Eve Mouse Concept

I’ve been reading on he ideas for some accessories like a mouse, mousepad, and keyboard. I think there is potential to develop a comfortable, elegantly simple, and responsive mouse for the office during the day, and gaming at night. Ambidextrous, two buttons on each side, 10K polling rate, optical switches for low latency, wifi transmitter, USB C port for wired connection and charging. It Can also be charged via Qi wireless pad. Scroll wheel and logo have subtle RGB backlighting. Mouse configuration can be easily changed by the user.


I definitely think there is room for improvement in mice.

I have only used ambidextrous mice so far, but I think I would prefer a mouse better shaped to the right palm. Though ambidextrous would be good for many people.

What I am really looking for is a mouse with a great productivity feature set. For me, Logitech’s MX Master 3 comes pretty close, but has a few problems which stop me from getting it. Mainly, it has a USB C port for charging, but it can’t be used for wired operation, even though Logitech makes a vertical mouse which does have that feature. I also prefer a softer rubbery material instead of metal for scroll wheels.

The features that I would consider to be essential for any high end mouse are:
Paring to and then switching between multiple devices over Bluetooth
USB C charging and wired operation
Horizontal scrolling, ideally a dedicated thumb wheel, but at least some simple way to convert the vertical wheel to horizontal mode