Eve Spectrum coil whine

Hi, I am loving the Spectrum so far, but there is one small issue. Whenever it is off or in standby, a high-pitched, almost inaudible buzzing noise can be heard. It comes from the monitor, not the power supply, and I wonder if that is normal or there is a reason to worry. Thanks in advance

Some users are having the same issue. Some users updated the firmware which helped reduce the whine sound. Eve Is still looking into it further.

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Thank you, I am glad that they are aware of the problem

Yeah coil whine is annoying with this display but there’s not a lot they can do at this stage, it’s hardware. Do you have anything plugged into the USB-C port? I find that causes a whining noise louder than the others. HDR coil whine was actually fixed with a firmware update.

i have no coil whine that I can hear. that is with hdr on and off. i only have two hdmi 2.1 cables plug into my monitor. only time i use usb-c port on the monitor is to update the firmware. even then i dont hear any whine.

I have nothing plugged into the USB ports. The weird thing is that the noise can even be heard when the monitor is off

Hi @PolZol & @Yep,

As Carl has stated, we are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

If you would like, you could upgrade to version 105 and see if that fixes the issue. If not, you can always roll back to 102/104.

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I’m very interested to know what technically causes this, or what 105 speculates causes this.

Coil whine usually means a power regulator is under load, but there shouldn’t really be anything under load in standby conditions, right?

I hear it too, only in standby. My cat hears it better. :smiley_cat:

I’m also experiencing this. I only have a DisplayPort cable connected on two monitors. Both are whining quite loudly. I hear the whine while in standby or while powered off. It is much louder in standby. I haven’t tried firmware 105 yet and am currently running 104. I’m really hoping this can be resolved either by firmware or RMA. My bedroom is also my office so I can hear the whine when trying to sleep. Other than that the monitors have been fabulous so far.

Hi @Redsandro & @SydeEye,

Please contact Support - EVE and they will assist you.

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact cause of the coil whine issue that some users have been experiencing but I do know that fw team are aware of this.

Hi @MarvyMarvz

I did contact support through the website around the same time I added this post. I also emailed them an audio recording of the whine.


Hi @SydeEye, @Redsandro , @PolZol & @Yep

Are you able to confirm/provide the below, please.

  1. If the coil wine occurs when the monitor is off / standby / on?
  2. Please can you DM me a video showing the presence and severity of the noise?