Eve Pro Controller For NextGen

Hey fellow community members,

Before I start, I just want to state that this is not currently a product in development, and for the purposes of this topic I’m posting completely as a community member, not a staff member.

I started doing some research into 3rd party pro gaming controllers for the PS5 with the aim to purchase one. I was shocked that the pro controllers currently available that are compatible with the PS5 are from companies that modify the existing PS5 controller. Which I personally am not a fan of.

The current controllers made by companies that usually offer this kind of device (Scuff, and Razer) are currently only compatible with PS4 games on the PS5, and do not offer support for PS5 games. There are also reports by some users that usually these “premium” controllers are cheaply made, and break easily.

I have made this topic for gathering more information into what your most desirable/must have features are for a pro controller. My list of desirable, and must have features consists of:

• Rear adjustable paddles/buttons
• Premium build quality/hard wearing
• Non slip
• Responsive controls (joysticks, triggers, and buttons)
• Wireless
• Type C fast charging
• Cross platform capabilities
• Ergonomically designed
• Controller remapability
• Updatable firmware
• Adaptive triggers (If possible)
• Long battery life

If this is a desirable product the Eve team could possibly look into making it a reality. Curious to learn what everyone’s thoughts are. Any comments be sure to reply below.

Once again, just to clarify, this is not an official topic. I just wanted to get some creative juices flowing within the community, and to gather your thoughts.


Great shout.

I know plenty of other people out there who are looking for a ‘PRO’ PS5 controller, mainly for FPS games.

One thing that is an absolute must, is extra paddles and/or shoulder buttons, similar to the Razer Raiju. These extra buttons should be re-mappable.

Joystick thumbgrips would be better off as close in size to the original PS4/PS5 ones as possible, to allow people’s existing aftermarket thumbgrips/kontrolfreeks to fit easily. I have a razer raiju tournament edition for PS4 and I was unable to find kontrolfreeks extended thumbgrips that would fit this unit.
Extended length joysticks could be a good optional extra for this prospective controller.

Connectivity options - USB-type C wired or low latency bluetooth.

As a player with above average sized hands, I find regular PS4 & modern Xbox controllers too small for my hands. There is nothing on the market that meets the requirements for a pro level controller that suits larger hands comfortably. 2 or 3 size options would be something I think that would pique some interest in an EVE controller. For accessibility reasons, this may appeal to disabled gamers also.


Would love a competitive aftermarket controller with cross platform capabilities. I think all the things you mentioned are a must. Especially the rear paddles and mappable buttons.

Would love to have swappable joysticks for varying heights, concave v convex. Anti-slip on those a must. I play mostly FPS so hair triggers option vs adaptive would be awesome. Or if there was a way to swap out and have two types of triggers.

Ability to adjust the tension on the joysticks would be nice to have, too.

In short. Love the idea. Sign me up.


Nice idea. A thinner Controller for the ps5 with paddles and changeable sticks would be perfect


I’ve used a variety of third party controllers in my life, but I’ve never seen one that surpassed the quality and durability of the original gaming hardware controller.
Even the most famous gaming companies (Razer, HORI) often produce controllers that are so badly made that you would think they were defective.
I don’t think it’s possible for the first controller made by a new company like EVE to surpass the stock controller.
This is because there is an incomparable gap in terms of talented people with rich experience, development time, cost, and durability testing compared to game hardware manufacturers.
History has proven this. I don’t think it’s possible even if you try.
The reason why SCUF and others have modified products based on the stock controller is because it is a realistic choice considering the above.

I’m on the Xbox Series X with a Elite Series II controller. The controller is great and the PS5 needs to have something like it.

A friend of mine uses a modified PS5 controller with paddles on the back and digital triggers. Some days it is working well, other days its on the fritz. It’s a real hack job…

All I can say is that Playstation needs one. I don’t think its a good idea if Eve develops one, because if Playstation does, Eve may have developed a product for nothing…a lot of risk in my opinion.


XBOX ELITE Controller can be used with PS5 by using the controller converter. (reasnow S1, Titan Two, Cronus ZEN, etc.)
The latest converters are highly functional and come with various additional features such as button remapping and macro functions.
There are also rumors that Sony is working on a rear button attachment for DualSense.
There are already 3rd party back button attachments for DualSense.

Even if EVE were to develop a controller from scratch, it would probably be impossible to produce a high quality product.
Game controller development is not that easy.
Sony spent five years developing DualSense, and still users complained about the durability and other aspects.
This project is too much for a manufacturer with no experience in game controller development.

Based on my personal logic. I would much rather prefer a 3rd party pro controller as apposed to a 3rd party add-on for existing official or 3rd party controllers. A lot of these devices offer features that are banned for eSports, and again for me personally this is not a desirable feature.


i would like a pro controller for nintendo switch. nintendo pro controller doesn’t last long and the joystick drifting is pretty bad.


Functionality mentioned is all great, but ergonomics, customisation and repairability is a real opportunity for differentiation here!

Having been through 4 PS4 controllers* in the first 18month, on my 3rd PS5** controller in12 the ability to swap sticks AND their potentiometers (and eliminating drift) would be massive.
Similarly, replaceable/hot-swap batteries should be considered.
*peeling rubber on joystick grips was hell
**stick drift / dodge force triggers and a combo thereof

From an ergo perspective, one size fits all is too much compromise in this day and age.
Even just offering a choice of static Smaller and Larger would differentiate, but the possibility of something adaptable and even open source would be truly cool - 3D printed grip modules that slot in so you can tailor the feel of it to your own hand? A central hinge you can angle to reduce flexation?

In Short, improve on longevity and ergonomic rather than just competing with the same feature set on aesthetics quality and price.

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