Eve Spectrum 4k monitor no color

I got my Eve monitor yesterday and set it up today. Enabling hdr from Windows settings and then playing any game, the color is completely gone. Its sets to black and white.
Disabling hdr seems to work fine but playing an hdr game without hdr is not good.
I tried updating the firmware to latest 104, also doesn’t seem to fix the issue.
Also the osd of the screen doesn’t work too. I can go through the menu, but selecting something doesn’t do anything. Like now I couldn’t get rid of the fps bar anymore.

Anyone face these problems or any fixes?

if you are running a nvidia card the black and white issues is currently being looked at. you can try rolling back to the previous firmware in case you had less of an issue. Safely rolling back to 102R875 from 104.zip (dropbox.com)

I have the same issue and rolling back to 102 doesn’t fix the problem.

Did you try to uninstall, with DDU, all drivers and reinstall the newest?
Don’t just use the uninstaller from nvidia, DDU removes everything, so you have a clean start.


This is a known issue with HDR. Sometimes it works fine, other times you end up with a black and white image.

There’s some changes in an upcoming firmware to help fix this, but it’s only working on Radeon cards for now. The problem’s still there for Nvidia cards. No current ETA for the firmware update.

(Note: There are several threads talking about this issue. What I’m posting here is a summary from those other threads.)