Eve + Mozo Giveaway


Nihao Eve Family!

We are running an exclusive giveaway with Mozo at eve-tech.com Make sure to participate and have a chance to win mozo case with flipped pyramid!

P.S. I would like to giveaway cases to community members than to some random dudes from Web:)

Eve+Mozo Giveaway: The Lucky Winners!

Crafted in Helsinki, delivered to the world!


What if I don’t have a Lumia 950, 950 XL, 650 or 640?
Nice giveaway, though.


Excellent remark.

I see that there are 5 options here:

(if you don’t have that Lumia)
1) You get lucky, and give the prize to a friend who has such Lumia (these are premium cases, it counts as a birthday or other major gift, for real)
2) You participate, win and you keep the case in your memorabilia cabinet: First PF-thing there ever was!
3) You win, and for the heck of it, you get a Lumia!
4) You participate, as you know that some dude will pay good bucks for this stuff on EBay, for example (a very realistic view of the world here)
5) You don’t participate and you join the celebration by other means! (leaving others bigger chance to win)

I might have missed out some. But of course we know, more superb designs from Eve+Mozo will come, this is the first stop.
These cases summarize best what the partners, Eve & Mozo, do best in general.


It’s a shame the 640 offers is only pink :frowning:


how deep into this “giveaway” need invite person to get into, or does it need to become a community member?


The only things asked from people wanting a Mozo PF-case is to join celebration by visiting Mozo’s Facebook page (where they showcase their persona) and joining PF-newsletter so that person gets to hear where and when they can get their Pyramid Flipper.

So no, friends and others dont have to join eve.community, but hopping onboard is also suggested there :slight_smile:


How do you detect if one has visited the facebook page or not?


Automated system. World of today is full of wonders :slight_smile:

@pauliunas @Filip_Ka and others, you can send me directly the good questions you have!


so since I am a community member, does it count me in as having subscribed to the newsletter?

P.s. I will be very proud to have an eve logo at the back of my phone!


Good call,

As community member you are getting wider notifications on Pyramid Flipper, so you are in the mailing list for those notices yes. This giveaway task option is to ensure that anyone interested in the Eve+Mozo on-goings gets the chance to hear about PF roll-out. And if people already are with Eve (i.e. and thus being sent the important news already), they are not punished for doing so :slight_smile: and so they just tick that box as well, they would anyhow get the launch news.
All this gives anyone willing to participate the same 3 entry “tickets”.
And no double-messaging will be done to same email address.


Hello Everyone!
Mozo greets you!
Good luck to the participants, let’s make our celebration as happy and joyful as possible!:slight_smile:


You guys are doing a great job in providing premium and high-quality cases to the smartphone market. I know a lot of people who think the Lumia 950’s design was basic, and thanks to your premium cases, changed their minds.
Can we expect any cases for the Pyramid Flipper?


And EVE greats You too :relaxed:
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


I can’t imagine a case and a kickstand ;D


@pauliunas @iana.avdeeva Mozo can do its magic then :wink:


Well, the closest thing that can happen is a sticker, really ;D Just think about it - do you think there is a way to make a protective case that actually fits the tablet, doesn’t fall off and doesn’t interfere with the kickstand functionality?


A bumper case was more what I had in mind, which allows the keyboard and kickstand to work.
Maybe like this:


How would you open the kickstand then?


Yeah but if it’s not integrated, it will just fall off. Bumper cases pretty much always have a part covering the whole back of the device, just so that the case doesn’t come off too easily. Or at least there must be some part of it that goes on the bezel of the screen and also on the back. Which would prevent the kickstand from opening.