Eve Spectrum Prototype Tester | ReignDespair

Hey Fellow Community Members,

A little about me:

My name is Tom (ReignDespair) I’m sure you have seen me around the community. I feel extremely privileged to have been one of the lucky few selected to take part in the Spectrum prototype testing!
Not only that, but the Eve team have also offered me the opportunity to join the Team as a Community Moderator! I am prompted to participate, because I’m so passionate about everything Eve.
I love taking part in the active discussions, and reading/understanding other peoples opinions; here on the community. I find the community announcements are also a great insight into the type/amount of RND (Research, and development) that goes into creating a product like the Spectrum!

When I get my personal order for the Spectrum. I will mainly be using this for gaming on the PS5, but I will have various other use-cases for the Spectrum which I will be testing, and demonstrating during my time with the prototype. Also just to clarify that this will not be a review of the Spectrum. The device we have been sent is a prototype, and should be acknowledged as such.

For my testing I will mainly be focusing on the user experience, and how the Spectrum performs with my chosen use cases.

My Testing Use-Cases:

Use-cases Devices Software/game
Gaming Ps5 Demon Souls, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Call of duty Warzone, Call of duty Black Ops Coldwar, Astro’s arcade
High Resolution Clip Ps5 Youtube
Dual monitor setup show casing multitasking example: Watching YouTube guide while gaming. Lenovo ideacentre (AIO touchscreen desktop) Oldschool RuneScape, Firefox(for YouTube)
Dual monitor setup show casing multitasking example: Watching film, while code editing Lenovo ideacentre (AIO touchscreen desktop) VLC, notepad++, MSSQL management studio
Watching 4k film T95 max+ tvbox VLC (The guardians of the galaxy 2)
Mobile gaming using monitor as display Red Magic 5g Call of duty, Genshin impact, Bloons TD-6
Audio output FX-AUDIO-FXD03J Optical Output through USBDAC using USB-C

The Prototype!

First Impressions

The Box(es)

We have all been sent the prototype Spectrum, and stand in an un-printed version of the box. The box is of good design; reinforced with Cardboard as apposed to using polystyrene. Which is great; this means most of the packaging is recyclable! Both boxes feel very sturdy, and I’m confident if it had been dropped in transit, the Spectrum would have been protected.
In the main box was the Spectrum covered with a dust cover. Inside of the lid of the box is a smaller box that pulls out like a drawer; containing the power brick, and cable.

This is where the cables were stored. Very clever design!
The stand came in a separate box (Refer back to the 1st pictures.) Stand inside was protected with dust cover, and much like the Spectrum box is reinforced with Cardboard.

The Stand

The stand is of an extremely high quality brushed metal design. Easily the most premium feel stand I’ve had the experience of using. There are 2 very strong grips on the bottom of the stand; this ensures the Spectrum doesn’t slide on the service it’s placed on. These grips also reduce the potential damage to said surface.
Easy assembly: Using the cleverly designed screw (No screwdriver required); The stem of the stand is attached to the base.Then the monitor is easily slotted onto the stand stem, and assembly is complete! It was as simple as that.

The stand’s maneuverability in short is incredible.

The stand as the ability to turn the Spectrum a full 360 degrees in both directions, as well as tilt the screen. Although not its intended use I found this extremely useful to turn the screen 90 degrees to easily insert cables into the ports located at the bottom rear of the Spectrum. Later on in my testing I will be using the Spectrum in a vertical position to demonstrate coding in this orientation. All throughout testing the stands maneuverability, the Spectrum always remained sturdy in place; with no threat of it falling away from the stand.
Another thing to note about the stand is that there is a nicely placed cable tidy; subtly shaped like the Eve logo. Putting all cables through this will result in a tidier work station.

The Spectrum

Now what you’ve all be waiting for; Let’s talk about my initial impressions of the Spectrum:
From the moment of unboxing I knew I was in possession of something special; The Spectrum is a beautiful demonstration of what a premium monitor build quaility should be. I just rewatched my unboxing (My eyes only sorry) my exact words when I excitingly removed the monitor from it’s protective dust cover are: “That’s bloody beautiful!”
The Spectrum is accurately described; The King of ports. It’s rockin’:

  • 2x HDMI 2.1
  • 1x Display Port 1.4
  • 2x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C (1 capable of a power output 20V/5A 100w, and the other 5V/3A 15W)
  • 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A (Capable of power output of 5V/2A 10W)
  • 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-B

Upon connecting the Spectrum up to the power supply. I needed to update the stock firmware to enable features like HDMI 2.1, and HDR, and to fix the problematic OSD. You have a choice of Type-C, and Type B when updating. I chose Type-B, because I didn’t read the update instructions correctly; I didn’t manually enable Type-C on the USB HUB Source through the OSD. Nonetheless the update process was very straight forward, and the update was completed within a few minutes. Very simple; I’m confident most users will be able to accomplish this with no issues.
Once the update was complete I immediately proceeded to connect the Spectrum up to the PS5, and I was sure amazed at the quality image the Spectrum produced, and how silky smooth the screen responds to a quick test of Call of duty: Black Ops Cold War in 4k at 120hz!

The OSD’s functionality is fairly pleasant (after the update); there is still a little work to be done in this area in-regards to some of the picture customisable settings, and the selection of Cross-hair, and frame-rate counter is a little bugged, but luckily there is a nifty little shortcut for these; right direction on the joystick for Cross hair, left direction for the frame-rate counter. The frame-rate counter can also be moved to each 4 corners of the screen. I thought this was a pretty cool feature. Just a reminder that this is a prototype, and these issues will be ironed out before shipment.
The Joystick controls are pleasant, and responsive, and can easily navigate through the various OSD options.

Overall, apart from a few hiccups (My PS5 malfunctioned, and I had to factory reset my PS5) The Spectrum is by definition a perfect example of a premium monitor. It’s beautiful, and from what I’ve seen so far: The display quality is excellent, and offers a silky smooth experience.

Here is a picture of my current setup with the Spectrum in place of my budget Viewsonic monitor.

I will be updating my test results, and experience using the Spectrum on this thread. I will do this with photo, and video demonstrations where applicable. So be sure to check back regularly!
If you have any questions be sure to reply below, and I will respond in kind.

This post was entirely created using the Spectrum. What a pleasurable experience it’s been.

Edit May 20th:

New firmware update. Read more here!

Edit May 23rd:

Image quality Youtube test. Read more here!

Edit May 24th:

Type C charging, and LED display. Read more here!

Edit May 25th:

Screen orientation, and display experience using: MSSQL Management Studio, and NotePad++
Read more here!

Edit May 26th:

Magic Fluids HDR, and Jelly fish 4k YouTube example.
Read more here!

Edit June 3rd:

Spectrum firmware, and hub update.
Read more here!


Awesome to see some Review with the ps5. All I have been waiting for an more what I wanted, thanks


Great to see some confirmation on the upgraded packaging :ok_hand:


We have received a new firmware update today! Currently in progress:

It is expected to bring improvements to Crosshair and Frame rate counter OSD display behavior, and better input signal support for PS5 and Xbox Series X on HDMI 2 port (the one further away from the DP port).

I have now updated the Spectrum vier both USB-B, and Type-C, and can confirm there are no issues updating the Firmware. Really straight forward process.


Is backlight strobing already working on the current firmware?


Hey @kreative, I’ll get back to you on that. Just got a few things going on at home right now, and unable to currently check for you.


Do we know if that firmware update is only available through Windows? Is there a Linux or Mac OS version?


Hey @Adrock42, I do believe the most up-to-date updater tool is currently for Windows only. I will ask the team what the plans are for Mac, and linux.


Hey everyone,
My apologies for the lack of updates over the last few days. I’ve been extremely busy. I’m hoping to get more extensive testing of my use-cases done Tuesday - Thursday (my days off work)

I’ve done a quick little 4k YouTube screen test, and the image quality the Spectrum produces is nothing short of incredible.
Here’s a few pictures for you:

Apologies for my wonky hand while taking the pictures. Didn’t have much time :joy:.


I must say I’m feeling a little more at ease with the few test reviews I’ve read so far. Waiting on the prompt to pay now!


So I’ve tested a little with the Type C connection tonight (was working today); one thing I can say: Is wow that’s fast charging!
My Red Magic 5g rocks up to 55W charging, and using the Spectrum to charge it, I was shocked beyond belief. Not only was it charging super fast, but I had to enable my in-phone fan system to keep things cool!

I didn’t actually have to enable the fan, but I did, because the phone felt warm to touch.

I love technology.

Little extra:
Quick little update. Very cool little feature. Changing the front LED colour. I’ve touched on in a previous post, but here are my current settings on the OSD, and how it displays.

This was a hard picture to take:


Ok, that’s cool and all, but can you sync the led color to what’s happening on screen? lol.

Just kidding, it is pretty cool that you can dial in the RGB colors you want for On and StandBy. I originally thought I would just disable the LED for both, but now, I might actually use the standby one.


That would be pretty cool. I’ll do more extensive research later today.
On my phone The LEDs do this when listening to music!
The LED itself is of a very subtle design. This avoiding it being obnoxious.

Edit/update: No, the LED’S can’t be sync’d to what is happening on screen.

Currently testing screen orientation. Will update soon.


Hey everyone,
Another little update for you all:
This one I am mainly focusing on screen orientation, and what better example to demonstrate than displaying MSSQL code in Notepad++, and MSSQL Management studio. When you are dealing with thousands of lines of code there is nothing better than having your screen orientation in portrait mode; this enabling as many lines as possible to be visible at once.

MSSQL code displayed on NotePad++:

MSSQL code displayed on MSSQL management studio:

Example of small script (stored procedure) screen orientation portrait:

Example of the same small script (stored procedure) screen orientation landscape:


I’ve just ran this test, and wow this is an incredible demonstration for the Spectrum!

Here are a few example pictures for you:

The video I’ve uploaded. Does not represent the real-life experience very well! In reality this video is incredibly beautiful.

Jelly fish example. Again the video does not represent the real-life experience very well! In reality this video is incredibly beautiful.

Edit: I would recommend you load the clips through the official YouTube app. Through the youtube app a 2160p demonstration is possible, and shows the videos in a lot more detail! For some reason when on the community/browser it only shows at 720p


How was your impression? Judging over the quality of a 4K monitor from a FullHD one is challenging XD


I’ve uploaded the video. The magic fluid hdr clip is an incredible visual experience on the display. The video I’ve uploaded does not represent the real-life experience of the test very well. You can definitely tell the difference going from HD to UHD.

In 2 words: Absolutely stunning!


Thanks for running the test. I am curious to know how the contrast looked? Did the blacks remain inky black or was there any amount of light bleed or haloing from the color areas?


The colours were bright, vibrant, and full of depth. Blacks remained Inky black as you say, and I personally didn’t visibly observe any light bleed/haloing.

I’m not an expert in explaining this kind of thing, but the one thing I can say: It’s an extremely beautiful display.

Edit: I’ve just watched the magic fluids HDR video in 1080p. This resulted in some visible/noticeable light bleed/haloing. The difference between 2160p (4k), and 1080p is extreme in comparison.

Edit #2: These tests were done with the PS5.


Hey, @Adrock42! We’ll explore enabling macOS and Linux support later down the line; at the moment, Spectrum firmware update software is available for Windows only.