EVE next project and why it should be a laptop (update)


C’mon it’s the way you have written all that’s different from other ones;)


For a laptop - highend killer eg XPS / Lenovo etc

Two screen sizes - ie 13" and 15".

Max weight of 13" 1.3kg and 15" 1.7kg

8/16 GB memory
256/512/1024 SSD
i5/i7 processor
battery - 12 hr min

high res screen (spec min 3200 x 1800?) touchscreen option
HDMI port (could be mini)
usb 3 x 2 min (one with powershare)
thunderbolt 3
SD card reader
audio jack
latest bluetooth and wireless connections

hinge - ideally 360 to allow to use in tablet form


I’m not sure that 180° has much benefit apart from reassurance that you won’t break the hinge by bending the screen back too far.

A 360° hinge definitely complicates things, but I’d personally appreciate the versatility and it may be worth the effort if others feel the same way. FWIW I’m not familiar with any standout “workstation”-class 2-in-1s, while adopting a traditional form factor will place this device in direct competition with the MBP 15 and XPS 15.


If it is a convertible with decent specs, and in that way a lenovo yoga 720 15" killer, than I am in. I won’t settle for anything below GTX 1050 dGPU. I won’t settle for anything with less then quad core processor. I won’t settle for something that isn’t convertible. I don’t need a regular laptop with regular specs, I need 2 products: a 2 in 1 and a workstation laptop (although not with quadro). The yoga 720 15" does combine both. Not that the GTX1050 is the best for a workstation laptop, but it can get some work done. But if it isn’t convertible and it doesn’t have the specs of a workstation laptop, than I have no use for it. If it is convertible and doesn’t have workstation specs, than I’m afraid the chance is high that there are cheaper options such as Eve V.

Why do I want a convertible workstation? that is because most keyboards on laptops suck! They mostly are either to soft, or don’t have a numpad, or don’t have a separate function row, or they don’t have full sized arrows… I have bought a keyboard to use with the surface pro since the keyboard is the worst I have had, and now I do even use that keyboard with my asus N551. But with the asus I can’t turnover the base so by using an external keyboard, the screen is further away from me. So no, not again a not convertible laptop for me. Than I would be more happy to put that money in a desktop and have more performance for less money. Now that I have an external monitor, I haven’t used my laptops own screen at my desktop. I only use that when on the go, but than I would prefer to be able to flip the base over and use an external keyboard. Also it would be handy if I could use the laptop screen while using my monitor and keyboard. But since I can’t flip the base away, it is impractical. It is even more practical to use my ipad as an extra display (there are some apps for that) since that can be placed much closer.

So give it performance, and make it convertible. Than I am in. I don’t need no macbook pro or razer blade performance laptops that are expensive not only for their premium marketing but because there thinness requires an extra challenging cooling solution. Ofcourse, if you put the i7 7700HQ on a 30/35W TDP than it would be less of a problem, but than it would also be even less of a workstation laptop.

If this would be just a middle class laptop, than it has no use for me. And I don’t see why Eve would even make it. There are many middle class laptops for affordable prices. And I can’t imaging people who would not want dgpu or don’t require a quad core and such, have a need for PCIe SSd storage for example. I don’t think you can take a 900$ laptop and make it sell for 600$. The surface is high priced so that was much easier to undercut. But if there are laptops overpriced, than it are those workstations ones. Certainly if the macbook pro or blade pro or dell XPS or such are seen as the reference.

About screen size and resolutions. My surface pro is set on 1440p and that works great for its 12" display. My laptop is FHD and while I don’t feel like it is lacking, I would be happy if it had 1440p. A friend of mine has a 4K razer blade pro and for him it is put on 1800p and that worked out great for him and his audio producing. So it doesn’t need QHD or QHD+ but for a workstation, it could be a great option. 4K is overkill however.

I do get why people want thin portable laptops, but I don’t get why there are people expecting such thin things to come with quad core and dGPU and such. Most of those performance thin laptops have problems with cooling. The lenovo yoga 720 won’t be any different on that, but there aren’t really alternatives on the market. Maybe Eve could prove that 2 in 1 convertible can be combined with performance. But than it probably won’t get the thinness of macbook pro or razer blade if it wants to cost less than that.

Conclusion: middle class laptop seems a bad market for Eve to try to capture, since it is pretty saturated and they probably won’t get 100+ cheaper than the existing laptops. The workstation seems a better market to try and capture since it is easier to be 100 cheaper over there. Eve has proven that with the V, the high end market has higher profits margins. So I think the focus should be on a workstation laptop. I would suggest a convertible one since that would suit me the most, but I think that regular laptop would suit most people so that probably can be cheaper and that way win more customers.


what I personally need in the future is a replacement for my MacBook Pro 17" which is my workhorse for a few years now.
I do really a lot with it. CAD, pictures, Lighting design, Excel and whatever is on my timeline to the next project :slight_smile:
So for me, I would like to have a real, portable powerhouse with a good CPU and a good GPU and It must be some kind of user upgradable.

There are so many entry level or mid class laptops on the market but nobody really seems to care about professionals working with it.
And I think I’m not the only person who things like that.
Sure I understand why for companies it is more attractive to go with the consumer market and maybe easier but that’s maybe a opportunity for Eve cause professionals are willing to spend money and are really loyal…


Not so sure about the laptop idea. Laptop market is really an over crowded market as is. V can do well for 2 in 1 due to the infancy of the market. Honestly, if they can pull off a cheap eGPU, i don’t see why a laptop is necessary.

For me Eve should innovate. Why not a dock with eGPU? You dock your V and it acts like an extension.

Imagine the surface pro 3 dock with eGPU capability.

Maybe im wrong. It seems people here like a laptop.


I’d like to see AMD return full force with a new set of laptop graphics cards. The price range between Radeon and Geforce cards are like night and day. My laptop currently has one of the last Radeon flagship card ( r9 m290x ) and I remember buying it for 200 USD less than the 5% more powerful GTX 780M. I’m still using that card everyday for almost 4 years and it’s still running like a champ!

So yeah going for AMD will bring the cost down by lots.


Or maybe because they couldn’t sell that damn thing, there is even a possibility that they sell the AMD model at loss since its taking too much space in the inventory, or they need any kind of money in, which is still better than zero if they left those devices unsold.


I really like these specs, but I’d personally also want an active pen to make use of the 360 degree hinge and also a dedicated GPU.


Does any one have information about next generation processors and graphic chips ?


This is a great idea and I like it alot!
However it really would really limit the market and go off the point as it pretty much only works with the V. :confused:


That is the point really as V is the only device you actually need. 2 in 1 for portability. The dock is the workstation for hardcore tasks. But i do get what you are saying.


You said laptop prices are too high, but I’d say they’re OK compared to 2in1 prices. Laptop prices are so-so, they’re naturally more expensive than desktops. But a 2in1 usually costs twice as much as a laptop with absolutely the same specs. Why is that? That’s really a nonsense. I’d say we should go with a 2in1, but laptop style this time. Like Lenovo Yoga series, but less overpriced and probably better.

Or a smartphone :slight_smile:


Hum no? On release the 7970m was around 300usd less than the gtx 680m equivalent. Same story happened with the 8970m vs gtx 780m. Just AMD stuffs.


Full stop here. A product is always a complex mixture of compromises. If Eve would be at a point where 360 hinge would mean one compromise too much, I don’t think it would be worth it.
Apart from that - I obviously understand that there are very real advantages to have one. In the ideal world, where budget would not be a real concern and design problems would always have a solution - sign me up.
Here I feel 360 hinge and all that comes with it is secondary to the experience. With V tablet mode that had modular keyboard mode was crucial to get right. Here, I think, it’s more important to get the very basics right and make all of the good, even if very basic, choices.

Knowing Eve I’m sure some things - like pen, hinge and whatnot - would be up to vote. This thread is just one idea amongst many and I don’t know Eve plans. : )


If anyone has, he/she is under NDA, obviously. Not much of substantial info is out in the open.

Because that would severely limit CPU processing power, if we are talking about vorkstation-like workloads. We would also be left with small screen etc.

Different needs, but certainly not wrong : )

Like other posters said, limiting potential customers to already small range of people that do have V may be a suicidal move. Also, really, we would lack many things that would be given if done in a separate product build from ground up for specific need.

They are also ok when compared with $9000 laptop :wink: In Poland the prices are ridiculous and even if we’ll remove the country bias, the prices are stale and I dont think fair for what you get. That’s my opinion.

So, a vorkstation with 360 hinge?

I did not want to dilute the conversation bringing smartphones into the mix, but…
Next EVE product should not mean “a smartphone”. Regardless of how big smartphone market is, regardless of how much X.XXXY% of it means absurd money - smartphone market is dominated by partners with vast capabilities of vertical integration. They can design and custom produce almost anything. Companies with enormous pockets, companies that are already racing to the bottom with the real components cost. They can out-design, out-manufacture, out-market everything.
And I honestly think that all good places are already taken.
You want fresh Google hardware - you go Pixel. You want something less expensive but stupid good - you go OnePlus. You want amazing photos and screen in a gorgeous package - you go Samsung. You want iPhone - you go iPhone.
You want something - you will find it, that’s my point. And you will find it even scraping the bottom, because Chinese companies are able to delve into deeps of the market and sell a product on every niche imaginable.
This is all I wanted to say about this proposal. : )


should like to see a docking something for my V: Slide / Put the V in, be connected with screen and other harddisk(s) get a bit more graphic power, get it charged.


I’m all for a 360 hinge. I think it’s much better than V’s form factor because it’s actually usable on lap and it allows us to have a decent keyboard.


I think that the m7 that is powering the V would be a bottleneck for the eGPU, which would mean it will not be a great powerhorse. I have a i7 4720HQ and I max that one out at 100% when rendering a video. The 4720HQ gets 13500-14000 multithreaded score on geekbench, the 7Y75 gets 5500-6000 and the highest is 6835. So about half the performance. I don’t really see that as a powerhouse. But for portable use the Eve V is a wonderful product.

You know what I would like? A smartphone that works great… It may be on the bigger side. I don’t need ultra flat things that break, bend or simply explode (yeah, samsung and apple, looking at you). I want something with decent battery and decent possibilities. For example having a SD card reader to expand storage but also dual sim (so dual sim with an extra sim card reader). I don’t need fancy 4K on a smartphone, FHD is enough. I also would like it if I could easily hang it to an external monitor or projector (for giving presentations or such). So basically a bit like some windows phones did promise but than without needing to buy a dock and such. Give it thunderbolt usb C and a simple adapter or usb C dock can do. Max size? Well, since I commend a lot, I don’t see an issue with a 6" phone that could do this. Or even 7" if that is required for the extra functionality. My standard would be that it should not be bigger than an agenda and it should fit in a pocket. So I think 7" would about max it out, maybe it could stretch to 7,5 or 8" but than we are more talking about tablets with phone functionality.

But I don’t think that regular smartphone will suffice as formfactor. Eve has to look for markets where there is decent demand and a lack of choice. For the Eve V there are some choices, but the lack of choices makes them to expensive, and Eve V did counter on the price. If they would make a performance convertible than there is almost no competition. But for smartphones, they would find another concept than the budget phones or the high end phones… And than I heard about this:

For a laptop, 7" is small. Too small for using windows over android or ios or windows mobile. Well, you can run windows on it and use it. But on such small screen you won’t be able to use applications that would be better than there mobile version counterpart. Reading mails, facebook and such can all be done by smartphone OS. Computer games is something they can’t. But with intel atom CPU and no GPU I don’t think gaming would be better than smartphone OS. But for a work-smartphone, that thing sounds great. It has ports for connectivity, it has space for a decent battery (and in that factor it would be easy to make it replaceable). There are only 2 things lacking to make it a great smartphone, one is the sim reader, the other is a 360 hinge for the keyboard. Why the hinge? To make it useable as a smartphone-only (the keyboard part could get in the way easily for phone calls and such), and than it could be used as a stand for when just watching movies/youtube or other things (than you don’t need to buy a case that does). But on the other hand, I know that a big part of people don’t want a 6"+ phone, so that idea could probably not be that great after all. But for smartphones it seems a great idea. I don’t know of a company that does it.

But I think my bet will still be on the workstation laptop/convertibles. The gamer-market has many expensive options that could be countered so I think eve could win price-sensitive gamers. I think that there is also a decent demand for workstation laptops that don’t look like those gaming laptops with aggressive design or RGB lighting stuff. I see that macbook pro and razer blade are popular non-gaming styled workstations but they are to expensive for many people. I would say that we could go for a aluminium simplistic design to counter the gaming styling, but that it don’t go as thin as razer or apple goes, since those do demand big cooling solutions, which probably partially makes them so expensive. For me a convertible formfactor would even be better, but I guess that will depend on what the demand is convertible vs performance. Since the classic theory why convertibles are so expensive and lack performance is because cooling gets more complicated. But I guess that mostly is accounted by the companies trying thin it out as much as possible. Just don’t go crazy thin so that performance is affordable.


No, my idea is better. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, this is a good idea, too!

I am just curious: how will this laptop reinvigorate the laptop market when many people are migrating to tablets, especially ones cheaper than premium laptops (<$1000)? Since the $1000+ market is niche anyway, I am just trying to figure out how this would be successful beside it just sounding cool since it is over-spec’ed. With all those top-of-the-line specifications, it would easily cost over $2000. The Eve V i7 alone costs nearly $1500. This laptop concept sounds radical and cool and it would be certain to grab headlines, but it would not be priced down to mainstream consumers. Maybe someone can help me out here and explain how this will somehow reverse the market trends.


Name your price: what is the absolute highest price this laptop could start at where you would still consider purchasing it?

  • Under $999
  • $1000-$1499
  • $1500-$1999
  • $2000-$2499
  • Over $2500
  • I think this laptop sounds extremely cool but I am already satisfied with my Eve V and/or my other gear

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