EVE needs official response on the recent vote manipulation

Hi, just wanted to mention that I think eve should put out a statement defending themselves on this vote manipulation on rtings.com website.

Not sure if this is against forum rules but PR should get on this quick.


Geez, things are not looking so good anymore.

For anyone wondering what @Liquidshadowfox is talking about, just check out one of Rtings.com latest tweets.

While Eve might not be complicit of all the fake votes, RTINGS themselves stating that they know an EVE employee has participated in it is pretty damning and the community deserves a real good explanation of why they are trying to gain publicity by ways of fraud.

The report is here:

It’s not the first time Eve has been caught doing this. Eve was banned from r/Monitors:

Also, there were 40+ very suspicious looking 5-star reviews added in a very short period in May and August 2020 (at a time when Eve was not really selling anything) at trustpilot:


It’s okay the logistics manager, marketing manager can take the fall :grinning: Seems about par for Eve that if they didn’t get banned, and just let the normal votes stand, they’d get picked?

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Rtings said “Paid insider accounts were even created by what looks like someone at Eve to vote on the Eve Spectrum ES07D03”. “By what looks like” basically they aren’t really sure. it could be from an ex eve employee. there is an ex eve employee on eve v subreddit who hates eve with a passion that could’ve done the manipulation. Eve didn’t do any voting manipulation these past couple rtings votings results. they lost each time. Eve already has a monitor won on Rtings Eve Spectrum ES07D02. No voting manipulation was done on that monitor when it won.

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This statement is wrong. Rtings selected the ES07D02 without any vote.

This is what Adam at RTINGS states: “We preordered a different model earlier this year, this was our own decision and not the result of a vote.”. You can see the quote here:

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thanks for the clarity on the other monitor.

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