Eve-News 12th September - 19th September


Hello again dear community!

It’s time for another update for you as this week draws to an end, but there are some things that have happened behind the scenes - so here’s the updates:

SSD: We’ve finally locked in our SSD, and will bring you some numbers once we get the data for it, as soon as we can! Look forward to what we can bring you there! :slight_smile:

Keyboard: @Mike and @Konstantinos were at our partner Mozo again and working hard on the keyboard!
We’re looking into the keyboard-modules right now and how we can deliver a great typing experience to everyone - more info on that should be in the next Eve-News!

Challenge #1: After mentioning [that you can get a prototype to test] (You can now get a prototype to test!) it was time to tell you how you can get your hands on one! And you’ve still got time until - [you can check it out at the challenge #1] (Challenge 1 - The Critic. Review tech & get a prototype!)

Accessories: A device can be great, but without good accessories it’ll never really shine - thus we asked you about your opinion on them and what accessories you’d want to catch! Also, some bird told me that after china we should have some new infos on something the communtiy wanted, so look out for that! [Check out everything regarding the accessories here] (Accessories from Eve-Tech?)

China: On friday evening the team with @Konstantinos, @Mike & @Thor departed to China! They’ll be checking out keyboard-modules and working on setting everything up over there so we can start with the production of the device right after the preorders end. More infos on the preorders later in time.

And that’s it folks! Thank you very much for tuning in to this weeks Eve-News. The next News will likely go out in 2 weeks time, but depening on what happens in china you might see some News next week as well.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a awesome start into the next week!


Dunno how I should put it… but in that picture, @Konstantinos looks like a teenager, doesn’t he? :stuck_out_tongue:


There may have been a small accident with the experimental Shrink-Ray we’re working on right now - so that might explain why Konsta looks a bit younger than we’re used to. :wink:


Oh, so that’s how you’re going to fit that battery into PF! :smiley:


More like a kid TBH :slight_smile:


Some angles are a little bit disadvantageous :smile:

And @iKirin, don’t tell them about our shrink Tech!!!

Otherwise I would not be able to do it anymore to enter our device from inside for QC check:)


really looking forward to hearing more about the ssd


OMG hahahahahha this comment is the funniest (to me) ever posted in this very community.

  • lifts a non-existing hat that his previous girlfriend lost and never acquired back for him, which is one of the reasons he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend *