Eve Phone Concept Design

I’m also interested doing something different with the front camera. Pop-up, no camera, shutter button to use rear camera for selfies, etc.

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Update: Concept Design 7.0
I added a wide angle under-display front camera, earpiece, SIM tray detail, oriented rear camera module horizontally (more space for battery), no spectrometer sensor.


Nice work, but you probably underestimate camera size, that’s way bigger in reality.

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What size do they need to be to look more realistic?

Something like that, also ultra-wide can do macro (but considering that telephoto is x4 zoom than UW, we have 2 choice for macro).

Update: Eve Phone Concept Design 7.1

I enlarged the rear camera module and added a dedicated shutter button (volume rocker controls the zoom function in photo mode). What do you think?


Camera looks more realistic. But 64Go is not enough even with a microSD.

It may be due to my experience with my own device. I have a budget phone with a 1080p LCD display, average cameras, a 3000 mAh battery, an internal storage of 16GB and a 32GB MicroSD card that I have only used 2% of. For me, I can’t imagine even filling up 64GB, but then again I don’t have hundreds of photos, videos, files, or a ton of games installed.

I suppose it would be better to bump it up to 128GB and if they somehow need more, a MicroSD can easily solve that problem. I’m imagining this phone at these specs would be priced at probably $600 USD, especially if it only comes in one SKU.

128gb minimum for sure but I would go higher. Android doesn’t always do a good job of letting you save things to SD. For example, it will save burst photos to the Internal Storage even when your camera is configured to save photos on the SD. Downloads go to Internal Storage too.

I have and S10 with 128GB and I’m constantly having to move files to the SD to make room for app updates.

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i’m a huge photographer and i fill the 128 Go of my phone 6 month after purchase, so yes, 64 is really not enough

Update: Changed it back to 128GB of storage and fixed a few other things in the concept design 7.1 file.

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Update: Concept Design 7.2