EVE no longer has the newest processor


Greetings Fellow customers waiting 10+ months for their eve! More News:

You’re no longer purchasing a laptop with the most recent processor. @Konstantinos can’t defend the delays with this argument anymore, that you’d still be getting most recent specs. The i8 is here and will start appearing in new laptop models soon.

Good thing we paid full price a year ago so that we can receive an outdated device… sometime… eventually… maybe :smiley:


From the article: “Yes, the wait for 10nm continues, so you should expect only minor performance and efficiency improvements this time around.”

I don’t feel outdated with my V…


Still 14nm, a minor bump in clock speeds and most importantly - STILL DUAL CORE.

Excuse me if I don’t feel outdated with my last gen hardware.


Not saying that it doesn’t suck for those people who haven’t gotten their V’s yet(I’ve luckily been rocking my V since January), but 7th to 8th gen update for the Y series chips aren’t THAT big.

Comparing the i7 8500Y with the i7 7Y75:

Looking through the spec sheet, the differences are that the 8500Y has a higher base and turbo clock speed of 1.50Ghz/4.2Ghz vs the 7Y75’s 1.3Ghz/3.6Ghz, BUT it also has a higher TDP of 5W vs 4.5W. So basically they make the chip work faster by supplying more power. Which is kinda like cheating.


Oh yeah that’s a good point - but I guess alls y’alls can take comfort in the fact that this is update is yet another barely-an-update by Intel, just like they’ve done for like the past 5 years.


They are exactly the same yes. We already had the discussion over here: V revision with Amber Lake? -> more Hz only mean more Watt spent.


Preformance wise… not so outdated but in terms of battery life… looks some what promising.


Doesn’t the v use the processer at 7w tdp?


Yes that’s right. The TDP of the V is by default set at 7W, which means that the V is allowed to run it’s cores at higher frequencies over longer time, but at the cost of more heat produced and lower battery life.

I don’t know if the i7 8500Y is that more efficient… Given that a i7 8500Y is configured with a default
TDP which is an increase of about 11.11% over the previous gen and a base core speed which is 15.4% faster, there’s not too much difference actually.


To be fair, the 8th gen H-series 45W processors from Intel have been pretty beast.

Just compare the i7-7700HQ with the i7-8750H

From 4 cores to 6 cores with the same TDP, Cinebench Multithread increases around 400


It’s become too easy (and prevelant) for people to get caught up in the spec frenzy and fool themselves into thinking that they need to have the latest thing or they’ll be missing out on major noticable performance improvements. CPU improvements between generations have been discussed a lot in the community and it’s pretty obvious that the processor in the V is still solid.


New i5 is faster than old i7.

New m3 is faster than old i5, and just a single-digit percentage slower than the old i7.

I think that’s enough of an upgrade. If that differences didn’t matter, then why didn’t we all buy the m3 before and save a few hundred bucks?

Let’s not pretend that this is a small upgrade, at least not as small as Intel’s i3-i5-i7 differentiation in mobile chips.


storage capacity. well - for me, at least.


Plus there is integrated wireless too.


Where are you drawing these conclusions from? I’d love to see some benchmarks.

Personally, I actually went down from an i7 to an i5 for my V as the performance difference there was small(about 10%) and I’d be better off investing that money into a better workstation/gaming laptop. There are very real limits to how much performance you can squeeze out of a passively cooled PC anyway.


Hey if they stuck on more cores on the Y cpu I’d be excited too.


Honestly, I’d hope for CPU manufacturers to build less but more efficient cores. The 8th Gen U are considerably more power hungry than their predecessors. In the first 28 seconds anyway, before the PL1/TDP limit kicks in. The H series can easily pull 100 W when turbo-ing.

Same with desktop PC, we are now in the cores pissing contest between Intel and AMD, it’s just frustrating really. Go to hell with efficiency, per-core performance, and IPC. It’s all about the cores now.


So you want to live a little longer in the Intel dual-core and quad core world?
We got milked long enough with that crap.


On mobile, efficiency is king. After a certain point, you’ll lose more battery life / heat / weight than what you gain in performance. Same with the task itself, if the task is scalable enough to spread over 16 threads (e.g. rendering, video encoding/decoding, raytracing), then it’s probably better for it to be offloaded to a GPU that can finish those tasks faster by orders of magnitude and a fraction of watts.

Then there is the limited R&D budget. You can either improve your IPC, which helps both performance and efficiency, or just add more cores because you can. But it’s a topic for another discussion.


Yeah that’s true - but I mean a 4c8t cpu with the exact specs (and TDP) as the one in the V right now would be super sexy.

This so-many-cores dick contest right now sucks for us, but so was the period when Intel was like “no, no, no, we can’t do better.”

I mean I’d like to be able to play a game while another task runs in the background is all.