Eve-News: 17th October - 30th October 2016


Spooky sunday everyone!

It’s been 2 weeks since the last news and many things have happened, so I’ll just cut right to the action!

Steps to Reveal: A new thread that we’ve launched just for you to summarize everything that has happened and will happen in the upcoming weeks. It’ll be updated on monday every week, [so be sure to check it out here every regularly to see what has been happening!] (http://eve.community/t/eve-v-steps-to-reveal/1918)

Eve V - IndieGoGo & Name Reveal: The first big announcement we made in the past 2 weeks regarding the V. We revealed the launch date for our IndieGoGo campaign, the 21st November and the official product name Eve V. [Click here to read everything in more detail in this thread.] (http://eve.community/t/big-news-indiegogo-launch-pyramid-flipper-official-name-intel-investment/1905)

Spec Reveal #1 - CPU, RAM & SSD: And the second big announcement that happened over the past weeks. This time official revealing the major performance components of the V and giving you a little insight why different components were chosen and also how you, the community, influenced the decision for those components in a major way! [Click here to read more!] (http://eve.community/t/eve-v-confirmed-specs-1-cpu-ram-storage-connectivity/1997)

Eve AMA with Microsoft: And the last major event that happened this week - our AMA with Vesku from Microsoft! We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that joined us and asked various questions about Eve, Microsoft, both of our products and more! [Have a read on this thread to find the AMA & read up everything that was asked] (Eve & Microsoft Q&A Has ended. Thank you all!)

And that’s all folks! This time we had no real news behind the scenes again. Tomorrow, October 31st the Steps to Reveal will get the next update to show you what we’ve planned for that week, so maybe have a little peek at it later! Thank you all for your support and continued engagement in the community!

I wish everyone a great start into the week with a spooky halloween!


Great to see we are moving :smiley:
Ooh so exciting. Way more news to come. Only 21 days left :slight_smile:


Three weeks!!! Exciting times lie ahead! :smiley: