Eve-News: 5th September - 11th September


Hello dear community!

We wanted to try out a new way of delivering you a short summary of information that also shows you a bit what’s going on behind the curtain.
So le’ts not waste time - here’s a small news update what we’ve been up to:

SSD: As you could see in the SSD-Thread we finalized the SSD, thanks to your help! :slight_smile: This has been pretty stressful for @Konstantinos and @Mike as they’ve been in contact with quite a bunch of suppliers to find a good SSD that is small enough to not compromise on our thickness or battery-life. [You can check the thread here] (http://eve.community/t/how-fast-can-we-go-speed-of-the-ssd/1667).

Naming: As many community members have said that they were not happy with the name “Computer One” we wanted to hear your voice and what alternatives we could find for it. [Have a look at it over here] (YANP - Yet another name proposal! I need you to tell us what you think 😁)

Keyboard: We’re working very hard on the industrial design of the keyboard right now to deliver the finishing touches on it. @Konstantinos & @Mike was at our partner that will help us design it the keyboard and they were discussing about how to improve it until late at night on friday. I hope we can bring you some updates on everything soon once it’s all locked in!

China: And once more @Konstantinos and @Mike - this time joined by @Thor - will be going to China very soon to check out the various keyboard-modules we want to use in our keyboard, as we haven’t them 100% locked it in yet. Anything you want those 2 to keep their eyes out for? Comment on the China-thread that will go up later! :slight_smile:

And that’s it for this week everybody - I’ll try to bring these news every 1-2 weeks, depending on the speed we have new things we can share with the community!

Thanks everyone for reading the latest Eve-News, enjoy your sunday and have a relaxing start into the week!


It’s interesting to see how it all comes together in the end, and how complicated project with structures stretched across multiple people are integrating their input in the final product.
Because of my background, I see connections to game development, and it’s a sight to behold.

I can imagine the behind the scenes fever and I can only hope in the end the experience you will be able to deliver will only exceed yours, and ours, expectations. Thank you for the update! : )


It always amazes me how much people can fit in a small device.


With love nothing is too small.


@vithren thank you for your warm message. There is a lot of fever in back scenes and we are dedicated to exceed everyone’s expectations!

I am so excited about this device becoming a reality!