Eve second Q&A - it's over now, thanks for joining!


Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

#[Q&A is over - thanks for joining!] (https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/4ycb2y/we_are_eve_a_small_tech_company_competing_with/)

We’re going to have another Q&A session - this time it’s gonna be @Konstantinos & @Mike (as /u/migelangelo) and me, @iKirin (as /u/iKirin)!

Time will be this Thursday, 18th of August, 5 PM to 7 PM EEST (GMT +3)
Check the countdown to see when we’re live!

Post your questions you’d like us to cover! We will talk about the PF, what we as persons do on a daily basis or anything else you ask us! :slight_smile:

Are you looking forward to the second Eve Q&A session?

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Once the Q&A is live we’ll link it in this thread an pin it up to the top.

We’re looking forward to answer you questions guys! :slight_smile:


Here are my questions :slight_smile:

  • Is the design already finalized? When do we get to see the (near) final product?
  • Will the stylus be attachable to the PF?
  • Any news regarding localized keyboard options?
  • Maybe you could give us estimated prices (including shipping to Germany and taxes)?
  • Have you already done some battery tests? If so, how did it go?
  • How much will it weigh approximately (including keyboard)?
  • Have you already done some performance tests (editing video/photos, casual gaming…)?
  • (Will there be an option with LTE?)


I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I don’t think this is a thread to submit questions :slight_smile:.
Anyways, I’m pretty hyped up too.


Awww maan! I kind of thought so too, but I don’t have a reddit account, so I decided to put my questions here instead and to hope for the best :smiley:


My questions:
When are we gonna have a peek at the device.
How is the keyboard in comparison to the new Microsoft TypeCover?
What is the battery life gonna be like ?


Make Reddit accounts, folks. :grin:


Thanks everyone who are asking questions right now - but we will have the Q&A on Thursday, and not here but over on reddit.

As said, I’ll make sure to link the Q&A once the thread is up and we’re live :slight_smile:


In case someone really hates Reddit, you can PM other community members (like me) and they will forward your question to Reddit. Then you can just see the answer there without registration. Or maybe you can post them in this thread (during the Q&A) and someone (like me) will transfer them from here. Maybe it’s easier this way.


If you could transfer my questions from above to the reddit-thread that would be awesome!


I think I can already answer a couple of these,because they were answered earlier. The price estimation is “under $1000 VAT included”, that means you just have to add shipping if you’re in Europe. About benchmarks, they can’t be made without having fully working prototypes first, and to get fully working prototypes they first need to completely finalize the device. I doubt they have done that already, so maybe benchmarks will come together with IndieGoGo campaign…



Thank you, I already knew about the “under USD 1000” though. But I can’t imagine this will go for every model. If so - awesome:D


I believe that’s a misunderstanding. Or Eve is running a charity. I’m betting it’s the former.


Exactly. That is what I was thinking, too. That’s why I asked about prices. The only info we have so far is that the base model will be under USD 1000. But I am more interested in the better specced ones (as most of the community here, I guess).


Then get someone to ask the question about the pricing of the specs - or just create a throwaway account that you won’t use any more later on. :slight_smile:

Combined with a service like 10minutemail you can have an account that you just use once for the Q&A :slight_smile:


Well they never said which model will be under $1000… They provided that as a price estimate for the tablet, and not for one specific model. So I assumed that all models would be under $1000… But some people here objected xD

That said, it would be a nonsense to price all the models the same. Why the heck would anyone buy something other than the top model then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@iKirin actually I don’t see the point in 10minutemail, because places like gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, etc… allow you to have as many accounts as your heart pleases :stuck_out_tongue: you can just put in some random string as your name :slight_smile:

Anyway, Eve likes to be mysterious… I doubt they will reveal the price until they absolutely have to (preorders) :frowning:


My question is if I can get the product even being in Brazil. ?


Pre-order or not, the Pyramid Flipper is being made available for everyone with an internet connection I suppose but you can confirm it later today :wink:


#[We’re now life! Click here to join the AMA!] (https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/4ycb2y/we_are_eve_a_small_tech_company_competing_with/)

Looking forward to answer all your questions :slight_smile:


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