Eve Spectrum ES07DO3 Display modes over USB-c?

Hello all I have a Eve Spectrum ES07DO3 firmware version 106 connected to a 10th gen Intel UHD/NVIDIA 2070 Ultra via USB-c (Thunderbolt 3) port using a Thunderbolt 4 certified cable. For some reason I can set the screen to a maximum resolution of 3840x2160@60
Using a Displayport 1.4 I get a max resolution of 3840x2160@144
and using HDMI 2.0 I get a max resolution of 3840x2160@120.

I want to ensure that I have everything set up correctly is 3840x2150@60 the maximum display mode over USB-c? Is that a limitation of what this display can support over USB-c? Do I have something configured wrong?

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Make sure your USB-C Bandwidth priority is on “High Refresh Rate” to get 3840x2160@144Hz.

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Also, please ensure you select the default for display and then select scaled, this should give you the option of selecting multiple Refresh Rates.

However, if your MBP is not M1, you’re most likely limited to 60hz via TB3/TB4 (Just like me and Jamie are).