EVE Portable AiO Concept


Yeah 22-23inches is limit of portability in my opinion so 21.5 should be fine. I’d actually prefer 3:2 rather than ultra wide because its a tablet. If it’s a high enough resolution it would be really awesome to work on. Problem it’s the limited horse power. But I think core m strikes the perfect balance between battery life/weight and performance.


courage, courage: computer equipment ages way faster than human beings :innocent:


It’s still an AIO and it still makes no sense… It’s supposed to be portable, but it’s way more bulky than a laptop. And yet, it’s not more powerful than a laptop. So what’s the point? Why would you buy this clumsy thing instead of a laptop or 2in1 or tablet?


False. This was the case between Skylake and Kaby Lake. But now they’re releasing quad core U chips. It’s pretty obvious, if the architecture becomes more power efficient, it allows better performance per watt, no matter how many watts we’re talking about. So it will always remain more powerful with higher TDP.

You mean… 21:9? I don’t think that would work well with AIO form factor…


or a 2in/tablet and a big screen.


The main point is screen size. I fully appreciate at that it’s not for everyone one, but if no one wanted screens larger than laptop’s then monitors and AiO’s wouldn’t exist. This is a better take on a small AiO. I had already discussed the idea with @nawthor and we both agreed that it was unlikely that the community would choose an AiO for their next device but that’s not going to stop me putting forward the idea because I know there are some folks who would love something like this.

Yes is not as portable as a laptop but it doesn’t need to be, it’s not ment to replace your laptop it’s ment to replace your AiO which isn’t portable at all.


But a AIO with just mobile power is unnecessary. If I want a big screen and just need mobile power than I can use the a 2in1 or a laptop with an extra big screen… A AIO has to provide more than just mobile power…


Nothing more to say than this.


it’s meaningless for such topics when the first product still not yet publish


There’s no huge reason why it can’t be a core u at most it’ll at 2-3mm thickness and considering the large surface area of the device it can be quite easily made fanless. It may also have a slight impact on battery performance. There’s also more than enough room for a dedicated gpu aswell but then battery life will take a more significant hit and you’ll need active cooling.

I just think core m is a better fit for a 21inch ish portable device. I personally think 21inches is too small for desk based productivity I think 24 inches is the sweet spot. But there no show stopping reason not to go with core I u series.


On the contrary. Eve needs to be thinking about what is next. If they wait until the v is done and out, they will have wasted valuable time. Remember, the people who work on the early stages of product developement are often not the same people pushing at the end. Yes there is overlap, but Eve needs to jet a jump on the next product.


I really don’t understand why they exist. They shouldn’t. The amount of space that you save from buying an AIO instead of a small desktop computer is just there for bragging rights, it’s meaningless… You lose any sort of customization options, upgradability, repairability and ALL the benefits of a desktop computer. And yet you don’t get ANY of the benefits of laptops. So what’s the point? I still honestly don’t get it. I just don’tknow what you’re trying to achieve. If you make the screen bigger than 17" it won’t fit in normal backpacks, you know that right? You won’t be able to carry it around easily as a laptop. 17" laptops are already huge. So what’s the point of this sort of “portability” that isn’t actually portable? Isn’t it like insisting on walking around with this (below) because the ear piece is more comfortable than a smartphone? I mean hypothetically let’s assume you absolutely hate the way a smartphone feels on your ear and can’t stand talking like that, would you still carry around this… thing? Or would you just buy a large Bluetooth ear piece accessory for your phone?

By the way, you’re debating between 4.5W and 15W processors… Please don’t. There’s not that much of a difference between them. When people say they want desktop performance, that doesn’t mean 15W, that means 65W (the minimum for real desktop processors) or at least 45W (Intel’s “desktop grade” laptop processors)


Well here’s the thing for the most part I strongly agree with you. Traditional AiO’s are stuck in the no mans land between laptops and tower pc’s. But you focusing a bit too much from the lense of a laptop or tower pc.

I’m not trying to say my design is as portable as a laptop I’m not suggesting you take it with you when you leave the house (you can if you want to) I’m saying its dramatically more portable than a 21.5 inch iMac for example. Plus it comes with touch and pen. This makes it a dramatically more versatile device. Is it as versatile as a laptop, probably not, but then a laptop is a poor desktop machine without one of those stands (my neck can attest to it) nor does a laptop have a 21 inch display for productivity/consumption or creation like inking for example.

You right about the processors its not my forte and I’m not really debating it just stating my preference (I will rarely debate specs because they will vary massively form person to person). This design will easily accommodate up to 15w chips. 45w is more tricky and for 65w your looking at a new concept


In my humble opinion, the desktop aio is a style thing. Let’s face it, having a tower isn’t pretty, so to combine it all into essentially a screen is worthwhile for looks alone. People don’t buy just for performance or practicality, they value sex appeal and something that makes them feel good.

It’s like saying what’s the point of a 10k rolex vs a 10 dollar casio. The casio has way more functionality right? Or clothes, or cars, or jewellery, etc etc

Back on this concept, I guess in essence you’re talking about a mini surface studio where the screen also detaches and for hopefully a much lower price tag. Actually does / can your stand have a hinge to fold flatter to aid drawing on the screen?


I agree. All in ones are really just large screen media devices. They are targeted towarded a more domestic consumer for mostly media consumption and small tasks. I don’t think Eve should go for this market yet. Not until it can make another crowdsourced device to really show that this works and wasn’t a fluke the first time.


So where will you take it? What’s the point of portability if you never use it? And will you want to lift this thing off your desk? I don’t understand the use case…

And then you’re suggesting 4.5W or 15W CPUs…

Well then connect an external one?

Why? How often do you look under your desk for example? I put mine there and I honestly don’t care how it looks. Furthermore, there are bazillions of different cases to choose from, you can definitely find one that you like.

Are you some sort of computer fetishist or something? xD


Aren’t we all? Hahaha


I hate how lots of dust gathers under there and yes I prefer less clutter. This is why I’ve gone the laptop route for the last 10 years for home computing


Dunno about you, but I just choose not to sit around under my desk in the “clutter”… I honestly couldn’t care less what’s in there behind my desktop PC, because I don’t see it. It’s between a desktop computer and a wall. When I think about it, if I had a laptop I would still have all the same wires hanging around… I would need a decent keyboard and mouse, a bigger screen… but those wires would then be on my desk, in plain sight. So yeah if you hate clutter you should think about getting a desktop xD It doesn’t reduce nor increase the clutter, but it allows you to put it out of sight.
And regarding dust, I’m heavily allergic to dust, but I have no problem with what’s under my desk. It doesn’t get up to my head level (so I don’t breathe it in) unless there’s like really tons of dust in there… so just sticking a hoover in there once a week or so is enough :slight_smile:


When I think about it, with my laptop I save on a monitor to PC cable and a monitor power cable because I am happy to use the laptop’s screen, keyboard and track pad (no mouse needed). If someone isn’t happy to use a plain laptop then yes getting a desktop (tower or aio) starts to make more sense.

Horses for courses as they say!