sitting on my desk to the right of a 1440p AOC CQ27G2U as in this picture:

I received my unit on May 14, so I’ve had the ability to start testing in some depth and find some bugs out, which I’ll detail in my coming posts.
My role as a developer makes it so I have some experience in bug finding & reporting, and I can also benefit from information usually inaccessible to the general public to find and document issues. You can be certain I will be as thorough as possible testing Spectrum!

Here are my first impressions: overall, I’m quite happy to have got my hands on one, and very excited too - it’s not everyday you get a prototype in your hands, and especially of something you yourself preordered! I also really needed a 4K monitor for next-gen dev, so this really is an incredible opportunity.
While my box wasn’t the exact same one you’ll get, it still was well packed and the screen was very easy to get out. The stand was easily the easiest to install, and it does look quite sturdy. I appreciate its flat base so I can set my keyboard on it in case I need to work with paper.
Right from plugging it into my PC, it set itself to 4K at 144Hz so I can’t say setup could get any easier! Just had to do a 5-min firmware update to benefit from the new version’s stability that Nintendo fans know so much about, and I was good to go.
So, it’s really a great experience. I did find a couple of firmware bugs in the first minutes, but it’s our mission to help fix them so you won’t experience any :slight_smile:

Finally, as with the other testers, please note that this is not a review: the unit I received contains pre-production firmware and has bugs that should be corrected before you receive your own Spectrum - I’m doing my best to help the Eve team out on this one so we all get the best experience!

Feel free to ask me any question you may have regarding Spectrum, my setup and/or my findings, but please note I may not be able to respond to certain inquiries on console development.

Here is a list of my testing items, to be updated regularly with links to my findings:

  • Picture quality on PC for work
  • Picture quality for PC gaming (at 4K and 1440p):
  • PC compatibility
  • PS5 compatibility
  • HDR performance
  • Misc. issues

Nice! You were able to test next gen console like the ps5 on the spectrum or will you consider it in the future?


I have tested PS5 compatibility, but results are a bit inconclusive - other testers’ PS5 units work fine in 4K@120Hz with the same board & firmware while mine only does in 1080p. We’re trying to figure it out, I’ll have more details out as soon as it’s fixed!


Misc. findings

  • ClickMonitorDDC’s controls (shown below) seem to work fine to control Spectrum, with the only exceptions being the color profile and preset controls.

    S here stands for saturation, and the V- controls are for audio (jack output) volume.
  • Changing color spaces (from DCI-P3 to sRGB) in the OSD makes the monitor display colored bars.
  • Firmware updates take around 5 minutes.
  • Crosshair and the FPS counter can’t be on the screen at the same time - that’s due to technical constraints with how much space the OSD can take at one time.

PC compatibility
Spectrum seems to work fine in all configurations made available on the Nvidia control panel.
Note that on my computer, at 144Hz, only the following color settings can be selected:
More configurations (10 bit color depth, HDR) are available at 120 Hz. This may only be due to my graphics card, a GTX 1060 6GB, and to my connection type, DisplayPort 1.4.

G-SYNC works.


Hey, Thomas! Would you like to add more info about what settings can already be controlled on the prototype via ClickMonitorDDC? I’d love to learn how it behaves with this program. Perhaps also take a quick video?

Could you please add the GPU and connector you used? These are highly relevant to what video signals the prototype currently accepts.


Alright, I’ve edited the posts to add more information on both.


Really looking forward to your findings on this. I’m pre-ordering 2 x Model 3’s and whilst I will predominantly be gaming on PC, I would be lying if I said I don’t want these monitors to get the most out of my PS5 as well.


Thats the deets I was loooking for is outputting correctly at all times? Do you play any extremely high framerate PC games that you can give us some info on. I am ok with all the PS5 requests but I need the PCMR Details lol.

If you play any High Framerate FPS like BFV or CSGO or old school quake/ tf2 etc please please show framerate running and how well this screen handles gameplay. There’s a TON of us who want to know lol.

Also need to know how well it handles AMD GPU’s


Sorry, I only got a GTX 1060, I doubt it can handle much high-fps gaming on PC!

However, you’re absolutely free to ask other testers with higher end setups about it, and I’d actually be interested in that too - planning to get a better card when prices get lower.


I’ll be doing some testing of high refresh rate gaming on PC! I just shared my first impressions here of the monitor: Eve Spectrum Prototype Tester | Tikio - #24 by Tikio

The next thing I will be sharing will be PC gaming, so stay tuned!


any updates? What are your personal Pros and Cons you might wanna share?
Are you recommending the monitor and why?