Eve own arc mouse accecories (Concept)


Yup, i get it, the ergonomics thing for thumb rest maybe nice too… Still for ergonomics i personally still choose mx series by Logitech :smile:


This is it, me too already thinking about this, but since Eve having some close relationship with the tech giant, who knows in the future MS will help? :sunglasses:


Thanks, btw that mouse… Is it nice to hold for everyday work? I mean a lot of work… I dont brave enough to buy this kind of mouse before…


Me too, however, I have read that Bluetooth mice consumes a lot more power than RF mice.

So in short we cannot expect typical Bluetooth mice battery life to last more than a couple of months on AAA batteries.

Edit: And the Arc Surface mouse lasts 2 years… incredible…


My MS Surface Arc worked over 2 years … That’s more than enough for me.


Wait it’s Bluetooth?

Now that’s incredible :heart_eyes:


Yes. And it switches off when you “flatten” it.


Thumbs up for the idea and the renderings.
Even if I’m more used to work with trackpads while on the go. I would like to see something like this and maybe buy it.


Maybe that’s because you had only one USB port on your tablet… If you have enough ports, you won’t have any problem. And connecting such a mouse is much more straightforward than using Bluetooth. You just plug it in :slight_smile: And it doesn’t drain your battery like Bluetooth.


The Eve mouse would be significantly different from the Microsoft one. After all, it’d have to be @Konstantinos -proof!


thank you for your compliment… :wink: … well if eve consider creating mouse that have nice compactness and also without remove the usability… sure i will buy it too :smiley:


Yes!!! I have been looking for something exactly like this for years, and I’m surprised and sad that it doesn’t exist yet. The arc mouse is a great concept but I need a 5-button mouse. I also much prefer Bluetooth instead of something that requires a USB adapter. I have used both; I switched from the original Arc mouse to a Bluetooth mouse because I couldn’t stand the USB adapter.

Not sure why people are concerned about battery life, my current Bluetooth mouse takes 2 AAA batteries (I use rechargable Eneloops) and the batteries last almost a year. Honestly, even if I had to replace them monthly it would be worth having a 5-button, flattenable, dongle-free mouse!

I’m pretty new to this community, how do we get this concept promoted to a real project? I’ve liked the post but it doesn’t look like I can vote anywhere.


Morning all. I came to the forum just under a year ago so missed the start of this thread then.
I’d like to share what I use periodically as some ‘food for thought’ on this subject.
I bought a Viscenta Recon Bluetooth Mouse: https://visenta.com/collections/mouses/products/recon-bluetooth-foldable-surface-edition-arc-touch-style-mouse
As you can see in the pictures, this folds flat in a slightly different way to the Arc. I think it was the thinnest mouse (when flat) on the market at the time. Built-in rechargeable battery charging by Micro-USB. It works well.

The full story / My use-case

With laptops I have taught myself to use the touchpad (or Lenovo/IBM ‘nipple’) instead of a physical mouse (even when office-based)… however…

I’m also an iPad fan and HAD to get the 12.9 Pro when it came out. My intention was to use it for work while travelling if possible. (I’m an IT Consultant). I obviously need to RDP Windows machines regularly in the course of my work and touch-screen just wasn’t cutting it.

I Jailbroke my iPad to facilitate the use of a Bluetooth mouse. If ONLY someone made a keyboard/case with a trackpad for an iPad… but because Apple don’t allow you to use a mouse with an unmolested iPad (other than with Citrix sessions) obviously no-one makes such a keyboard/case. To that end, it had to be a separate physical mouse… but needed to be one thin enough to fit in the neoprene case my iPad lives in (along with the Apple Pencil). Because of this, it also had to be as thin as possible.

I settled on the Apple keyboard (which has an excellent feel… but is lacking buttons useful in a Windows environment) It also ‘features’ two different thicknesses when ‘closed’… which provides a good place for the folded-flat Recon mouse as you can see below…

To conclude the story… I’m sure you can guess why I’ve ordered a V. :slight_smile:


This is interesting. Which jailbreak tweak did you use?

I can tell you’ll be pretty happy with the V.

I find it to be the device that’s somewhere in between the Surface and iPad Pro, it doesn’t offer the raw performance of the Surface, but has the fanless experience like the iPad. The build quality is not as flex-y as the Surface (seriously, Surface build quality is massively overrated), but not as beautiful or durable-to-scratches as the iPad. Battery life is also in-between. Compared to the SP4 and Pro 9.7", the V is ultimately the one that I want to bring outside of the house. Ended up selling the SP4 and only used the iPad for a few iPad-only apps.


Hey Patrick. The Tweak is ‘BTC Mouse and Trackpad’ http://www.ringwald.ch/cydia/mouse but it’s not kept up to date sadly. It was the usual issue of having to carefully time which iOS release I stopped at and then await the Jailbreak then beg and plead with the developer (Matthias) to update BTC to that iOS (as it was originally written for pre-iPad-Pro iOSs. Sadly he wouldn’t take bribes so it was a case of begging and waiting and assisting with testing. Thus my iPad is running 9.3.3 or something similar… but at least it’s fast. BTC works well, when it works, but for me, the mouse sometimes freezes for a few seconds which is quite annoying. JumpDesktop was my choice for RDP client. This is the one that works with the Citrix X1 mouse out of the box BTW… however, only in Citrix sessions.

Thanks for the info re the V. Yes, fingers crossed it will fill my use-case well. Such a shame either:
A. Apple won’t allow mouse out of the box
B. You can’t dual-boot iOS and Windows on the same device with shared storage


Damn, I only just saw this thread for the first time and honestly did not even know about the foldable mouse concept. Would definitely buy if this turned into an actual product!


What if the eve mouse was a flat oval shap thing that didn’t just bend inshape but poped up into a super ergonomic mouse? Maybe the surface was some sort of stretchable silicon material?