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I must say I’m feeling a little more at ease with the few test reviews I’ve read so far. Waiting on the prompt to pay now!


So I’ve tested a little with the Type C connection tonight (was working today); one thing I can say: Is wow that’s fast charging!
My Red Magic 5g rocks up to 55W charging, and using the Spectrum to charge it, I was shocked beyond belief. Not only was it charging super fast, but I had to enable my in-phone fan system to keep things cool!

I didn’t actually have to enable the fan, but I did, because the phone felt warm to touch.

I love technology.

Little extra:
Quick little update. Very cool little feature. Changing the front LED colour. I’ve touched on in a previous post, but here are my current settings on the OSD, and how it displays.

This was a hard picture to take:


Ok, that’s cool and all, but can you sync the led color to what’s happening on screen? lol.

Just kidding, it is pretty cool that you can dial in the RGB colors you want for On and StandBy. I originally thought I would just disable the LED for both, but now, I might actually use the standby one.


That would be pretty cool. I’ll do more extensive research later today.
On my phone The LEDs do this when listening to music!
The LED itself is of a very subtle design. This avoiding it being obnoxious.

Edit/update: No, the LED’S can’t be sync’d to what is happening on screen.

Currently testing screen orientation. Will update soon.


Hey everyone,
Another little update for you all:
This one I am mainly focusing on screen orientation, and what better example to demonstrate than displaying MSSQL code in Notepad++, and MSSQL Management studio. When you are dealing with thousands of lines of code there is nothing better than having your screen orientation in portrait mode; this enabling as many lines as possible to be visible at once.

MSSQL code displayed on NotePad++:

MSSQL code displayed on MSSQL management studio:

Example of small script (stored procedure) screen orientation portrait:

Example of the same small script (stored procedure) screen orientation landscape:


I’ve just ran this test, and wow this is an incredible demonstration for the Spectrum!

Here are a few example pictures for you:

The video I’ve uploaded. Does not represent the real-life experience very well! In reality this video is incredibly beautiful.

Jelly fish example. Again the video does not represent the real-life experience very well! In reality this video is incredibly beautiful.

Edit: I would recommend you load the clips through the official YouTube app. Through the youtube app a 2160p demonstration is possible, and shows the videos in a lot more detail! For some reason when on the community/browser it only shows at 720p


How was your impression? Judging over the quality of a 4K monitor from a FullHD one is challenging XD


I’ve uploaded the video. The magic fluid hdr clip is an incredible visual experience on the display. The video I’ve uploaded does not represent the real-life experience of the test very well. You can definitely tell the difference going from HD to UHD.

In 2 words: Absolutely stunning!


Thanks for running the test. I am curious to know how the contrast looked? Did the blacks remain inky black or was there any amount of light bleed or haloing from the color areas?


The colours were bright, vibrant, and full of depth. Blacks remained Inky black as you say, and I personally didn’t visibly observe any light bleed/haloing.

I’m not an expert in explaining this kind of thing, but the one thing I can say: It’s an extremely beautiful display.

Edit: I’ve just watched the magic fluids HDR video in 1080p. This resulted in some visible/noticeable light bleed/haloing. The difference between 2160p (4k), and 1080p is extreme in comparison.

Edit #2: These tests were done with the PS5.


Hey, @Adrock42! We’ll explore enabling macOS and Linux support later down the line; at the moment, Spectrum firmware update software is available for Windows only.


It’s been a busy week in terms of updates for the Spectrum. We have received 3 firmware updates in the space of a few days, and also we have received an update for the onboard Hub.

I have recorded these updates to show the simplicity when it comes to updating. Currently in process of editing the Firmware update video.

I’ve also made a personal custom mod for both of the updaters to add an Eve flare.

Here is a clip of the Hub updater (My personal modification) in action:
Apologies for the camera autofocus at the beginning of the video.


Nice work, excited to get the spectrum


Thanks for the FW update video. It is kind of ironic that the app has a progress bar but is not updating it or even responding to system events (UI Repaint) during the flashing process, most likely due to a single thread “Not Responding” until the sudden update to 100% completed at the end. To my jaded eyes, this looks like a classic example of HW engineers writing the software : )


OTOH while I assume that the progress of the data upload is trivial to measure, I would not be surprised if the monitor SoC further processes (e.g. decompresses) the uploaded data and has no feedback channel to report its progress. In this case the GUI couldn’t provide you with much more useful data anyways.


I’ve edited the firmware update video by speeding up the clip a little; so I don’t take up to much of your time. These videos are made to demonstrate the simplicity when it comes to update the Spectrum. I chose to use USB-C this time, but it is also possible using USB-B.

Also the firmware updater tool I used in the video is a personal modification of the original to add a little Eve flare.


Yeah, from what I hear it takes longer than the ~6 minutes on Type-C when using Type-B on a USB 2.0 connection.

It did take around 6 minutes on the Type-C connection. Next update I’ll be sure to re-test the update speed of Type B.

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I’m pumped and can’t wait. Thanks for the reviews! I’ve already made my payment just waiting for the shipping confirmation. Extremely excited though for real, gonna go check some for reviews out. Peace


For those Warzone PS5 players who have ordered the Spectrum. I can confirm that with the latest Warzone update you can now play Warzone at 4k 120hz. Unfortunately due to what’s being reported as a bug online you have to disable HDR to enable this feature.

It is common speculation that this will be addressed in future warzone updates to enable HDR using 4k 120hz on the PS5.

I can say for sure as a competitive player that since this update, my gameplay for warzone has improved dramatically!