Eve Spectrum Dead Pixel (FIXED)

EDIT: I turned on “crosshair” by accident. Not Eve’s fault! Thank you @LoneWolf !!

Sigh so yesterday I started using my second Eve monitor as a primary screen for my Macbook Pro, used it all day and really enjoyed it. I wake my Macbook today, turn on my monitor only to find a dead pixel in the direct center of my monitor. Now I know this sometimes happens with monitors but after 1 day of use? Very troubling. What can I do now, with the current wait times people are experiencing for Eve Spectrums I feel SOL

Please Eve, make this right.

you might have accidentally triggered crosshair. Make sure its turned off.


Wow, that was it! Thank you! How could I have done that by accident?

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you might’ve bump the joystick after touching the power button?!

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I turned down the brightness on the monitor yesterday, could’ve been then. Thanks for the quick response and good thinking!

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yeah playing with any of the on screen settings you must have slip your finger just enough to the side to enable crosshair. Anyways have fun with the monitor. Had mine since July. its still going strong.

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Glad to hear it. July huh? You must’ve been one of the lucky ones. Over on Reddit they make it seem like these things never come.

Mine was Express order. Express orders havent been that bad. Standard shipping hasn’t been so good but are finally been recently docked and unloaded. Tracking numbers for standard shipping are about to rollout soon.

Do you work for Eve by chance?

No I don’t work for eve. Lol

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