Eve-News: 19th September - 2nd October 2016


Good day dear community!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and you’re ready to hear the latest news about everything that has happened - in front and behind the scenes in the last 2 weeks!

Challenge #1: The challenge #1 has come to an end! Congratulations to both our winners @garry and @paulinuas! [For more info about everything check here] (Challenge 1 - The Critic. Review tech & get a prototype!)

Keyboard: After china where the team could lock everything for our keyboard, @mike worked really hard the last few days to get all our requirements forwarded to the keyboard manufacturer! Look forward to more information regarding the keyboard after we’ve got the confirmation from our manufacturer! :slight_smile:

China: On Monday the team came back from a very intense trip to china! After too little sleep the team made many preparations for example sorting out the shipping, locking down accessories that will be included in the box, like the charger & charging cable.
Most of the time went to polishing small details on every corner of the product and making sure that in every single detail the project “Pyramid Flipper” will with your help bring a device that will flip the market!

Naming: @nawthor came up with a great idea as a name for our project - V so the device would be called Eve V! [What do you think of it? Make your voice heard here!] (http://eve.community/t/the-eve-v-a-flipped-pyramid/1763)

Confirmed Specs: As pointed out by @cane_prevost we were missing a overview which specs have been confirmed for the project “Pyramid Flipper”! [We’ve fixed this and you can find the overview here!] (http://eve.community/t/pyramid-flipper-confirmed-specs/1780)

And that’s all everyone! The china trip was intense and locking down everything took quite a while, but the team is happy with the results of the trip! Expect the next news in 2 weeks at latest - maybe next week as well depending on how many things progress!

Wish everyone a good sunday and a great start in the week! :slight_smile:


Could we know what’s included in the box? Or is it a secret? :stuck_out_tongue: You know what I’m thinking about, hehe… Partially related to religious stuff… and partially to my “second religion” haha


Hi @pauliunas!

Glad that you asked:) We want our packaging to be fun. What I can tell for sure is that it will contain our Device, keyboard and charger with cable. The rest will remain secret until Indie gogo launch:)

Sorry for keeping you waiting. But it’s worth it!


I sure hopw it’s worth the weight! :smiley:

By the way, not sure if I posted this somewhere else, but here are my 2 cents on accessories:
Usually sellers (and manufacturers) screw customers over by writing a “base” price and then charging almost half of that for “extras”, which are actually essential. For example, not including the pen, keyboard, dock, etc. in base price is, in my opinion, a terrible way to treat customers. However, I think the PF could change this. Since its price will be very competitive (at least judging by your promises), including all the accessories (at least pen, earbuds, keyboard and maybe a Mozo case) would still attract plenty of attention. Especially if the title says “accessories included”. I also agree that a bare price without accessories would probably attract even more attention. But I think we all agree that skimping on accessories is screwing up the buyer.

In my opinion, it would be best to advertise the “base price” that includes all basic accessories, like the pen, keyboard, earbuds, and maybe a Mozo case. But together you could also have another price - the “minimal price” when buying without accessories. When buying the actual tablet, people could review their options, and remove the accessories that they don’t want - similar to pcspecialist.co.uk if you want an example. Of course, with less options than pcspecialist.

My reason for the suggestion is that when people buy a product, they assume it will be fully useable. And if the PF is advertised with an awesome pen, then it is not fully useable without that pen. In other words, people should get it the way it’s advertised, by default. If they don’t need a specific accessory, they can remove it in the web shop.

What do you think, @Konstantinos?


From what @Mike hinted in another post I assumed that the keyboard is included and the pen is not because it would make quite difficult to keep under the 1000€ budget.

The idea is great to attract attention and interest buyers, but it is up to Eve to check if it’s feasible.


But there’s also the thing that people might think that by including all possible accessories, Eve just wants people to buy more stuff to have more sales and as a consequence more money.


But then they don’t need to keep the price under $1000… The price can be anything, as long as the minimum price remains below that :slight_smile:


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